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Causes of Kandil during pregnancy

Warts look like wart of education and appear on the skin and mucous membranes of the body. In some cases, they are located on the genitals. Sometimes these are isolated growths, but most often appear entire conglomerates. Warts during pregnancy deliver much anxiety to the mother. The article will consider why they appear, what the symptoms are and whether it is possible to give birth if there are tumors.

  • Causes of warts in pregnancy
  • Symptoms of the disease
  • Is it possible to give birth when genital warts?
  • Is it possible to remove genital warts during pregnancy?

Causes of warts in pregnancy

The cause of genital warts is the development of human papillomavirus. Recent studies have shown that most adults are carriers of the disease. However, it is not at all evident, this must match several factors. The main reason for the occurrence of tumors is the decrease in immunity.

The virus may be dormant for several months or even years. It lies dormant in the genital mucosa, urine or saliva. Transmission occurs during sexual contact, kissing or through everyday life. At particular risk are women who meet the following criteria:

  • age from 17 to 33 years, with an increased risk of infection between 20 and 24 years;
  • start sexual life at an early age, as the body is still not fully formed and subject to failure of the immune system;
  • infection can occur if you frequently change sexual partners;
  • engaged in unprotected sex, it should be understood that the virus can be transmitted by oral to oral contact.

During pregnancy can occur the deficiency, and if in addition there are strong stress, the immune system is faltering.

If in a woman’s body at the moment of conception the child is already dormant HPV, then there is an 80% probability of its manifestation during pregnancy. The fact that in this period there is a decrease in the level of immunity and begin to show the warts. To avoid unpleasant consequences it is important to identify the disorder and properly treat it.

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Symptoms of the disease

During pregnancy often pour dangerous genital warts, which are easily confused with pearly papules. To determine the exact disease it is important to look for concomitant symptoms:

  • can pour out in the form of warts pale flesh-colored, or grow as bushes cauliflower;
  • the area of the tumor varies from several millimeters to three centimeters;
  • most often, condylomas in pregnancy pour on the genitals or around the anus;
  • if neoplasms were before pregnancy, after conception they grow, increase in size and become loose;
  • growths that appears near the anus, can cause burning, itching and the presence of a foreign body;
  • flat growths cause unpleasant sensations in the genital area, which appear reasonable selection.

Sometimes warts can go on their own, for example, appear in the first trimester and the gap in the third.

Growths during pregnancy bring a lot of unpleasant moments. They cause discomfort, interfere with sexual relations, sometimes bleed. Some education threat in childbirth.

Is it possible to give birth when genital warts?

To give a definite answer to this question is impossible, as the chance of transmission to the child ranges from 4 to 80%. It is important to understand that the virus that causes genital warts does not affect fetal development.

The pathogen can cause premature birth, but currently there is no reliable evidence that the disease causes the development malformation of the child.

When warts are allowed to have a natural birth, all the doctors recommend the use of caesarean section. The fact is that during childbirth large growths can be injured and start bleeding. While at the same time, the very warts and pregnancy are compatible, their presence is not the main reason for operative delivery. There is evidence that HPV is transmitted even with a C-section because the infection is transmitted through the fetal membranes and the cervical canal.

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To natural childbirth allowed women who have genital warts during pregnancy are on the anogenital area. In this case, the threat of infection in a newborn is minimal. If the neoplasm is located on the vaginal mucosa or cervix your doctor may suggest a cesarean section.

In advanced forms of condylomata during pregnancy leads to loss of elasticity of the vagina, which leads to the danger of a rupture during childbirth.

Specialists try to avoid transmission to the neonate as this could lead to unpleasant consequences. For example, in children aged 1.5 to 5 years appears papillomatosis of the larynx. Spurs gradually increase in size, reducing the lumen of the larynx, which is why there is shortness of breath. There is a possibility that with time the inflammatory process will pass to the mucous surface of the bronchi and trachea.

Is it possible to remove genital warts during pregnancy?

All expectant mothers can be divided into two groups:

  • The manifestation of human papilloma virus have been observed before the pregnancy;
  • Pointed or flat warts have been in pregnancy.
  • It is recommended to learn about the presence in the body of the pathogen is still in the planning stages of conception, before pregnancy. For this it is necessary to pass survey at the gynecologist. It will check is there any manifestation of HPV on mucous surfaces and the skin near the genitals. If the specialist diagnosed the disease, the treatment is to take place before pregnancy. The fact that removing warts in the period of fetal development involves special restrictions and difficulties.

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    If the situation develops in the second scenario, that is, the presence of warts has been found in pregnant women, the solution could go two ways. To begin with, the physician determines the need for urgency of treatment. Some varieties of the disease are not dangerous and allow the natural birth of a child. But can you remove genital warts some forms should be determined by the specialist.

    The specialist must determine the identity of the virus genital warts human. There are more than 100 varieties of strains, and dangerous are 16 and 18. These varieties increase the risk of developing cervical cancer. If you have set the existence of personal of these strains, then your doctor may suggest treatment starting from the third trimester. In such a situation, reducing the risk of violations of fetal development. In other cases, the removal of warts during pregnancy can be postponed.

    It is important to understand that to determine at home, the strain of the virus impossible. Moreover, you should not try to get rid of warts on their own. This can lead to aggravation of the situation, to interfere with the child’s development. To solve the professional should take samples from the throat of the cervix for analysis. On the basis of the data obtained will determine the safest and most effective method of removing the problem.

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