Fukortsin: indications for use and instruction for children with chickenpox

Fukortsin: manual and indications for use

Chickenpox rash is the most characteristic and visible sign of the disease. Original red small dots the next day turn into blisters filled with clear fluid. Upon rupture of the cystic sheath is important to prevent re-infection of the wound. For this vatrenooooo rash is treated with antiseptic solutions. One of the most effective is Fukortsin. What are the indications for the use of Fukortsin and how to use it correctly addressed below.

  • The composition and properties of the solution
  • Contraindications to the use of the solution
  • Instructions for use of the drug
  • Which is better — Fukortsin or Zelenka
  • Than to scrub spots from the skin?

The composition and properties of the solution

Fukortsin — antiseptic liquid crimson. The colour of the solution due to part of it Magenta. Also Fukortsin components are acetone, phenol and boric acid, resorcinol, and distilled water. Antiseptic is dispensed in bottles of dark glass with a capacity of 10 or 25 ml. Fukortsin ointment in pharmacies is not for sale and does not exist in nature.

What Fukortsin you can use? Using the solution in such cases:

  • Treatment of abrasions and wounds;
  • Processing gnoynichkovyh processes on the surface of the skin;
  • Cracks and different erosive processes of the skin;
  • The rash of chickenpox.

In all cases, the drug has a protective effect and prevents the penetration of wound surface fungi and bacteria.

Important: some moms are trying to find in pharmacies colorless Fukortsin to much «paint» the baby’s face. Such a drug really is, but it will be less effective. The fact that the composition of the colourless solution does not include the Magenta, which is the main antifungal component. That is, the wound will not be protected from the penetration of the fungus. Replace the colorless Fukortsin possible solution of brilliant green or tincture of calendula.

When using antiseptics on vetrennay rashes and other sores the drug has this effect:

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  • Dries the blisters and sores;
  • Neutralizes itching;
  • Prevents infection of the resulting sores;
  • Forms a protective crust on the surface of bursting bubbles.

Important: the solution is not a drug from the chicken pox. The effect of Fukortsin is only aimed at disinfection and removal of local symptoms.

Contraindications to the use of the solution

The drug Fukortsin according to the instructions for use for adults and children are prohibited to be taken in such cases:

  • Allergic reaction to components of the product. To identify its presence it is possible by holding the sample test. On the inner surface of the elbow, applied a few drops of solution. If within 20 minutes the patient’s irritation, rash and itching, then allergies to the drug in humans no.
  • Extensive damage to the skin. In this case, the components of the products (acetone and phenol) is actively absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin pores, which can cause dizziness, weakness, increase in blood pressure, failure of respiration.
  • Rashes on mucous membranes. When using fucorcinum liquid to burn. Better to use the decoction of chamomile or furatsilinom.

Important: newborn babies when the chickenpox is not appointed fukortsin. Doctors recommend to replace it with a more gentle solution.

Instructions for use of the drug

Use the antiseptic solution can only point, treating each spinco on the patient’s body. It is important to carefully inspect the scalp, in order not to miss possible lesions in this area. Fukortsin applied by cotton swab or using matches, with a wound on her small amount of wool. Treating wounds can 1-2 times a day. A maximum of 4 times.

Tip: to avoid cracking of the formed crusts, dried the wound pour over the baby cream or sea buckthorn oil.

Which is better — Fukortsin or Zelenka

Fukacova liquid according to the instructions for use is based aniline dye, as well as Zelenka. Therefore, the action of both solutions is identical. But the medications have some differences. These are:

  • The ban on processing of wounds by solution of Fukortsin have babies up to a year. It is better to use green paint.
  • Greater risk allergic reactions to fucorcinum liquid because of the greater number of components in its composition. For reference, the green is only alcohol and aniline dye.
  • Coloration pink solution is more stable. But stains are removed Fukortsin easier than green stuff.

Than to scrub spots from the skin?


After the baby had a viral infection, many parents try to remove the paint from the baby’s skin. While you can just wait a few days, and the dye will wash off naturally. For the impatient parents here are some ways of dealing with pink spots:

  • Children cream. Enough to handle markings can be cream and leave it for 15-25 minutes. You can then remove the paint with a cotton sponge.
  • Tincture of calendula. A couple of times a day to wipe the traces of fukortsin and by the evening it will not be over.
  • Aspirin solution. The tablet is dissolved in a small amount of water to form a slurry. Ready weight wipe pink dots on the body of the child.
  • Vegetable oil. Apply on the spots for 15 minutes and then wash it together with the paint using a cotton swab.
  • The mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baby soap. Soap rubbed on a grater and mix with peroxide. Ready weight wipe former ospinki.
  • A mixture of ethyl alcohol and salicylic alcohol in the ratio 1:1. Solution wipe spot fukortsin.

As well as Zelenka, fukacova liquid according to the instructions can be stored for 2 years. So carefully look at the timing, if the solution you already have in your medicine Cabinet. In the treatment of expired medication at least the effect will be zero. In the worst case, the components of spoiled solution will harm the baby.

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