Herpes zoster in pregnancy and shingles

Symptoms of herpes zoster in pregnancy and its treatment

How dangerous is shingles in pregnancy, and why a disease occurs and how to treat it? Serious question, the more that people who have had chickenpox in childhood, remains forever a carrier of the virus and under favorable conditions, herpes begins to develop. The disease is dangerous for its pain manifestations as well as complications. Let us examine the order, pregnancy and herpes zoster: what are you talking about this medicine.

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Causes of

Shingles during pregnancy is evident due to the decrease of immunity. To facilitate the process of chronic disease. The herpes virus comes out of hibernation only under the influence of a significant immune system depression that occurs as a result of such factors as:

  • Thermal races: hypothermia or overheating of the body;
  • Infectious disease transferred in the recent past;
  • Stress;
  • Fatigue physical, mental nature.
  • Symptoms

    Depriving the incubation period lasts 10-14 days. A few hours before the appearance of the first bubbles, there is a feeling of tingling, slight burning of the skin. You may feel weakness, increase body temperature and receive the General feeling as in case of poisoning: headache, nausea.

    Within 1-3 days after the appearance of nonspecific symptoms manifest as red rashes that turn into small bubbles with the liquid. This continues for 4-5 days, the rash is grouped, localizes points of passage of the nerve trunks. Most often, a rash affecting the skin above the surface of the trigeminal nerve, intercostal nerves on the body. Bubble convert the spots are accompanied by severe pain.

    A week later, the bubbles burst, dry up and form a crust. The crust falls off by itself, leaving pigmentation yellow-brown. It’s not a recovery, short-lived attenuation process of the virus, which will resume at the least favorable factor. After the vesicles dry up and crust wears off, the patient for a long time continue to experience pain.

    The disease can last from 2 weeks to several months. During pregnancy, herpes zoster may occur at any time: as during pregnancy and after childbirth. Threat the symptoms of herpes zoster:

    • pain in the ear, the eye;
    • severe headache;
    • nausea, retching;
    • a muscle strain of the neck;
    • cramps;
    • total or partial loss of taste, smell;
    • sudden muscle weakness;
    • loss of consciousness.
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    If you develop such symptoms in pregnant women, the disease caused the complications and requires immediate professional help. The severity of the pathology depends on the formation of rash and intensity of development of new lesions, pain syndrome.

    Complications of herpes zoster in pregnancy

    Pathology may lead to the following complications:

  • Herpetic keratitis. The defeat of the cornea of the eye occurs due to the development of lichen on the face in the course of the trigeminal nerve. A strong pain, focal education itchy. Reduced vision if untreated, causes blindness.
  • Ear herpes zoster. Syndrome, Ramsey-hunt a characteristic rash in the ear passage. In parallel, there is severe pain in the ear, lost hearing acuity, taste perception are violated, the patient rapidly becomes dangerous: nausea, vomiting, headaches. Further development of the disease can cause deafness, facial paralysis of the facial muscles.
  • Motor herpes zoster type characterized by loss of muscle activity. Implications – the development of paresis, paralysis.
  • Other complications include:

    • meningitis, meningoencephalitis;
    • myelitis;
    • pneumonia;
    • hepatitis;
    • post-herpetic neuralgia.

    The consequences to the fetus occur only in 8-10% of cases. If you receive herpes in the first trimester, increases the risk of congenital malformations of the baby. 5% observed the following deviations:

    • deformity, atrophy of limbs;
    • cicatricial lesions on the skin;
    • malformations of the eyes, of the CNS.

    Important! The appearance of herpes zoster is not an indication for termination of pregnancy. The percentage of normal child birth is high, however, the mother must undergo all necessary screenings, tests. The special importance of ultrasound examination in the first and second trimester of pregnancy. If there is the threat of congenital disease, is cord blood and amniotic fluid analysis.

    Important! If herpes zoster during pregnancy developed in the prenatal period increases the risk of acquiring a newborn baby. In this case, the fungus lead to the development of neonatal varicella in the baby, which threatens to skin lesions, liver, lungs and Central nervous system of the newborn. The treatment of the disease do neonatologist and infectious disease.


    In the period of carrying a child rash is most often localized on the chest, thighs, face, shoulders. If herpes zoster occurs in the early stages, it increases the threat of miscarriage. In case of bleeding and pain in the abdomen with infection, the expectant mother should immediately contact a doctor. Complications caused by herpes:

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  • premature birth premature baby;
  • placental insufficiency;
  • fetal hypoxia;
  • the delayed development of the fetus;
  • polyhydramnios.
  • All symptoms of the disease and complications depend on the immune status of the expectant mom.

    Diagnosis and treatment

    At the slightest suspicion on herpes zoster differential diagnosis is required. It is essential to separate the herpes virus from other infectious pathologies. Typical manifestations of lichen are:

  • prodrome;
  • the linearity of the rash and localization in the nerve endings;
  • erythematous-vesicular nature of the lesions;
  • the future mother in the child already has had chickenpox, which means that the virus in the body exactly is.
  • Treatment herpes zoster in pregnancy requires a comprehensive approach and long time. Is healing, infectious diseases, correcting the work and purpose with the recommendations of the gynecologist. If necessary connect the ophthalmologist, ENT, neurologist and other specialists. Hospitalization is indicated only in case of serious complications, in other cases, the implementation of the recommendations of the doctor at home and timely examination from a doctor.

    How to treat shingles during pregnancy? For healing, drugs used in antiviral areas:

  • Acyclovir. Injected parenterally, the Course of 7-10 days. Recommended from the second trimester.
  • In II and III periods may Supplement therapy with Interferon drugs shown to stimulate their own immunity. Viferon (candles) are accepted for 10 days.
  • Analgesia is assigned with great caution and only under the supervision of a doctor. Many anti-inflammatory drugs lead to premature birth, so expectant mothers suggest the most correct taking any medication anti-inflammatory and analgesic actions.
  • Important! If mommy postpartum period is burdened by an active phase of development of the lichen, it is placed in the box. Baby do doctor, prescribing preventive medications. A newborn is under constant surveillance at least 14 days, then if necessary, prescribe a course of therapy, we select depending on the severity of the condition and dynamics of development of course of disease.


    Herpes zoster in pregnancy – the disease is extremely dangerous. The consequences are truly terrible: mommy gets severe psychological trauma, the newborn may die, get sick cerebral palsy, deafness, blindness, brain damage to the head, epilepsy. To prevent all possible consequences should be considered very carefully to their own health and to protect themselves from possible causes of infection. The prevention measures include:

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  • A thorough examination during the planning and carrying a pregnancy.
  • A healthy lifestyle with the observance of a day regimen, nutrition, physical activity.
  • After pregnancy you should register to the obstetrician-gynecologist and shall be under the operating supervision of a doctor.
  • If a virus is detected unquestioningly carry out all assignments.
  • Tip! You should not risk your health and your child’s life. All alternative treatments of herpes zoster are not effective! Shingles does not pass to the end, the only virus hides in the nerve endings and tissues, so do not help folk remedies and recipes. Only medical therapy in the right doses and mode is possible and the only correct choice.

    And remember, shingles is not a sentence. Serious consequences occur in isolated cases, the chances of having a healthy baby is very high. Especially if to immediately implement the proper treatment.

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