Fungus of the skin and its types: treatment of fungal infections

The fungi on the skin and methods of treatment

Due to the fact that various types of fungal infections afflict modern man with some regularity, many readers are interested in what is fungus of the skin and how they develop. Here it is worth to note that a fungal infection of the skin (dermatomes) is a pathology that affects not only all layers of the dermis and epidermis, but also providing, in particular, the effect on the internal organs through a particularly difficult course. Should know that normally the spores of the fungus live on the skin of each person and in most cases do not cause problems. But at the slightest failure in the immune system can attack the body. In the material below we will understand what is ringworm and what are the fungal diseases of the skin exist.

  • Causes fungal skin
  • The types of fungal infections of the skin
  • Keratomas
  • The tinea
  • Erythrasma
  • Triominos axillary
  • Candidiasis
  • Methods of treatment of fungal infections of the skin
  • Prevention of fungus

Causes fungal skin

In addition to information about what is fungus of the skin, the reader should know the causes of fungus. Thus, the skin fungus can develop under such favorable factors:

  • Visiting public places such as swimming pool, sauna, steam bath, private beach with no shoes and standing there barefoot;
  • The use of someone else’s shoes and personal hygiene items;
  • Visiting nail salons, and various procedures using low-quality treated tool;
  • Performing procedures of massage on substandard equipment and not enough sterile linen;
  • Trauma to the skin and untimely processing of antiseptics;
  • A steep and persistent decline in the immune barrier;
  • Constant skin contact with aggressive chemicals due to their professional activities.

Important: the fungus on the skin can move and mucous membranes that cause the patient a lot of painful discomfort.

The types of fungal infections of the skin

All kinds of fungal diseases klassificeret on the type of active spores of the fungus, and the type of depth of skin lesions. In General, physicians have more than 50 varieties of fungal diseases of the skin. However, in Russia the most common are the following types of ringworm.


It is a fungal infection of the skin affects only the upper layers of the epidermis, the cuticle of the hair. For any keratomycosis not characteristic of inflammation in the skin. To keratomycosis include a knotty trichosporium (Piedra) and multi-colored lichen. In the first case, the disease affects solely the scalp body or head. When the Piedra around the affected hair formed a kind of clutch of white or black. You should know that our latitude is a fungal skin disease, which is characterized by symptoms, a phenomenon more or less rare. As for the multi-colored lichen, the symptoms were expressed only in the manifestation of pink spots on the surface of the skin. Over time, they become coffee-milk color.

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The tinea

Because of these ringworm spores are striking in deeper layers of the dermis, the fungus treatment the skin will be more complicated and complex. When tinea in humans may be affected with fungus not only the skin, but the skin of the feet and palms. For dermatophyte characterized by explicit inflammatory processes. To fungal infections of the skin of a person of this type can be the following diseases:

  • Trichophytosis. Infection of the patient occurs when the active action of the fungus Trichophyton. As a rule, people can become infected by direct contact with the patients or with the use of the same personal hygiene/shaving tools and others Ringworm can occur superficially (in the form of light red spots starting to peel off on the skin over time), infiltrating (with obvious spots with liquid incorporated therein) or suppurative (formation of deep lesions that leak pus). In the latter case, it is possible to admix the bacterial infection.
  • Microsporia. Develops under the influence of the fungus Microsporum. The culprits (carriers of disease) are animals. Infection occurs when a person (usually a child) with the infected animal. When microsporia of the skin surface also causing spots, but no purulent or lymphatic content.
  • Mycosis of a smooth skin. Here fungal skin lesions develop on the background of direct contact with a healthy person sick, and in the presence of the first any wounds/abrasions on the skin surface. The contamination can occur through the use of personal belongings of the patient. When infected with mycosis smooth skin, the patient produces inflammation mainly between the toes (often between the ring finger and little finger) or on the scalp. In some cases, you may be amazed and nail.
  • Deep mycoses. With such varieties of ringworm suffer not only the surface layer of the epidermis, but also the mucous membranes, and even the internal organs of the patient.


This type of ringworm of the skin develops in a patient in the inguinal folds. For a skin infection characterized by the appearance of clearly defined brown-red spots that can become inflamed. The fungus occurs on the background of excessive sweating and the constant friction of the skin, because under such favorable factors the pH of the skin changes dramatically. The reason — failure to observe elementary rules of personal hygiene and wearing synthetic underwear.

