Fungus on hands and fingers — symptoms and treatment: how does

Types of fungus: symptoms and treatment

The human hand is able to tell almost everything about its owner, and does not have to be a palmist to reveal the innermost secrets. Sometimes it is enough to get accustomed to the surface of the hands — the white stripes on the nails — a sign of lack of vitamins, dry skin, says about the dehydration and peeling and weeping sores characterize the fungus on the hands.

The phrase that the fungus took over the world, sounds like a line from a fantastic film, but it’s true. Today every third person on the planet, is the carrier single of pathogenic bacteria and fungus on the hands is diagnosed every 8 patients. Such a mass spread of the disease has stimulated pharmaceutical companies to develop new innovative tools that will not only cure a fungal infection of the hands, but did warn him.

  • Varieties infection
  • Symptoms
  • Treatment traditional
  • Traditional ways of treatment

Varieties infection

The skin lesions and fungi can occur on the background of reduced immunity, hormonal failure or when dealing with an already infected person. The fungus on the hands can occur due to continuous overtaking in wet conditions. The lion’s share of patients to occur in workers of cement plants, Laundry, chemical industries and confectioneries. Fungus on hands is very often seen in women who frequently wash dishes, clean, wash and do the usual chores, no extra care for their hands.

Most people do not even know whether there is on hands a fungus, so noticing the flaking or white residue on the skin, simply ignore it, considering the reason for all the bad ecological situation on the planet. Don’t neglect the health of their health, modern medicine has more than 1,500 types of the pathogen, and all of them with insufficient treatment, can cause serious complications in the internal organs.

Fungus of the hands is divided into several types, depending on the type of agent:

  • ringworm fungus on the skin cause the microorganisms the dermatophytes, in our area is Trichophyton rubrum and Trichophyton mentcigrophytes. The microorganisms are settled in the body and affect deeper layers of the epidermis, thus affecting the little fingers. Skin fungus hands can deform the nail plate and lead to its rejection;
  • candidiasis — the fungus on the fingers of the genus Candida, most often develops in people, and the fact that he is in full health, is present in the microflora. Activated and multiply it starts on the skin when the body occurred a certain failure – decreased immunity, the presence of an inflammatory disease or damaged skin. The fungus on the fingers of this strain causes the formation of bubbles, swelling and redness of the nail folds;
  • keratomas — most often develops on the thumb, and all because he’s attracted to the nail plate, which at this point is the biggest. Microorganisms of this type Jivatma keratin that is part of the nail, respectively, affect only her. The adjacent tissue on the fingertips and hands, the disease does not affect.
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Much less likely to develop fungus between the fingers, caused by mass reproduction proteoliticeski of microorganisms that destroy the top layer of skin and nail plate. Fungus of the hands can be observed, if the skin is struck by lipolytic microorganisms. They are able to break down sebum, and spread across the surface, affecting and wrist, and fingertips.

Fungus hands treatment must be very fast, because if time can’t stop him, he, inch by inch, will be hitting new areas, and then, even medically, to remove him fail. Fungal infection of the palms and the cyst will becomes chronic, and can affect the joints, reducing the ability of the individual.


What strain of the fungus on the fingers settled you can determine only by a qualified doctor, but your task in a timely manner to ask him for advice. The reason for a visit to the doctor will unusual symptoms on the skin of the upper limbs. Symptoms of fungus on the hands are as follows:

  • the nail plate has lost its luster, marked white, yellow or brown;
  • in the thickness of the nail can be viewed yellow spots or stripes, in the case of destruction by fungi under the nail is formed a dark spot;
  • the nail is thickened, the adjacent skin becomes inflamed, and acquires a red color;
  • there may be flaking of the nail plate and the elevation of it above the finger pad;
  • the skin on the palms becoming red and dry and maybe peeling;
  • the fungus between the fingers provokes painful cracks and peel of the skin;
  • fingertips become sensitive, sometimes there is tingling;
  • around the nails are formed by inflammation and suppuration;
  • on the palms and back of the hands, the formation of small papules and vesicles with clear or purulent contents.

