Gel and other effective means for the treatment of fungal infections

The fungus that appears on nails, is a common cause of complaints of many people. If time does not begin necessary and effective treatment, then there are consequences in the form of deformation of the nail plate, because the infection spreads rapidly throughout the foot, touching the adjacent fingers. To deal with the problem will help experienced specialist to whom you should contact when you see the burning and itching.

What you need to know when treating nail fungus?

Fungal diseases are transmitted from sick person or animal, as the infection enters the body when you use someone else’s shoes or personal belongings. For example, if you sit with a friend in the sauna, then the probability of getting the fungi will be very high.

Important! Faced with such a problem as a fungal infection, you need to get rid of it in the early stages.

How to determine the appearance of the disease? There are some obvious signs that indicate problems and the need to visit a doctor:

  • the nail plate is deformed;
  • unusual nail color;
  • the nails are liable to break with incredible ease;
  • it is possible to increase the thickness of the nail.

Group of effective drugs

Modern medicine offers many ways to get rid of fungus on nails. As a rule, are widely used gels, creams and lacquers. There are many foreign and Russian companies that offers medicines to get rid of the problem. These drugs are good for its unique properties. They are able to reduce the itching and pain, have a moisturizing effect, relieves irritation and burning.

Tip! Some doctors recommend the use of gel from the nail fungus on the legs as a preventive measures.

The degree of effectiveness there are three main drug that is able to solve the problem:

  • gels – the most effective option, due to the complex chemical component;
  • ointment – the classic way of decision;
  • lucky is a simple and cheap option. The least effective compared to the two competitors, but also popular.

An important component is an antifungal agent – terbinafine. Doctors recommend the use of drugs to the existence of such a substance. In this case, with early treatment of the nail plate, may need only two weeks for a full recovery.

Ointments, gels, drops

The most popular drug used to treat nail plate gel. He assigned patients in the early stages. Professionals often prefer the gel, called Nicozan.

It is important to remember to apply the gel strictly according to instructions and doctor’s recommendations.

The correct use of medicines implies strict hygienic control, so before using the product, you must wash your hands with soap and water. It is recommended to take foot bath. Excellent choice for this soda. Following the simple guidelines, the patient is able to quickly get rid of the fungal infection and restore the nail plate.

Ointments and drops used to treat also quite often. These funds should be chosen by an experienced physician. He will determine the dosage and duration of treatment. Drops to use conveniently and easily. As they are quickly absorbed into the nail plate and penetrate deep inside. Using the drops will quickly eliminate the problem. They can be used as preventive medicine.

Lucky against the fungus

The structure of the coatings differs from the gels, and ointments are more liquid. The use of this type of funds is useful if we are talking about small cracks. Most polishes contain alcohol, which contributes to the rapid drying of the damaged area. It is recommended to use Loceryl and Aflamil. Correct application will ensure the recovery in 2-3 weeks.

Antifungal patches

There are specialized patches, the main active ingredients of which are iodine and acid. The first component disinfects, the second kills bacteria. Correct usage:

Treatment of nail fungus iodine

Iodine is the main sanitizer in the fight against fungal diseases. It is often used in many ointments, plasters. Substance has burning properties, so therapy can become painful. Iodine burns the cells of the fungus and parts of the skin.

It is recommended to use a solution of iodine. Apply the remedy once in three days. From the iodine solution it is possible to create therapeutic baths. Before application of the drug required to conduct basic hygienic procedures.

Folk remedies

There are more original ways to treat fungus – the people’s. To cook them can be difficult, but the effect and the money saved will let you know.

The following method – solution of vinegar on a cotton disc. Vinegar similar to the first embodiment, apply to a cotton pad. Pressed to the infected place and hold for 20 minutes.

The last option is vinegar ointment. Ingredients: vinegar to 65%, olive oil and glycerin. Then add dietilftalat and stir. Apply daily, keeping the ointment for 10 hours. Then replace the pre-washing soap.

Treatment of fungal disease on my feet, not fast food, but they need as early as possible. Each treatment is individual. It is important to carefully follow the instructions of medicines, the advice of experts and not to forget about regular hygiene procedures.

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