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Description creams from a fungus on the skin

Infection fungal infection is not uncommon in our time, to pick up the pathogen can be anywhere from the pool, finishing nail salon. Most of the discomfort is a fungus of the skin of hands, as to hide the peeling and dryness of this region problematic. Fungus is a very insidious disease and if you run, you can run into not only an aesthetic defect, but also with a number of serious diseases of internal organs. The simplest of the methods of combating pathological process there is a fungus cream.

  • Ointment fungus on skin
  • Clotrimazole
  • Drug zistan
  • Mikosan
  • Zalain
  • Lamisil
  • How to correctly use the ointment?

Ointment fungus on skin

Antifungal ointments for the skin — an affordable and easy way of therapy of infection, they are easy to use, they have a wide range of actions, and their cost is quite affordable. Doctors have more than 20 strains of the fungus that can live and multiply in the human body, respectively, the pharmaceutical company, knowing it, do not cease to produce new medicines to combat fungus. Among the assortment of pharmacies have targeted drugs for the treatment of fungus in different parts of the body and universal medium that fight off the infection of any localization.

To provide quick effect and prevent recurrence of the fungus, which is not uncommon, you need to choose the right ointment for this therapy and make it exclusively by a qualified technician.


Ointment for fungus on the skin of the hands can be used for the treatment of fungus between the toes and on the feet. The main active substance is the eponymous component of clotrimazole. Drug-sensitive fungi of the genus Candida, which often settle on the skin. The mechanism of action of the drug is the destruction of the walls of the fungus, which subsequently dies. The facility has a minimum of contraindications, can be used for the treatment of pregnant women and children. Of the downsides of the medication, the duration of therapy. To get results, you need to apply the gel to the affected skin, at least a month.

After the disappearance of disturbing symptoms, discontinue use of means not need to extend the therapy for another few days, as a relapse is possible.

Drug zistan

The therapeutic effect means due to the action of Naftifine hydrochloride. Active component of medicine into the deep balls, and accumulate there, destroys the fungus at the cellular level. In addition to the fungicidal activity was Eksileri is highly effective to some gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Taking into account the fact that the tool is not absorbed into the blood, the number of side reactions is minimized. The drug is combined with other antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory type. The duration of therapy is usually 2-3 weeks. Treatment of pregnant women with this medication, should be undertaken only under the guidance of a physician.


The tool is released in the form of ointments and tablets. Therapeutic effect the drug has on human skin, due to the ketoconazole, which enters into its composition. The substance destroys the cells of the fungus and on the skin surface, a special protective film. It prevents the spread of fungus to other areas of the skin and exposure to mechanical factors. The tool quickly eliminates itching, reduces swelling and peeling of the skin. Normal appearance of the skin can be obtained after only two weeks of therapy. An antifungal cream can be used in the prevention of exacerbation of the disease in chronic infections of fungal etiology.

Mikosan a very effective drug against many fungi, but it has a certain toxicity. For pregnant women and children may appear negative.


The active ingredient in the ointment is the sertaconazole. It prevents the reproduction and growth of fungi of different strains. The drug has a broad spectrum of action, it acts on the pathogen, inhibiting the synthesis of ergosterol, which is the main compound in the membrane structure of the fungus. Subsequently, the cell is not able to reproduce and dies in the shortest possible time. Apply the medication to the skin should be 2-3 times a day for three weeks.

If properly using the medication, it is possible to achieve a stable result, recurrence of the disease after use Zalain, marked very rare.

Medication easy to carry patients, has no contraindications, the only exception may be a personal intolerance to the remedy. In order not to provoke an allergic reaction, initially apply a small amount of cream on your wrist and wait for complete drying. If the skin is not red and not swollen, you can use Zalain, allergies him you do not.


You can find in pharmacies in the form of ointment, cream and emulsion. The therapeutic effect of the drug due to the effects of terbinafine. It has a broad spectrum, highly resistant to yeast, mold and dimorphic strains of the fungus. The active ingredient dulls the metabolic processes in the cells of the fungus, which inevitably leads to death. Despite the high efficiency of the medicine that he does not distort the effects of other drugs. The maximum amount of active substance in blood is reached 3 hours after application, terbinafin not stay in the kidney or liver, to be excreted naturally after 26 hours.

Due to the fact that the drug can enter breast milk, it is forbidden to use during lactation, it decreases the quality of the liquid. The effect of medication on pregnant women has not been studied, so it is best not to use the drug in the treatment of women bearing baby.

The good fungicidal, anti-inflammatory and tonic effect have Salicylic ointment, Zinc ointment, Khanaspur and Naftifine. They all have contraindications and side effects. To use the ointments can in all fungal infections, regardless of concomitant drugs that are assigned for reception. Drugs well tolerated by the body and give quick effect.

The duration of therapy in its sole discretion these ointments can correct the patient, taking into account the condition of your skin and the nature of the symptoms.

How to correctly use the ointment?

Regardless of what you use gels, creams and ointments, it is very important to observe some rules:

  • To achieve maximum effect, before applying the drug, you need to spend cleaning procedures – carefully to wash hands with soap and use exfoliating means to remove the rough upper layer of cells. Apply the cream on wet skin, is strictly prohibited, it should be dry.
  • Carefully read the instructions to the drug and eliminating the potential side effects, the drug is applied on the skin rubbing and massaging movements. The ointment is applied not only to the affected area, but also on the nearby region. It is likely that the fungus has already spread, but it is an insufficient number of symptoms to new parts of the skin.
  • After the ointment applied to the skin, wait until completely absorbed, and the remaining medication is removed with a tissue.
  • There are cases where a fungal infection is very strong, and required more intensive therapy, then medication, you can do a compress for the night. On a cotton cloth applied to a large number of ointment and applied to the affected areas. To dressing better kept, wear gloves, if the fungus is on your hands, and use plastic wrap if the infection is localized on the elbows or in other parts of the hand.
  • During treatment, it is important to follow hand hygiene and to use it as often as possible with antibacterial soap or gel, to prevent the accession of a bacterial infection.
  • If after applying the medications, you note deterioration of the General condition or you have additional symptoms, immediately consult a dermatologist.

    Should not self-prescribe themselves drugs for the treatment of fungus, must be done by the attending physician based on your test results. Determine what type of fungus you’ve got, you can’t, accordingly, the self will not yield results, and you will lose precious time.

    Smooth and delicate skin on the hands has always attracted attention, and created the impression of cleanliness and grooming of a person. To get your hands have not lost their appeal and beauty, you need as quickly as possible to start therapy at the first symptoms of the fungus. Ignoring the signs of infection, you contribute to the reproduction of microorganisms and further trigger the situation. In the early stages of development, a fungal infection can be eliminated with a single application of antimicrobial gel or ointment with a powerful fungicide effect.

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