Fungus between fingers — treatment of folk remedies

Fungus between the toes and its treatment

Mycosis in the medical community is a group of diseases, the causative agent of which are fungi. When lesions of the skin diagnosed ringworm, in violation of the nail plate onychomycosis. In most paintings of pathology combined. Fungus of the toes develops due to the negative impact antropophilic, zooantroponoznyh microorganisms. Several less common infection of yeast fungi of the Candida family. Consider what types of fungal diseases occur and how to cure the fungus between the toes.

  • The fungi
  • Causes of fungal symptoms
  • Methods for the treatment of fungus
  • Antifungal lamisil
  • Terbinafine fungus

The fungi

Fungi are divided into several species – dermatophytes, molds, yeast-like parasites. They provoke the development of candidiasis, rubrofitii, onychomycosis, athlete’s. Depending on the symptoms allocate other separation types. Happens membrane, vesicular and machinebody kind of disease.

The infection occurs directly through contact with soil, vegetation, with a sick person or animal or indirectly – contact with household items that touched a sick person.

Fungus on the skin between the toes is of the following types:

  • Athlete. Pathology is accompanied by damage to spaces between the toes and the nail plate. In most paintings of sick men of Mature age;
  • Rubrofitii. The disease progresses slowly, in the early stages of infection have no symptoms. In the absence of proper treatment in a short time the affected nail plate;
  • Candidiasis interdigital space is relatively rare. Is divided into several types. First – vesicular-pustular. The distinctive characteristics include pronounced redness, swelling. The second giperkineticeski – thickened stratum corneum of the dermis, there is a strong peeling;
  • Intertriginous form. More frequently diagnosed in summer. Usually affects the space between the third and fourth finger, somewhat less detected the fungus on little toe;
  • Erased form has a minimal number of symptoms. Patients complain of cracks in the interdigital space, slight burning and itching.

Treatment of interdigital fungus is appointed after the establishment of a specific pathogen. For this the patient has blood tests. The results of laboratory diagnostics recommended regimens. Consists of medicines external use, tablets inside (running in the pictures).

Causes of fungal symptoms

Before you learn how to treat fungus toes, consider the cause of activation of pathogenic microflora, the symptoms of the disease. By far, the main reason for reproduction of the fungus in the affected area.

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You can catch in public places, using someone else’s personal hygiene items; often there is infection in the family circle, when one of the household got sick.

Should know the factors that increase the susceptibility of man to fungi, include age – children are more sensitive to the power of immature defense mechanisms and the immune status is weakened, the body cannot withstand the action of fungi.

Fungus between the toes develops due to reasons:

  • The high humidity. This condition creates uncomfortable shoes, socks made of synthetic materials, hyperhidrosis of the lower extremities.
  • Disorder of blood circulation. This problem is observed in chronic pathologies – diabetes, hypertension. It is also detected in smokers with the experience, with alcohol dependence.
  • Injury to the lower extremities. Through the wound penetrates the fungus begins to multiply rapidly. Practice shows that even with a good immune system the body can not cope on their own.
  • Other causes include dermatologic diseases – psoriasis, eczema, old age, violation of metabolic processes in the body, etc.

    Fungus on the toes accompanied with constant itching and burning, which greatly reduces the patient’s quality of life. Initially affects one finger, but if not timely diagnose the disease and start treatment, using funds from the fungus on the feet, the pathology progresses rapidly, spreads to other toes, foot, ankle.

    The fungus between the fingers is manifested by symptoms:

    • Peeling of the skin in the interdigital fold;
    • The appearance of small cracks that cause discomfort;
    • Itching and soreness in the affected location;
    • Seal the sole of the foot.

    If you join the defeat of the nail plate, it changes the color of the nail loses its natural Shine. The nail becomes thicker, easily damaged, crumbled and destroyed.

    At first, the clinical symptoms are not strongly expressed, itching does not cause anxiety. As the progression of the disease signs worse. Most often the treatment of interdigital foot fungus requires the use of two drugs or more, because the picture is started due to late presentation of the patient for help.

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    Methods for the treatment of fungus

    If there is fungus between the fingers, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist. The doctor conducts physical examination, provides direction to laboratory diagnostics. The results recommended means of fungus on the feet between the toes.

    How to get rid of pathogens? This will help the funds of local actions creams, gels and ointments, sprays, emulsions. They do not enter the bloodstream, are used several times a day. Advisable to use a mild form of fungal infection.

    If diagnosed launched a fungal infection, the area the problem area is large, then assign tablets for oral administration. They are inside, disrupt the cell membrane of parasites that leads to their death. The doctor determines and method of administration, and dosage; side effects may develop if you exceed the recommended dose.

    To treat fungus between the toes can be of the following medications:

  • Tablet form, fluconazole, Intraconazole, Diflucan, Flucostat, Terbinafine, lamisil and other medications;
  • Means of local action – Zalain, Myfungar, Clotrimazole, last time, Nizoral, drug zistan, Termikon.
  • To complement drug treatment for fungus between toes can folk remedies – baths on the basis of chamomile, baking soda, lotions with soap, vinegar, etc. components of natural origin.

    Important: to ensure that the covered treatment, require confirmation by laboratory methods – analysis make after 14 days of therapy and 30 days. Only receiving negative results shows the effectiveness of the course.

    Antifungal lamisil

    Lamisil belongs to antimycotic means, helps to remove the fungus, it acts quickly and effectively. The use of medication is carried out only on the advice of a doctor. The drug has several forms – gel, spray, cream and pills, solution.

    The principle of action of the drug consists in the blocking ability of fungus to multiply, causing them to die. On the background of external use means accumulated in the affected area, which contributes to its high performance.

    The dosage of tablets for an adult is 250 mg per day. If the fungus is treated, the child’s dose due to weight. The duration of the therapeutic course ranges from 2 to 6 weeks. Spray and ointment are used 1-2 times a day. The treatment lasts for 1 month. On the recommendation of the doctor’s treatment course may increase for a few weeks.

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    Side effects of tablets:

    • Headaches;
    • A violation of taste perception;
    • Dizziness;
    • Allergic reactions;
    • Loss of appetite;
    • Malfunction of the digestive tract;
    • Nausea, vomiting;
    • Pain in the abdomen.

    A contraindication to the use of an organic intolerance to medication, impaired liver function and kidney. Patient testimonials say that the product quickly relieves the unpleasant symptoms and after a few days of treatment reduced the severity of clinical manifestations.

    Terbinafine fungus

    Dosage form – ointment, cream, spray and pills. Often prescribed for the treatment of fungal infection, which was localized between the toes. Ointment/cream applied in a thin layer on dry and cleaned skin. Rubbing is not recommended. The rate of application twice a day.

    The dosage of the tablets is determined individually. Admission is carried out in a few weeks. For children, the dose due to weight and age. The drug is detrimental effect on pathogens, is a powerful tool. You cannot assign tablets in the following situations:

  • Violation of the liver;
  • Lactose intolerance;
  • Pregnancy, breast-feeding;
  • Hypersensitivity;
  • Children up to age three years;
  • The patient’s weight up to 20 kg.
  • Important: when coadministration of Terbinafine and alcohol increases the likelihood of liver toxicity.

    The cream Terbinafine is well tolerated. Only some patients have marked allergic reactions. In this case, should be correction medications. It is impossible to find analogues.

    As a prevention of fungus it is recommended to treat antifungals shoes; strictly comply with all recommendations of the doctor to cancel the treatment; maintain good hygiene; after water treatment wipe your feet dry.

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