Furatsilin — alcoholic solution: instructions for use

Solution Furatsilina alcohol: the use of the yeast

In the treatment of thrush using antifungal agents that disrupt the structure of cell membranes of fungi, leading to the death of pathogens. In gynecological practice is often prescribed Furatsilina alcohol solution as a secondary medication. As monotherapy the drug is not recommended, as it is not accompanied by antimycotic effect. Vaginal candidiasis solution is used for irrigation, cleaning, doing to him furatsilinovoy baths.

  • General information about Furatsilina
  • Indications and contraindications Furatsilina
  • Instructions for use of Furatsilina from yeast
  • Douching with a yeast infection
  • Bath with Furatsilina
  • Analogues of the drug Furatsilin
  • Reviews on the treatment of candidiasis Furacilinum

General information about Furatsilina

Drug drug comes in various forms – release tablets for oral administration and solution preparation, water and alcohol solution, ointment, paste for external use. The composition of the preformed shape includes the main active ingredient in the dosage of 20 mg – nitrofural and 800 mg of sodium chloride.

In the composition of the aqueous fluid included the same active substance and ordinary purified water in a ratio of 1 to 5000, respectively. In an alcohol liquid included 70% ethanol. The active substance has an aspect ratio of 1 to 1500.Ointment contains nitrofural in a dosage of 0.002 g, and as auxiliary components in the annotation indicate soft white paraffin.

Nitrofural is a derivative of nitrofuran. The last component appears yellow or greenish crystalline powder, having a bitter taste. It is almost insoluble in ether, is characterized by low solubility in water and alcohol fluids, well soluble in alkaline solution.

Worth knowing: one of the properties nitrofuranovogo connections – increased sensitivity to sunlight, so the solutions may not be subjected to the influence of daylight. Ultraviolet light deeply and irreversibly damages the molecules nitrofural, which leads to leveling of its medicinal properties.

Furatsilin for thrush provides antimicrobial action. The drug is most effective against cocci and Salmonella, to a lesser extent detrimental effect on other bacterial microorganisms.

The drug activates the processes of granulation, accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues. Found wide application in gynaecology, dental, ophthalmic, dermatological and surgical practice.

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Medication does not help directly to get rid of thrush. It is included in the complex treatment in combination with other medications only as a subsidiary way, as it gives symptomatic effect.

Indications and contraindications Furatsilina

Nitrofural is the antimicrobial substance that is used to prevent decomposition processes on the surface of wounds, it is used for washing the oral cavity, the treatment of the lesions by bacteria of ENT-organs and eyes.

Drug detrimental effect on the microorganisms:

  • Staphylococci and streptococci;
  • Salmonella;
  • Simple;
  • Viruses;
  • Shigella.

Furatsilin has no antifungal effect, so does not contribute to the death of the fungi family Candida, respectively, as the only medication for the treatment of thrush it is not suitable. It is used as an additional method to overcome disease. For external application is minimum absorption.

Tablets and solution are prescribed for the treatment of stomatitis, otitis, sinusitis, sinusitis, pleurisy and other such pathological conditions. Widely used in the skin injury of any pathogenesis, accompanied by secondary infection.

With a yeast infection in women provides the following result:

  • Eliminates disturbing symptoms – itching and burning (to achieve this effect it is necessary to wash or douche).
  • Baths with Furatsilina is an alternative in cases when you cannot use suppositories from a thrush, or no possibility of using a tablet form of the antifungal medicines.
  • Douching Furacilinum assists in the reduce inflammation, accelerates the leaching cheesy discharge with vaginal infections.
  • Note: contraindications to the use acts of congenital or acquired intolerance to nitrofural, dermatitis and pathological conditions that are accompanied by bleeding.

    Instructions for use of Furatsilina from yeast

    For drug Furatsilin manual States that dilute pills have a certain pattern, it all depends on the particular disease. As the solvent used purified liquid or isotonic solution. Tablets are pre-milled to make a powder. The solution should be sterilized for 30 minutes at a temperature range of 100 degrees.

