Fungal infection of the scalp: causes and treatment

Treatment of mycosis on the scalp

Many people worry about the state of his body, especially his head. Changes such as brittleness, loss of hair on the head, inflammation often caused by mycotic lesions. In this article, you can learn what a fungal infection of the head, what symptoms accompany the disease, causes, course of the disease, methods of treatment.

  • A General description of the clinical picture
  • The reasons of infection and ways of transmission of fungal infection
  • The disease
  • Treatment
  • Folk remedies
  • Prevention

A General description of the clinical picture

Fungal infections of the scalp – a group of diseases, pathogens which are fungi, often affecting children, adolescents, but are common among adults. After a person is infected, the fungus begins to develop, to multiply, at first there is a feeling of fatigue.

Symptoms of athlete’s foot depends on the cause, severity of the disease. The symptoms are typical for most fungal infections of the scalp:

  • peeling of the skin;
  • the change in the General condition of the hair (excessive dryness, hair, fade);
  • the release of copious amounts of dandruff;
  • hair become fragile (break at a distance of 2-5 mm from the scalp), fall;
  • appear on the skin inflammation that does not have clear edges, on the periphery of which are formed of crusts, blisters filled with translucent fluid.

After penetration of the fungus on the scalp, infection occurs hidden, detected with difficulty. A signal that a person has had a fungal infection of the scalp may be a significant formation of dandruff if you previously never noticed.

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The reasons of infection and ways of transmission of fungal infection

Causes of ringworm affecting the scalp area of the head, a lot. To know the causes of fungal infections of the skin necessary for the subsequent treatment of the disease.

The causes can be divided into 2 groups:

  • Endogenous;
  • Exogenous.
  • Most frequent endogenous causes of ringworm of the head:

    • pathological diseases of the cardiovascular system, directly to the blood;
    • low tone the body’s immune system;
    • cancer;
    • diseases affect the metabolic system of the body;
    • high level of sweating;
    • disorders of the nervous system (frequent stress, depression).

    Among the exogenous reasons are:

    • Poor environmental condition in the place of residence;
    • Overheating, overcooling of the body;
    • Significant human exposure to ultraviolet radiation;
    • Failure to observe rules of personal hygiene.

    Fungal infection of the scalp can occur in response to antibiotic, and hormone therapy.

    The disease

    Depending on the pathogen, a fungal infection of the scalp can affect the superficial, deep layers of the skin. In the initial stages of the disease, the fungus develops, reproduces. In the event of major colonies, there are small pockets of inflammation. With the defeat of the scalp, the lesion gradually increases in size, rarely more than 1 focus (if 2 or more – they do not merge). Hair becomes brittle at the place where they break, fall out, occur black dots characteristic of ringworm of the head.

    Upon reaching a considerable size, the periphery of the lesion is covered with dry scab tearing off which opens a fresh wound with little bleeding. On the periphery, occur thin-walled blisters filled with translucent fluid. Over time can form plaque, covering the entire hearth.

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    Treatment of mycotic lesions of the skin depends on the cause, severity of disease, the presence of secondary infection, other complications.

    Typical therapy includes:

    • shaving of the hair around the nidus (if necessary);
    • the use of funds from external use;
    • the use of pills, tools for oral use;
    • the imposition of an anti-inflammatory compress (help to painlessly remove purulent crusts).

    With comprehensive treatment, you can quickly cure fungus. Among the therapeutic agents can distinguish ointments, creams, shampoos, pills.

    Ointments, creams having antimycotic properties are usually harmless to the body, applied on the affected area helps to remove the inflammation, burning, itching, if there are any.

    Antifungal shampoos containing active ingredients: ketoconazole, sulfide villages, piriatin zinc. Substances have a devastating effect on a fungal infection and fortify hair.

    Antifungal medicines for athlete often include antimycotic tablets. The use of the tablets due to the inability of complete cure from the fungal infection, which dwelt in the deep bowls of the skin, using topical products. Most commonly used Itraconazole, Ketoconazole.

    It is worth remembering that to prescribe medication for the treatment of athlete’s foot can be a doctor. Self-medication can lead to development of drug resistance fungus due to selection of ineffective medications, the transition of the fungal infection in more severe form.

    Folk remedies

    For mild cases of athlete’s foot of the head permits the use of traditional medicine, including herbal teas, tinctures, which can be used for outdoor, domestic use (oral).

    Particularly effective infusions and decoctions on the basis of:

    • mint;
    • lilac;
    • milkweed;
    • cocklebur;
    • oak bark;
    • medicinal vervain;
    • calendula;
    • horsetail;
    • Kalanchoe.
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    Before using folk remedies is better to consult a doctor.


    Measures for the prevention of athlete’s foot of the head:

    • limited direct contact with street animals;
    • observance of rules of personal hygiene;
    • the use of household tools (towels, combs, hair clips);
    • the use of personal hats;
    • minimal stress impact on the body, the nervous system;
    • avoid excessive UV radiation.

    Minimal contact with people suffering from fungal diseases.

    If symptoms of athlete’s foot of the head is evident, the treatment should begin as soon as possible so the fungus is not passed in the heavy form. You should not rely on the fact that the process withdraws, the symptoms will pass by themselves, the fungus will completely disappear. It is best to follow a loved ones to adhere to preventive measures and the fungus won’t bother people.

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