Genital warts in women and treatment of the virus

Genital warts in women and treatments

Genital warts appear because of the action of human papilloma virus that is often sexually transmitted. They represent tumors of different sizes that appear on the mucosa or skin of the penis. Therefore, these growths often called genital warts. In the article, consider what is genital warts in more detail, what are the symptoms and types of growth, as well as methods of treatment and removal.

  • Causes of
  • The symptoms and stages of development
  • Types of warts
  • Medication
  • Removal of warts in intimate places

Causes of

The causative agent, the human papillomavirus (HPV), they infected the majority of the adult population. Depending on the type of pathogen, symptoms appear in different places have their own form and stage of development. So, for the appearance of genital warts responsible strains 6 and 11. To developed symptoms on the cervix should work types No. 16,18 and 35.

The major cause of infection in the body is direct contact with mucous covers the patient. Discussing the strains of the virus is not transmitted through household items. After transmission of the pathogen, the disease does not penetrate into the blood and internal organs, and settles on the mucosa or skin.

The virus penetrates deep into the skin on intimate areas for women and there, in the intracellular space begins to actively develop. When the colony becomes large enough, the pathogen is on the skin. Only after that it can be shared with others. Most often, transmission occurs by sexual contact during anal or vaginal sex. Were established cases of disease transmission in the oral contact.

Genital warts in women appear, regardless of income level or living conditions.

According to a recent study half of the people on the Ground who lead an active sexual life, are carriers of the virus. Often one and the same person can be a carrier of different strains of the pathogen. It is not always possible to determine the presence of the disease, as the virus can no long to show symptoms. At the time of the breakdown of the immunity issue stands out.

The symptoms and stages of development

Once infected the virus stays in latent state for a long time 1-12 months. Most often, the first symptoms in the third month after infection. To determine how genital warts look just most often they are small, have a pinkish-pale color and grow on a thin thread or a small stalk.

Genital warts in women may be localized on the external genitals, near the urethra or in the vaginal cavity. Often, growths found in the cervix and around the anus. If tumors appeared in the urethra, can begin the development of urethritis. Because of this urination appears with disk photons, a sharp pain in the abdomen and dull pain in the groin. At the same time, the defeat of the external genitalia. This is one of the key signs of vaginal warts.

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Sometimes tumors located in the cervix, connected to each other and form conglomerates of a yellowish or pastel shade. As a result, these growths can block the entire entrance to the uterus. So start the disease is not recommended. In the extreme stages of developing condylomata in women, it is big and penetrates deep into the tissues, destroying them.

Symptoms are not always, and the woman could feel that something was wrong already when the warts begin to grow. While there is a feeling of itching and burning in the vagina.

Genital warts in women cause different symptoms, depending on the localization of genital warts. So, problems arise during sexual intercourse, urination or defecation. When the growths become too large, they begin to interfere with the above-described processes. But with regular visits to the gynecologist it is possible to notice the problem and start treatment of genital warts in women.

The manifestation of genital warts caused by HPV, manifested in different ways, depending on the shape. So, there are three main types of tumors:

  • Latent. The virus is dormant shows no external manifestations. This period may be slightly conical in education, this means that the pathogen begins to develop actively. By routine physical examination at the doctor, the problem can be detected after the tests.
  • Clinical. On the mucous membrane begin to appear pointed, papular or gipertroficskie warts. The first option involves the appearance of outgrowths of the short leg, they resemble the shape of cauliflower. These tumors can be single or multiple. The second option, papular growths, consistent with flat round warts. The third option, giperkineticeski warts appear on the labia, they is typical horn layering.
  • Subclinical. At this stage, the warts are flat, not protruding beyond the surface of the skin. You can usually detect these tumors in color.

Types of warts

There are a variety of warts, called Bushke-Levenshtein. These growths usually have large dimensions and come from a fusion condylomatous outgrowths. This outgrowth increases rapidly in size, destroys the tissue at the base and secretes sticky mucus. Although this neoplasm is quite unpleasant, it rarely develops into a malignant tumor.

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It is worth noting the form of warts. It is of two varieties:

  • Pointed. At the clinical stage of development of the virus appear these tumors. They can be placed on small and large labia, near the entrance of the vagina, around the anus. In rare cases, genital warts bruise the cervix or oral cavity. Understand how to look like genital warts. Their color depends on the localization and sometimes Nude, purple, red or light pink. Pointed women’s education are often accompanied by painful sensations.
  • Endophytic or flat warts in women invisible to self-examination, as often appear in the vagina and in the cervix. In spite of the unnoticeable manifestation of this kind is especially dangerous, as over time may go into Oncology. It is important after detection to pass the required tests. In extreme stages can begin the development of cervical cancer.
  • Warts in the photo applies to the genital varieties:


    When the growths are in the early stages of growth and are small possible medical treatment of condyloma in women. It is necessary to visit the gynecologist, he will conduct a survey, tell you how to treat warts in women, agree the most appropriate way for you and prescribe the necessary medicine. The process of treatment may occur at home. How to treat genital warts in women which drugs to choose and how to apply them is determined by the expert. It is based on the patient’s condition and disease prognosis.

    One of the commonly used stuff — Podophyllotoxin (Kondilin). In its basis there are extract plants of the genus Podophyllum, which contributes to the withering away of the genital warts. Twice a day the drug is applied with a special applicator. The treatment lasts 3 days then a break for a week. Medication is to apply it only to affected areas, avoiding contact with healthy. After contact with the warts there is a painful burning and redness. The treatment lasts no more weeks, until the wart will not be completely destroyed.

    Another effective drug which removes genital warts in women — Solkoderm. This tool has an artificial origin. The composition contains several kinds of acids and other active chemicals. Ready mix detrimental effect on the cells of the genital warts. As in the previous case, the medication is applied strictly on the affected area of the mucous membrane or skin. But unlike Condyline is used only once. If the warts are not completely removed may re-use. Most often, the lawyer gets the drug.

    If Solkoderm get healthy skin, you get a chemical burn, after which remain scars.

    Removal of warts in intimate places

    To ensure the exclusion of rebirth warts on the intimate places in a malignant tumor resort to immediate removal. The procedure is performed independently of the localization, shape and size of the growth. Ways to remove warts in your private areas there is a large number. After the procedure the samples sent for histological procedure to determine the transmutation in cancers.

    Before you get rid of warts on the intimate places a doctor will determine the degree of damage of the mucous membrane or skin.

    We list the most effective ways to remove genital warts in your private area:

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  • Cryosurgery. Affected area treated with liquid nitrogen. During treatment, do not need local anesthesia. Considered the most effective method and is often used in cases where medication has not helped. Procedure is not recommended for women who plan to have children.
  • Surgical diathermy. This method is designed for removing warts from the cervix. Usually one procedure is enough, but if too many entities allowed three repeats. As in the last case, this treatment is not suitable for expectant mothers.
  • Surgical treatment. The affected area is cut out using a scalpel or special scissors. While local anesthesia and after the procedure, impose a pressure bandage for one week.
  • Laser coagulation. Under the influence of beams of laser tissue growth are burned, leaving a dry crust, which eventually disappears by itself. The procedure takes no more than 15 minutes and requires no anesthesia. Usually not suitable for removal of wide warts.
  • Radiowave surgery. With the help of special equipment neoplasms burned under the influence of high-frequency radio waves.
  • The choice of treatment of genital warts is completely dependent on the attending physician. It is able to accurately determine the safest and most effective method of removal. Hope for traditional medicine, since the wrong approach to solving problems can aggravate the circumstances.

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