Gynoflor e and analogues candles cheaper: instructions for use

Gynoflor e: analogs and instructions for use of candles

Vaginal tablets Gynoflor possess antimicrobial activity, restore the normal microflora of the vagina, rid of thrush. As active substances are components of estriol and Lactobacillus acidophilus lyophilisate. The last ingredient belongs to the group of eubiotikov. Auxiliary components lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, etc. Counterparts Gynoflor submitted drugs: Vagisan, Lachover, ECOFIN, Hexicon, Betadine.

  • The mechanism of action and indications for use
  • Contraindications and side effects
  • Instructions for use
  • Analogues of vaginal tablets Gynoflor

The mechanism of action and indications for use

Components of the drug enclosed in biconvex tablets, each containing 50 mg of the active ingredients. Substances present in the composition of the candles, stand part of the physiological mechanism which contributes to the maintenance of full vaginal microflora. The main purpose of the use of drug – destroying fungal organisms, the restoration of biocenosis of the vagina.

Lactobacillus is a key fraction of microorganisms that live in the vagina of every healthy the fair sex. They are characterized by a medicinal activity against pathogenic microorganisms. Bacteria help return the balance to the physiological environment, which eliminates possible breach of metabolic processes.

Estriol – component synthetic origin, its chemical structure similar to sex hormones women, which are produced via the ovaries. By the therapeutic effect of the substance has been increasing natural barrier against infections of various origins.

After the introduction of the drug, the components of the funds are released gradually disintegrate under the influence of internal factors.

Note that lactobacilli have only a local effect, not absorbed into the systemic circulation, which reduces to zero the likelihood of systemic side effects.

Indications the preparation is extensive. First and foremost it is recommended for the treatment of thrush in women. Appropriate use in the following situations:

  • The restoration of the normal vaginal flora after antibiotic therapy;
  • Therapy of bacterial vaginosis and candidiasis;
  • No specific form of candidiasis;
  • Urogenital diseases of different etiologies;
  • Form of atrophic vaginitis;
  • Therapy of bacterial secretions of unknown pathogenesis;
  • In the complex treatment of various diseases.

Vaginal tablets start to operate after 1-2 hours after injection. Quickly relieve yeast infection. In accordance with the instruction for use is valid to use as preventive measures of fungal infection.

Contraindications and side effects

Candles Gynoflor are not only indications, and contraindications. In a situation when they are present, the patient is prescribed analogues of the drug «Gynoflor e».

It is inappropriate to apply in the following situations:

  • Organic sensitivity to the drug components. Congenital or acquired intolerance to the drug in General, or specific substances.
  • If history of diagnosed neoplastic growths of malignant character, which is dependent on the concentration of estrogen. In particular, it is not recommended, if the pathology was localized in the breast, uterus, ovaries.
  • Endometriosis – the growth of uterine tissue outside.
  • The allocation of hemorrhagic type is not defined etiology.
  • Virginity.
  • For reviews, tablets for vaginal introduction of fast help to get rid of symptoms of yeast infection. Hardly anyone complains about side effects. However, they need to consider:

    • Burning, itching after administration of the drug;
    • Foreign body sensation in the vagina or discomfort of another kind;
    • Allergic reaction – redness and swelling of the mucous membrane of the internal or external genitalia.

    The likelihood of side effects is less than 0.5%. Except if the pill got inside. An overdose of medication impossible, these data do not exist.

    Important: Lactobacillus, which is the active substance drugs, are extremely susceptible to antibiotic therapy. Therefore, the simultaneous use of antibiotics and the introduction of candles significantly reduces the therapeutic efficacy of vaginal tablets.

    Instructions for use

    Vaginal tablets can be purchased at the pharmacy. Price for 12 pieces, about 18$. Some similar products will cost slightly cheaper. In accordance with the instructions, the tablet is entered as deeply as possible into the vagina.

    Enter medicine better in the evening just before bedtime. As the night increases the absorbent properties of the drug. It was convenient, the women are recommended to sleep lying on your back, slightly bend your knees – this allows to open the inlet of the female reproductive organs, respectively, the introduction of a medicinal product carried out without significant discomfort.

    The duration of the therapeutic course, the dosage and frequency of applications, due to the reason for designation:

  • Yeast infection treatment starts 3-6 days after the completion of menstrual cycle. Usually the doctor recommends the introduction of one or two tablets per day. Course duration varies from 7 to 14 days. The exact scheme of treatment signs given the severity of fungal diseases and other factors.
  • To restore the normal vaginal microflora applying 1-2 pills every day. The duration of treatment is 6-12 days. In some cases, the course will be prolonged if the patient advanced forms of the disease.
  • For the treatment of atrophic damage type during menopause prescribed one tablet every day. The course of treatment similar to that described above options. Then being supportive treatment that involves the injection of one tablet not more often two times a week. During the first phase of treatment is determined individually, depending on the concentration of hormones in the blood female.
  • Tip: vaginal tablets should be stored in the refrigerator at 2-8 degrees. Cannot be placed in the freezer, as freezing negates all of the medicinal properties of the drug.

    During the treatment of thrush should abstain from sex or every time during intercourse to use a barrier contraceptives. However, doctors agree that sex should be abandoned to exclude the likely decrease in effect of drug therapy.

    If a woman has severe vaginal dryness, before the introduction of her candles dipped in plain water, which promotes more rapid dissolution. During therapy it is necessary to use spacers, since some of the components follows. This does not affect the therapeutic result.

    Analogues of vaginal tablets Gynoflor

    Thrush causes a lot of discomfort and significantly reduces quality of life, manifested anxiety symptoms – itching, burning, pain during intercourse, vaginal discharge. If the tablets are not suitable due to existing medical contraindications, then it is recommended analogues «Gynoflor e»:

    • Vagisan is a medicine of thrush, comes in the form of tablets for oral administration, capsules for vaginal insertion. Cannot be used with a personal sensitivity to the composition. Recommends the introduction of one tablet per day. The course of treatment is one week. Start treatment after the menstrual cycle. Data on overdose lacking. Side effects develop rarely;
    • Lactosorb – candles help to restore the normal vaginal flora, contributing to the destruction of fungi, that allows to cure yeast infection. Application – 1 candle 2 times per day. Course of therapy a week. The drug interacts with all forms of medicines, it does not affect its therapeutic efficacy;
    • Betadine helps to get rid of thrush is a structural analogue of the drug Gynoflor. The main active substance is povidone-iodine. Vaginal suppositories possess antiseptic and antimicrobial action. Treatment: 1 suppository per 24 hours for 7 days. Contraindications: hyperthyroidism, dermatitis Duhring, the simultaneous use of radioactive iodine, organic intolerance;
    • Pimafucin – quality antibiotic antifungal properties, it is based on the substance natamycin. It is acceptable to use during carrying a child and breastfeeding. To do not contain toxic components. After the first application subsides symptoms of anxiety;
    • Terginan detrimental effect on the pathogenic fungi. Has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal activity. Administered one tablet per day before sleep. Extreme caution is recommended in the first trimester.

    During pregnancy and lactation to therapy should be approached with caution. All drugs are prohibited in the first trimester, many are not recommended during lactation, as substances penetrate into breast milk.

    Thrush – extreme nasty disease that has a tendency to relapsing course. Only appropriate treatment and the correct drug for you to forget about the negative symptoms forever. Self-treatment is fraught with the «return» of the disease with renewed vigor.

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