Fungus on the penis and the glans in men: how to treat

Treatment of fungus on the penis in men

Genital fungus – the same common disease as a fungal infection of the skin, nail plate. A problem faced daily men and women, weakened body which can not resist the pathogenic effects of pathogenic microorganisms. Women diagnosed vaginal candidiasis (thrush); in men the fungus on the penis inflammatory process that is capable of capturing the head, the foreskin. In severe cases, the fungus penetrates into the urethra.

  • The reasons for the development
  • Symptoms and diagnosis
  • Types of fungus and their symptoms
  • Treatment
  • Prevention

The reasons for the development

Infection occurs during sexual intercourse, as well as the disease develops on the background of low immunity. If there is no treatment, the fungus on the penis spreading rapidly, striking the groin, the scrotum, can lead to the urogenital mycosis, etc. complications.

Worth knowing: the most common pathogen fungi are family of Candida. This pathology in medical practice is referred to as Candida balanitis or mycotic balanoposthitis, if there is a loss of the foreskin.

Causes of disease are many. In some cases, it is diagnosed the presence of two or more factors that lead to fungal defeat. The pathogenesis of the following:

  • The fungus on the head of the reproductive organ often found in men who ignore the rules of hygiene. It water procedures help to eliminate from the surface of the penis pathogens, which appear on the skin;
  • Sex without using barrier contraceptives often leads to fungal lesions of the penis. Note that even the relationship with a regular partner does not guarantee 100% protection. During exacerbation of thrush in women and a weak immune system in men, the disease occurs in 95% of the pictures;
  • Opportunistic pathogens also induce the development of mildew. In this case, the role of contributing factors, synthetic underwear, lack of hygiene, etc.;
  • Hormonal disturbances associated with the disorder the production of testosterone, which in turn leads to problems with the skin;
  • The factors of external influence. For example, excessive sweating. Heat and moisture – two conditions that create a favorable environment for breeding of parasites;
  • Harmful food habits – consumption of alcoholic beverages, fatty and spicy foods – all this promotes the active growth of fungi;
  • Prolonged use of antibiotics reduces the barrier function of the body, which creates prerequisites for candidiasis in men;
  • Chronic disease, leading to decreased immunity. These include diabetes, endocrine disorders, etc.
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Other reasons include the hidden diseases of the reproductive system and infections that are «asleep» in the body. On the tip of my penis fungus often occurs as a result of intestinal candidiasis.

Symptoms and diagnosis

When there is a fungus on the head of the penis, this situation does not go unnoticed, as symptoms of that deliver a lot of discomfort to the man, significantly impairing quality of life.

Common symptoms of fungal diseases of the genital organs:

  • Severe itching;
  • Redness of the skin completely or spots appear red;
  • Painful when touched;
  • Burning and discomfort during urination;
  • Cheesy plaque on the glans penis, have an unpleasant odor.
  • If untreated in the early stages of the pathology becomes chronic, resulting in the observed deterioration once in three months. Another variant of the disease – the occurrence of lymphangitis – red stripes on the back side of the penis.

    Note: increased libido as a symptom of genital infection fungal nature caused by irritation of nerve receptors and nerve-roots, which are located inside the head of the penis. However, intimacy does not bring relief, because during sex a man feels the burning and pain.

    How to treat a fungus that can be found only after diagnosis. Self-treatment is fraught with grave consequences. When you go to a medical institution, the doctor queries the patient for complaints conducts examination. Laboratory diagnosis is necessary.

    Take a swab to identify the specific pathogen. Also conducted to test susceptibility of fungi to various drugs antibacterial properties. If genital infection struck the groin, you take scrapings from the affected areas.

    Types of fungus and their symptoms

    Depending on the etiology there are types of fungus. The disease is also classified in accordance with the affected area. Generally speaking, the infection is localized only on the glans penis, in the pathological process involves the foreskin or the entire penis is affected.

    Looks like a fungus on the penis head? The disease is accompanied by characteristic symptoms. The man is strong hyperemia of the head, he complains of unbearable itching and burning, soreness during trips to the toilet and sexual intercourse.

    Most clearly of fungal infection evidenced by the plaque cheesy consistency, attracting the attention of men in the first place. Initially it may be a small number, however, in the absence of therapy, he covers the whole head.

    When fungal infection affects the foreskin, then there are symptoms:

    • Redness on the foreskin, severe swelling;
    • The appearance of painful cracks.

    If Candida form transformirovalsya in the erosive form of the disease, the penis spots appear, indicating necrosis of epithelial tissue.

    Important: the most dangerous form of Candida balanoposthitis – a gangrenous appearance, which is characterized by the appearance of purulent wounds on the penis with a putrid odor, increased body temperature and lymph nodes. This disease is rare, only in combination with chronic yeast infections, viral and infectious pathologies.

    In General, the isolated fungus on the penis. – balanitis and balanoposthitis. In the first case there are problems only with the head, the second is the inflammatory process affects the head and foreskin. Urethritis – the fungus has penetrated into the urethra.


    When observing warning signs should see a doctor. After diagnosis, the doctor will tell you how to treat fungus on the penis. To cure the disease you need to simultaneously use the funds for the local treatment of and tablets for oral administration.

    Medical specialist may recommend medications:

  • Flucostat;
  • Diflucan;
  • Irunin;
  • Pimafucin;
  • Natamycin.
  • The scheme of treatment is determined individually. You shouldn’t take the pill due to high risk of adverse action on the absence of the desired result. The duration of therapy varies from one month to six months. Systemic treatment is antifungals local action – compresses, baths, creams, gels, emulsions, etc. Modern means of fungus on the penis:

    • Ointment Mycosoral, Miconazole, Nizoral;
    • Ecotax – has a wide range of effects;
    • Pimafucin in the form of a cream;
    • Clotrimazole, Canizal, Canisten.

    The use of ointments of the fungus on the penis is carried out twice a day. During treatment it is recommended to carefully monitor the hygiene, frequently change underwear and bed linen.

    Therapy traditional methods acts as an auxiliary method of therapy. Can home to do the bath based on medicinal herbs – chamomile, calendula has antiseptic effect. They do not destroy the fungus, but reduce the activity of pathogenic microorganisms.

    Important: during the treatment of antifungal agents necessary to refuse from sexual life. If you have a permanent partner, she should visit gynecologist. Without the parallel therapy women treatment of men in vain, as there will be reinfection.


    Fungus on the penis is a common problem of men. Unfortunately, in 50% of cases it is caused by lack of personal hygiene. Taking care of your health is an important part of life and «banal» the fungus can cause erectile dysfunction, infertility, prostatitis and other diseases.

    As preventive maintenance we recommend the following:

  • To observe the intimate hygiene, not to go in a wet bathing suit or wet clothes after physical activity;
  • Use condoms during sex;
  • Eat right – to enrich the diet with fruits and vegetables, limiting consumption of animal fats, alcohol, sweet products;
  • After each urination to wash;
  • To lift immunity it is possible to use folk remedies – a decoction on the basis of the hips or cranberries.
  • During antifungal therapy must replace underwear things made of natural fabrics. You cannot take a bath, only a shower. After the water treatment the penis to wipe, as a moist environment promotes the growth of pathogenic flora.

    Fungus on the penis should be treated under the supervision of a urologist. He would disappear for 2-3 weeks at observance of all recommendations of the doctor. Cream to prevent recurrence – this will help further prevention.

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