Herpes simplex-what is that virus: symptoms and treatment

What is herpes simplex and how to treat it?

According to recent international research revealed that 90% of the population on the planet are carriers of herpesvirus. Herpes is an infectious disease that affects the skin, the source of infection can be a virus carrier or sick person. In this article we will explain what is herpes simplex. Consider its characteristics, symptoms, manifestations and treatment.

  • The etiology and pathogenesis of herpes infections
  • Symptoms of HSV
  • Diagnosis of herpes infection
  • Methods of treatment of herpes simplex

The etiology and pathogenesis of herpes infections

Herpes simplex virus similar to the virus of epidemic encephalitis. Experts say the infection of the infection occurs at an early age, due to which the virus persists and forms an unstable immune system. Bacteria virus are in the nerve ganglia that maintain a calm state. However, in the presence of precipitating factors, bacteria of herpes virus begins active inside the body. The cause of herpes simplex include:

  • gastrointestinal disorders;
  • psychological trauma;
  • menstrual cycle;
  • of acute respiratory illness.

For information! The risk of Contracting the herpes simplex virus exactly the same regardless of the age category.

There are 4 main groups of herpes infection, these include:

  • the herpes simplex virus;
  • shingles or chicken pox;
  • cytomegalovirus;
  • viral infection Epstein Barr.

It should be noted that the herpes simplex virus is divided into two forms:

  • The first type enters the body through the respiratory tract, accumulates in the cells of the trigeminal nerve and remains there at rest. As a rule, in the presence of the disease the patient experiences symptoms such as, rashes on the nose, lips, itching, the wound may pull and tear;
  • The second type of infection is transmitted during unprotected sexual intercourse. Herpes also penetrates into the contractile cells of the ganglion and remains there in a quiet state. In the period of exacerbation and reduction of the immune system, HSV aktiviziruyutsya and manifests itself in the form of rashes in the genital area.

For information! Localization of herpes simplex virus manifests itself on the porches of the nose, in the corners of the mouth, in the genital area. Sometimes the bubbles are joined together and form a spot with a length of 1.5-2 cm.

Symptoms of HSV

Most often, the herpes simplex is localized in the corners of the mouth, rarely a rash can affect the ear, cheeks and eyelids. Inside the bubbles contains a transparent liquid, which after 3 days starts to get dark, and after 4 days, the vesicles become dry and form a crust. Usually the crust stay on the skin for 1 week, then fall off and on damaged areas the skin regenerates.

For information! For violation of the functionality of the immune system, the formation of relapse of the disease. Herpes infection can occur on the background of stress, strong solar irradiation, with endocrine disorders.

A viral infection characterized by symptoms such as:

  • the formation of lesions in the mouth, nose, eyelids, ears, cheeks, mucosa, genitals;
  • before the formation of the rash, there is a feeling of tingling, itching, burning;
  • rarely can a person to feel chills and malaise.

It should be noted, when encircling the form of herpes patient can rise the temperature to 39S degrees, increase the lymph nodes and cause a feeling of weakness. Experts recommend to treat the virus when you first feel the symptoms. Early chemotherapy much more effective.

Diagnosis of herpes infection

Type of infection and its diagnosis is based on clinical picture of the disease. For accurate information about HSV carried out a differential study, where the use of ordinary pemphigus and mnogomorfnaya exudative erythema.

Full confirmation of the diagnosis performed on the basis of Cytology, take a scraping from the scene of the rash. Where does the scraping, painted by the method Romanovsky-Giemsa, this method allows to establish the presence of cells with basophilic cytoplasm.

Methods of treatment of herpes simplex

In modern medicine there is no universal drug that can fully remove the virus. However, there are drugs that can suppress herpesvirus and eliminate the symptoms. Regular intake of drugs allows to increase the resistance of the immune system, and prevents recurrence of HSV. Modern treatment of herpes simplex includes use of such drugs as:

  • The antiviral drug Acyclovir, its main task is to prevent the formation and reproduction of the infection. Form release: tablets, ointment and solution for injection.
  • Famciclovir — has the same effect as Acyclovir. Has a modified DNA polymerases, are effective drug for the treatment of herpes simplex.
  • Panavir — is a biologically active antiviral agent. In the first 2 days after admission relieves discomfort, itching, burning. Product form: rectal suppositories, gel and solution for injection.

It is worth noting that a good result in the treatment can be achieved at the initial stage of the formation of herpes virus. Experts recommend the use of drugs, once a person felt the first symptoms of the infection.

The appearance of the first lesions, it is recommended to avoid scratching and squeezing. In the process of treatment of drug way all medicines it is recommended to apply cosmetic sticks. To prevent formation of relapse, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system and establish a diet.

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