The fungus between the fingers was supplemented with a bacterial infection, which is not uncommon, it will be noted a painful erosion and weeping sores. From the skin will emanate an unpleasant smell, it will itch and cause pain.

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Treatment traditional

Looks like a fungus, you can look on the Internet, identifying some similarities with the symptoms that you have, you need as quickly as possible, to take some action — to be treated at home or to go for a consultation with an experienced physician. Treatment of fungus on hands is a long process and it depends directly on how quickly you get help. Fungus treatment skin developing dermatologist, based on your test results. In most cases, the mildew on the palms of the hands are treated with oral medications such as:

  • Ketoconazole;
  • Fluconazole;
  • Mycomax;
  • Diflucan;
  • Mycosyst;
  • Itraconazole.

How to treat fungus on hand photo, which is on the Internet, say dermatomycoses, it must determine the duration and dosage of each medication.

To treat nail fungus on the fingers of the above funds without the approval of a physician, is strictly prohibited. You can incur serious side effects, because each drug has its own list of contraindications.

The ointment of the fungus between the fingers is also assigned to mandatory. It allows you to remove the itching, swelling and redness. Proven medication Triderm, Mikozolon, Lowriders and lamisil. If was joined by a bacterial infection, fungus on fingers and nails can be removed only by using a combination therapy that includes antibiotics and remedies for the normalization of the immune strength of the person. If you have launched the fungus between fingers treatment can include baths with a solution of potassium permanganate and boric acid. In the liquid holding hands at least half an hour, then grease the hands of ointments based on salicylic acid, Miconazole or Ciclopirox.

Fungus of the hands symptoms can give immediately, the initial stage can be hidden, the only evidence will be itching and tingling in the hands. If you notice this, immediately clean the skin with an antiseptic soap and try to smear skin Clotrimazole. This will stop toe fungus on hands, not allowing him to become more active.

Traditional ways of treatment

Treatment of folk remedies is also very popular. Sometimes, the funds on the basis of plant components, eliminate athlete’s foot on hands faster than synthetic drugs. How to cure fungus, knew even our grandmothers, today popular recipes used not so often, it is much easier to escape the drugstore and buy a special anti-fungal creams, how to treat fungus on your toes decoctions from medicinal herbs and tinctures. However, there is a category of people who, for whatever reason, contraindicated drug therapies and fungus of the fingers, they can eliminate only using the recommendations of past generations. To treat fungus between fingers can be using these recipes:

  • baths with strong coffee perfectly relieve itching, inflammation and reduce the activity of fungal infection. Enough to brew the coffee, sugar no need to add. Cool the liquid to room temperature, you need to put in her fingers;
  • if there is a mycosis of the palms, it will help wrap grated horseradish. This type of treatment is not suitable for people with hypersensitive skin and children. The horseradish root is rubbed on a large grater and lay on top of the skin. To better hold the wrap, wrap the limb in cling film for two hours;
  • onion is ground to pulp and mixed with lemon juice. The resulting slurry is applied to the affected area for half an hour. After this time, the compress is removed and the hands washed with antibacterial soap;
  • grated potato is also good I fungus. The starch that is present in this food product, creates unfavorable conditions for the life of fungi, and results with regular use, to a complete destruction of the colony.
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In addition to the above methods of treatment, be sure to observe the rules of personal hygiene, reconsider your diet — eat more vitaminosoderžaŝej products and modern to treat small cracks and sores that appear on other parts of the body.

Now that you are aware of the symptoms and treatment of fungal infection that can develop on the upper extremities. Theoretical knowledge in this field, you will definitely come in handy, because according to statistics, throughout the life of the fungus on the hand between the fingers, at least once, there is in every human being.

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