Furatsilin against foot fungus

Fungal causing bacteria that live on the skin most people. However, their number is not large. The action of «useful» microorganisms do not allow them to develop. However, if there is favorable for fungi conditions (wet and warm) they start to proliferate. While the skin of the legs starts to itch and peel. To relieve these symptoms, there are many tips from folk medicine. Furatsilin against foot fungus is one of the most effective folk remedies.

What is Furatsilin

It should be remembered that Furatsilin not intended to treat foot fungus at advanced stages. Moreover, it does not help with deep lesions of the nail plates. However, at the initial stage of the disease, this remedy can soothe the inflammation and relieve the manifestation of such unpleasant symptoms, as itching.

Furatsilin is an antimicrobial agent used for outdoor and indoor use. Available in different forms. Among them, water and alcohol solution, and ointment, and powders. The most used form of the available tablets, the expiry date which is four years. He resists the growth of bacteria.

Prolonged drug use leads to extinction of the entire colony of microbes. It affects the cellular membrane of pathogenic microorganisms, causing their death.

It is worth considering that Furatsilin is antiseptic and does not lead to the immediate destruction of microorganisms. Antimicrobial effect of this drug is similar to the action of antibiotics. However, the majority of fungi and viruses it has no effect.

Use of this agent in fungal infections has a number of proven advantages:

  1. The drug greatly reduces the activity of sweat glands. This reduces the treated skin sweating. This effect is evident already after the primary treatment. In this case, for reproduction of fungi need moisture and warmth. One of these conditions is the use of the drug is eliminated.
  2. Medicine copes well with the occurrence of unpleasant odor from the feet. This symptom occurs when the disease fungus.
  3. Furatsilin eliminates the effects of fungal infection – inflammation accompanied with irritation.
  4. The drug is available, as is a non-prescription remedy, and economical.
  5. The tool is easy to use. It does not require long preparations.
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The drug doesn’t cause complications when applied topically. In case of hypersensitivity to the medium may cause minor inflammation, manifested as redness and other allergic reactions.

The use of Furatsilina in the foot fungus

Using the drug should be considered that the main effect it has is it reduces the sweating and helps to eliminate inflammation. The main methods of drug application:

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