Furuncle in women in the groin and a boil on the pubic area: treatment

Treatment for boils in groin in women

Furunculosis is a very unpleasant and painful disease, but the more discomfort it brings, if you are localizing a boil in the groin. The pathological process is able to disrupt not only the physiological processes in the body, but also negatively to be displayed on the psyche. This is not strange, because one of the main aspects of human life, it is considered sexual activity. Under the influence of the disease in men broken erection, in women, pain during intercourse, and eventually even reduced libido both.

  • Causes of
  • Symptoms. Diagnosis
  • Classification
  • Treatment and prevention
  • Metrogyl gel
  • Zineryt acne
  • Ichthyol ointment acne
  • Levomekol
  • When to see a doctor?
  • Possible consequences if not treated

Causes of

Boils in the groin are formed quite often, but most people tend to hide the situation and not to go to the doctor, hesitating for the upcoming inspection. Such a dismissive attitude to your body is fundamentally not true, because the key to rapid treatment is determining the reasons for the development of boils. Without appropriate skills and knowledge to do this, you will not be able exactly to get ahead of the provoking factor and the diagnosis can only doctor.

As a rule, the boil in the groin area can trigger the following reasons:

  • reduced immunity and the ability of the organism to suppress independently of the causative agent of the inflammatory process;
  • uncontrolled intake of immunosuppressive drugs and drugs from the group of cytotoxic drugs;
  • urogenital diseases;
  • hypothermia;
  • the presence in the crotch of a nutrient medium for the growth of pathogenic flora — hemorrhage, trauma, or dead tissues;
  • violation of local circulation;
  • the non-observance of personal hygiene in the intimate area;
  • excessive sweating;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • head lice and pubic parts.

One of the most common reasons for the development of pubic hair boil is wearing tight synthetic underwear, which creates friction and injure the skin. Even minimal damage to the epidermis, become the «entrance gate» for infection.

Symptoms. Diagnosis

Boil in the intimate place, developed over 10 her, during this time, the symptoms will manifest themselves with different intensity and considerably differ among themselves. The first stage of the development of infiltration, can be found on the bright red seal, which is localized on the pubic area or on the labia in women. There is swelling of skin at the base of the hairs on the pubic area, itching in the perineum, and tingling in the inflamed area. At this stage of its development, the boil on the pubic part of the special do not cause discomfort, so can be simply ignored.

In the second stage of development, the boil increases in size and forms a dense conical elevation bright red color. The patient’s condition is deteriorating, increases temperature, a headache and General weakness. There is a sharp pain in the area of the perineum. In men is disrupted erectile function. A few days later at the head of the neoplasm develops abscess yellow. This process of formation of the boil is completed. The subsequent stage will be the opening of the boil. To open the tumor can independently or mechanical damage.

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The third stage is healing, after all the pus with the blood that was inside the boil will come, formed a blue-red scar. A few months later, he turned pale, and color will be equal with the rest of the skin.


Modern medicine is already well studied furunculosis, there is even a certain classification of the disease. The nature of propagation are distinguished:

  • single boils;
  • localized-the boil always appears in the same place. Causes localized abrasions are inappropriate methods of treatment and aftercare of residual seal;
  • General furunculosis is characterized by the formation of boils on various parts of the skin.

The nature of symptoms of acute and chronic furunculosis. The acute type of the disease is characterized by the intensity of the symptoms that goes with proper therapy and no longer makes itself felt. The chronic form is incurable, the patient observed boils on a regular basis. Provocateur for recurrence of the disease may be hypothermia, physical exertion, stress and other environmental factors. All what can doctors what to do during a chronic form of furunculosis, is to ease the pain during the development of infiltration, and reduce inflammation.

Each kind of disease requires an individual approach in diagnosis and treatment. Despite the fact that the chronic form of furunculosis is not curable, let it take its course, strictly forbidden, because the probability of complications during the chronic, increases in several times.

Treatment and prevention

The boils in the groin in women and men are treated, usually by external means, on the basis of antibiotics. To eliminate the provocateur of inflammation prescribed medicines from the group of cephalosporins and macrolides. With the increased resistance of the causative agent of furunculosis, was adopted by Rifampicin. Symptomatic treatment includes anti-inflammatory drugs such as Effective, Nurofen, Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. For the relief of pain, can be shown novocaine blockade and analgesics. To accelerate restoration of the skin and resorption of scars, Contractubex will help. During the treatment, great attention is paid to antiseptic means that it will disinfect the wound and prevent the spread of exudate new areas of the body. Fine proved Jorgensen, hydrogen peroxide and salicylic alcohol.

