Genital warts in men genital on the penis and their treatment

Causes of Kandil in men and treatments

Most adults are carriers of human papillomavirus. Depending on the varieties of strain symptoms manifest in different places. One of the most unpleasant varieties — genital warts in men on the penis. The article will examine causes, symptoms, progression of the disease and modern methods of treatment.

  • Causes of warts in men
  • Symptoms
  • As the disease evolves
  • Treatment of condyloma in men
  • Therapeutic measures
  • Removal

Causes of warts in men

Warts on the penis is also called genital warts, they look like growths arising from the epithelium. Genital warts in men often appear on the penis, scrotum, frenulum of the penis, around the external opening of the urinary canal. In some cases the growths can appear around the anus or in the mouth. Tumors well distributed in humid and warm places.

The manifestation of genital warts in men does not occur immediately after infection, therefore, to establish the root cause of difficult. Often people are carriers but they themselves have no symptoms.

If the virus entered the body, then for its development and symptoms, you will need favorable conditions:

  • poor nutrition;
  • the alcohol and drug abuse;
  • prolonged emotional stress;
  • hypothermia or overheating of the body;
  • a clump of a secret of the foreskin;
  • low physical activity.

All of the above reasons reduce the strength of the immune system, which enables to develop virus warts human. But in order to he started to develop warts on the penis first you need to get. Doctors have identified several causes of the disease:

  • frequent change of sexual partners;
  • early entry into sexual relations;
  • perversion in sex;
  • getting a microtrauma during intercourse;
  • sexual relations without protection.

Tumors are of two types: flat and genital warts in men. The first form is rare, usually broad and flat growths. However, if such manifestations were seen, requires professional help. The thing is, what are the symptoms of the virus can develop into a malignant tumor.

According to statistics, the risk of Contracting this kind of HPV is higher in men up to 25 years. They usually have an active sex life is associated with frequent changes of partner.


Once infected with a pathogen, the first symptoms immediately. The virus remains latent from several weeks to nine months. One study revealed that 70% of couples both partners were carriers of the disease. It is important to note that this strain is only transmitted sexually.

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In most cases the virus begins to manifest itself in the following way:

  • in place of formation of the conglomerate of genital warts in men appear discomfort;
  • slight pain in the lower abdomen;
  • near the genitals may experience burning and itching;
  • the pain is worse when walking;
  • pain during sexual intercourse;
  • an increasing number of selection;
  • tumors grow on the penis or near the anus;
  • if there are warts on the penis there is pain when urinating;
  • painful defecation, blood in the localization near the anus;
  • depending on the place of display of the growths can be pale pink or Burgundy.

If you do not pay attention to the treatment of the disease, then the symptoms may worsen. In extreme manifestations added the following symptoms of the virus:

  • headache;
  • the intoxication of the whole organism;
  • the lowering of the tone;
  • sleepiness and chills;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • the development of depression;
  • the change in behavior.

Genital warts in men are benign tumors, and only 3% growths go into cancer.

As the disease evolves

The people leading an active sex life, often become infected with HPV, but most symptoms do not appear. Or if genital warts appear, after a course of immunotherapy the immune system itself gets rid of the problem. Still, even after treatment, men are carriers and although they have no symptoms, infection can be transmitted to the partner.

At the initial stage of papules on the penis are usually small, however, over time they appear more and formed conglomerates. If genital warts in men manifest themselves in a place exposed to friction, then the growths begin to bleed and foul odor. Open wounds is an additional risk for infection and other viral diseases. In advanced stages of the disease, genital warts can start to suppurate.

The growth of warts in rare cases leads to complete covering of the penis. Large conglomerates reduce the quality of sexual life. Subsequently, this leads to degeneration of the tumors into malignant cancer. Still, there remains the possibility of getting rid of symptoms — to appeal to professionals in the clinic.

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Look like genital warts in men shown in the photo.

Treatment of condyloma in men

After diagnosing genital warts in men, treatment by a doctor begins to search for effective treatment method. Regardless of the type of drug and how it boils down to three steps:

  • A strengthened immune system;
  • Decontamination of human papillomavirus.
  • At the same time holding the relief of other infections.
  • Let us consider some methods of how to remove or cure the warts.

    Therapeutic measures

    Often specialists for the treatment of genital warts in men prescribe immunomodulatory, antiviral drugs. These include: Geviran, Panavir, Immunomax, Ribavirin, Famvir, Imunofan, Ferrovir and other drugs. So, the solution of Panavir is injected into a vein during the week. Injections on schedule, either three times in two days, or twice in three days.

    In some cases, the doctor may prescribe this medicine in the form of a rectal suppository. They are introduced into the rectum with the same schedule as in Vienna. Method of treatment is determined by the expert, based on the form and symptoms of the disease. Sometimes the virus requires a repeated course of treatment in a month.

    Panavir is not prescribed to children under 12 years of age and people suffering from individual intolerance of components. In addition, it is contraindicated in persons with allergic reactions to mannose, glucose, arabinose, xilose and Ramos.


    To improve the immune system, the doctor may use drugs such as immunal, Echinacea or tincture of Eleutherococcus. These drugs plant based and in some cases is the best way to eliminate condylomatosis.

    At the time of treatment the patient should avoid taking coffee, strong tea, alcoholic beverages and Smoking. In addition to avoiding bad habits, it is important to normalize the power. As a result, the body appear, the reserves for self-destruction condylomata in men.


    When treatment of genital warts in men does not lead to positive results, the specialist may prescribe the procedure for removal of tumors. Modern medicine has a large Arsenal of radical methods of struggle with the symptoms. The choice of tool remains with the physician, he can determine the most effective way. Usually taken into consideration what size of genital warts in men and where they came from.

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    List the main methods of removal:

    • Genital warts in men on the glans penis and in the anus often removed using radiologa. To do this, under the influence of a current of high frequency radio waves to evaporate the build-up. Advantages this method is considered to be bloodless and the lack of pain. For the procedure of removal requires a special expensive equipment.
    • If the warts conglomerate covers an area of over three inches, then can be applied with cryotherapy. For this, the surface of the neoplasm covered with liquid nitrogen. Low temperatures kill the affected cells of the skin, do not leave scars. This technique is fairly inexpensive.
    • Another inexpensive way to remove warts in the anus — electrocoagulation. It involves burning the growths with an electric current. The disadvantages of the method are pain and scarring.
    • In the last time there was laser photocoagulation. With a laser knife painlessly removes warts with the genital organs of men. Before the procedure, local anesthesia is injected.
    • In some cases, a chemical destruction — removal of growths on the head and elsewhere with the help of medicines. Usually used kondelin, dichlorooctane acid or imiquimod. The method combines the low cost, safety and effectiveness.

    To treat genital warts in men, refer to the official medicine, not folk remedies. The fact that incorrect removal methods can increase symptoms and lead to malignant tumor development. If there were suspicions on the occurrence of growths in intimate places, consult a dermatologist, andrologist, urologist, proctologist, or venereologist.

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