    To wash recommended for children, virgins and women who are expecting a baby. These situations are contraindicated for irrigation. Through an aqueous solution could wash off the white plaque that causes candidiasis. The liquid mucous soothes, dries, gets rid of pronounced discomfort.

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    Douching with a yeast infection

    Can I use Furatsilin for douching during pregnancy? During the carrying a child procedure douching is not recommended, as it can cause damage to membranes, leading to spread of infection to nearby areas of the genitourinary system. During pregnancy, you can only wash use medicament in the form of lotions and rinse the throat candidiasis of the oral cavity.

    Preparation of solution:

    • Crushed five tablets into a powder;
    • Pour 500 ml of hot water;
    • Stir until powder is dissolved.

    The container in which the prepared solution, and the syringe must be disinfected. A day with just a few manipulations. The duration of the therapeutic course is limited, is not more than five days. Reviews show that the therapeutic effect of douching short-lived, soon alarming symptoms returned with new force.

    To note, vaginal douching Furatsilina with a yeast infection women after 45 years of age is not recommended.

    Bath with Furatsilina

    Furatsilinovoy baths are recommended for treatment of thrush in newborns and treatment of candidal infection (balanitis) in men. This method is suitable also for women who for some reason can not use the douche.

    The tablets could be dissolved in warm water. Duration of manipulation varies from 5 to 10 minutes a day can take several treatment procedures. They accelerate healing of damaged tissue, disinfect, prevent the spread of the inflammatory process.

    Analogues of the drug Furatsilin

    The pharmaceutical industry represents analogues of Furatsilina. These include such drugs as Acutal, Furaplast, Furatsilin-AKOS, Lifuzol. These medicines contain the same active substance antimicrobial properties. As an analogy, the therapeutic effect can be called boric acid, Furagin and Furasol, Fukortsin.

    Description counterparts:

  • Boric acid – antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, inhibitory activity of pathogenic microorganisms, including fungi. Acid is used for irrigation and cleaning. Instructions for use: 1 liter of boiled water add 1 teaspoon of medication. Treatment one week. Solution and you can wash up to 3 times a day. Excessive use leads to dryness of the vaginal mucosa.
  • Fukortsin kills germs and fungi. The tool is not used for irrigation or cleaning. The solution was applied on a cotton pad, which is pre-soaked flax, or sea buckthorn oil. Then treat the area of the genitals. During the procedure there is a slight burning sensation. Areas become crimson color is a normal variant.
  • Important: if during therapy there is a strong burning sensation and tingling or increase the symptoms of yeast infection, douching and cleaning must be abandoned.

    Reviews on the treatment of candidiasis Furacilinum

    It is difficult to find negative reviews on the drug Furatsilin, as the tool has established itself as an antimicrobial drug with a wide spectrum of effects. It can be used for children and pregnant women (the washing away or externally).

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    Opinion by Zinaida 37 years:

    Thrush – this is my long-standing problem. Only cure, it takes a week sometimes a couple of months, the symptoms come back. During pregnancy escalated, and held all the time, because the drugs make feared, although the Ob-GYN recommended. In the last visit to the doctor prescribed me fluconazole tablets inside, Furacilinum douching 2 times a day and cleaning them 2-3 times. The scheme worked, the solution was rapidly relieves burning and itching, reduce the amount of discharge. After douching inside is pinched, but after 15 minutes everything was OK. Hope the thrush I won’t bother.

    Review from Victoria for 24 years:

    I Furatsilin for irrigation did not come, the feeling is very unpleasant, the feeling that I pepper «there» stuck. After the first procedure endured about an hour, then washed with plain water only became easier. When cleaning such side effects were not.

    Furatsilin is antimicrobial. Only douching or cleaning will not help to get rid of the fungus. Treatment should be comprehensive, to include antifungal tablets, ointments/creams.

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