Metrogyl gel

To treat boils in the groin and pimples, Metrogyl gel, it has a bactericidal effect and disinfects the wound perfectly. The drug is active in the fight against a wide range of anaerobic bacteria, including Golden staph. In the local application provides protivoprotosanoe action. Metrogyl gel has no contraindications, can be used in the treatment of pregnant women and children. The drug is applied thinly to inflamed skin and to nearby tissues, twice a day. To wash it is not required, it is perfectly absorbed by the skin, and appear in a natural way, having a therapeutic effect.

Zineryt acne

Zener — one of the new drugs that is widely used to eliminate acne and treatment of boils in the groin area. The effect of the tool due to the presence in the composition of the drug to the antibiotic erythromycin. It is active against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, so even after the first application reduces the number of pathogen on the skin. Zener well dries the skin and cleans the pores, can be used for a long time, after all, has no contraindications and side effects.

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Ichthyol ointment acne

An abscess in the groin region in women and men caused by pimples or boils, are very often treated with Ichthyol ointment. It consists of sulfur and a substance called Ichthyol. The drug is perfectly relieves swelling, eliminates itching and tingling at the site of inflammation and contributes to the rapid opening of the abscess. The ointment has an unpleasant odor and black color, which can leave marks on the clothes, but with these flaws, it helps in the treatment of boils in the groin area and pimples within a few applications. Apply the medication on a pre-treated by antiseptic skin as a compress. It is best to do it at night, when the mobility of the person is minimized.


How to treat boils in groin women and men can only tell a qualified person on the basis of careful examination and study of the General picture of the disease. Very often, doctors turn to the tool is called the Throat. This combined preparation, which comprises the antibiotic chloramphenicol and methyluracil. The medication acts very quickly, it is active against almost all strains of bacteria and fungi, even the presence of purulent masses and blood in the wound, does not reduce the therapeutic effect Levamisole.

The ointment is applied in a thick layer of cotton cloth or cotton swab and as a compress applied to the acne or boils. Keep the compress at least 2 hours, then wash off the released pus, running water and repeat the procedure.

Today drugs for the treatment of boils can be purchased in every pharmacy, but use them without a doctor’s prescription, is strictly prohibited. You should also not use the recipe that was assigned to your friends with a similar diagnosis. The drugs that helped your friend may be contraindicated to you, and cause you complications.

Surgical removal of the abscess is indicated if there is complications or if no results of conservative treatment. In the hospital the doctor makes an incision of the skin over the head of the tumor, and using special tools remove the core of the boil. Continue debridement of the wound, the purulent contents is extracted. Sometimes, to prevent new boils in the pubic area men and women in the crater of the wound poured solutions of antibiotics. From above impose a sterile bandage and recommend a few more days to clean the wound with antiseptics.

To prevent boils in the groin in women and men, must in the first place, to carefully monitor the hygiene of the skin in the genital area. Be processed preservatives scratches and cracks in the epidermis, which is not uncommon when wearing tight underwear and hair removal. To reduce the risk of developing boils will help proper nutrition vitaminosoderžaŝej products and reasonable physical activity. If a person there is increased sweating of the skin in the area of the perineum, it should be treated with baby powder or special telkami.

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When to see a doctor?

To consult a dermatologist is reasonable at the early stage when you just said inflammation of the hair follicles, it is at this stage, the doctor can take appropriate action and to prevent the formation of purulent infiltration inside, killing the pathogen.

If you notice pathological process, at the stage of formation of the boil, do not attempt to self-treat or puncturing the bump with a needle, you only worsen their condition. To go to the doctor necessarily if you have a temperature above 38 degrees and there is a General intoxication of the organism. Do not delay with the visit to a dermatologist if redness in other areas of the skin, and the boil for a long time will not be opened.

There are a number of situations in which inflamed skin in several places simultaneously, and boils merge together in extensive infiltration with purulent contents. This condition is very dangerous, and must be operated in a hospital environment.

Possible consequences if not treated

Boils in the groin area is necessary to heal, otherwise you may face serious consequences. The fact that the inguinal region to be in proximity with lots of blood vessels, once in the bloodstream Staphylococcus aureus or other microorganism can cause sepsis, which is fatal. Boil in groin that is left without proper treatment can cause lymphadenitis. In the groin region are the regional lymph nodes and the inflammatory process may spread them, moving in a lymphangitis.

The boil on the pubic part of the women is fraught with inflammation of the uterus and its appendages, as purulent infiltrates can put some «metastases» in the nearby organs. If you do not start therapy in a timely manner, it is possible to deal with infertility.

Most women and men are very embarrassed to find boils in intimate areas, respectively, being ashamed to go to the doctor, start the disease and to seek help when the situation normalize impossible. If you notice inflammation of the pubic do not waste time on self-treatment, the sooner you get help, the sooner you’ll be back to his former life. There’s no shame that you want to be healthy, it is much worse to tolerate the symptoms of boils and do nothing.

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