Triominos axillary

This kind of skin lesions with fungus characteristic of individuals with excessive sweating, a disorder of the endocrine system, VSD, or for those who may be directly in contact with infected people. When trichomycosis axillary suffer the hair on the body and in the area of the pubis. That is, they are becoming brownish, or even yellow. As such, the inflammation of the patient does not feel. In this case, the hair does not break.

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A variety of fungal infections of the skin, internal organs and mucous membranes, caused by fungi of the genus Candida. Most often yeast-like fungi Candida will attack the person with a weakened immune system, diseases of the blood, from disorder of the digestive tract or lack of vitamins. In addition, the candidiasis can suffer from patients with a disorder of the endocrine system or the VVD (vegetovascular dystonia). It is worth noting that candidiasis may appear superficially, are chronic and visceral.

Methods of treatment of fungal infections of the skin

To treat any fungal infection of the skin preferably in a complex. Against the background of the prescribed external and systemic drugs can be used and the technique of treatment of skin fungus of the body folk remedies. In particular therapeutic tactics for ringworm looks like this:

  • Assignment of drugs to combat the fungus from inside and outside. To do this, after thorough diagnosis and identify the kind of active mushroom doctor appoints external ointments, antifungal tablets for internal intake and other antifungal agents. That is the fight the fungus comes from two sides. In particular in relation to the mushrooms appointed agents based on clotrimazole, lamizila, miconazole, metronidazole, etc.

Important: how to treat fungus of the skin, should be resolved only by a professional dermatologist, but not the patient himself.

  • Eliminating secondary infections. Often in the development of the fungus the immune system of the patient is greatly reduced. Especially if the illness is prolonged and has moved into a chronic form with a mixed bacterial infection. Here the attending physician appoints the external or systemic antibacterial drugs. In rare or severe cases, antibiotics are prescribed in the injection.
  • The restoration of the functions of the skin. As restoring the protective barrier of the affected skin fungus can be assigned to a moisturizing lotions with healing effect, as well as preparations for internal use, strengthen the body and restore the integrity of the skin.
  • Dietotherapy. In particular, the patient displayed products milk and all other foods that contain large amounts of vitamin B.
  • Immunotherapy. To maintain strength of body and restore its protective functions when the fungus is shown taking vitamin complexes.
  • Folk treatment of ringworm. Here the treatment of fungal infections of the skin can be carried out using oak bark and celandine, hops and burdock root, marigold flowers, verbena officinalis, and onion juice. Also in the treatment of fungal infections of the body using sesame oil, coffee, garlic, salt, and baking soda, iodine and propolis. By the way, sesame oil is fine and in that case, if the patient has overcome the herpes virus. Then the oil can be used internally and externally.

Important: to achieve a stable therapeutic effect fungal diseases of the skin necessary to treat the courses, making the break between them. Because the fungus is a pathology that requires a thorough treatment. Otherwise the pathology will eventually recur.

Prevention of fungus

To avoid any type of fungal infections, the first thing to take all possible preventive measures. In particular it is necessary to observe these precautions:

  • Avoid wearing someone else’s shoes. In addition, extreme caution must be those who love to buy shoes second-hand. It is worth remembering that even through the nylon stocking the fungus can get into the skin of the feet.
  • Be careful in public showers.
  • To monitor compliance with the rules of hygiene in the clubs. Remember that running on a treadmill barefoot is dangerous.
  • Avoid the use of someone else’s towels, hairbrushes and other personal hygiene items.
  • Follow the health of the foot skin, so as not to miss a skin fungus.
  • Wear breathable cotton underwear and clothing.
  • Wear shoes and clothes by size. In winter let the legs and the body to breathe at home without clothes and shoes.
  • Avoid contact with the patient, if there is one in the house until the person is completely cure the fungus. It is necessary to iron linen every day, and underwear to wash at high temperatures. Bath or shower after the patient is treated liberally with soap and water or a chlorine solution. Also infected with a fungus person should have its own separate indoor shoes and a towel.
  • Strengthens the immune system. Is well-organized mode of work and rest. The menu should prevail foods with vitamins C, A, E and selenium and zinc.
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Everyone who is faced with ringworm must remember that the therapeutic tactics need to be completely brought to an end. Even with the onset of visible therapeutic effect (neutralising signs of pathology), the fungus may still be in the body of the patient, and failure to treat will periodically recur. Therefore, it is important to bear the course of the prescribed therapy to the bitter end after the doctor told than to treat the disease.

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