From of thrush folk remedies and methods of treatment for women

Treatment of thrush folk remedies

Since candidiasis or thrush is a common illness that produces many different medicines for its treatment. However, their application is necessary in complex cases, mild forms of the disease you can try to cure at home using the recipes of traditional medicine. In our article we will consider the treatment of thrush folk remedies.

  • Medicinal plants in the fight against disease
  • Treatment yogurt
  • Baking soda vs yeast infection
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Sea buckthorn oil
  • Treatment with iodine
  • Aloe

Medicinal plants in the fight against disease

A popular treatment for thrush are based on medicinal herbs. There are many plants that allow not only to cope with the symptoms of the disease, but also to forget about Candida. So, calendula for thrush allows you to quickly remove the inflammation and restore a healthy microflora. However, yeast infection treatment at home is best done not one calendula, and a blend of herbs. You will need the following plants:

  • sage;
  • calendula;
  • chamomile;
  • yarrow.

To prepare a folk remedy, you need to take all of the herbs evenly. After that, a couple of tablespoons herb mixture pour a liter of boiling water and insist for 40 min. After cooling, the infusion is filtered and squeeze. For the treatment of oral cavity enough to do the rinsing several times a day. To get rid of vaginal candidiasis you need to do the irrigation with this extract. To do this, in the syringe gaining about 50 ml.

Tip: you can use this herbal infusion for cleaning.

Treatment yogurt

Quite popular treatment of folk remedies candidiasis relies on the use of yogurt. This means you can cure not only the symptoms but also to completely neutralize the fungi of the genus Candida. This prescription treatment of yeast infection based on using only fresh yogurt containing Lactobacillus.

In this way treated even pregnant women, with the exception of the third trimester. In addition, in all patients with candidiasis it is recommended to introduce kefir to your daily routine. This will help to normalize the intestinal microflora and enhance the immune system.

For the treatment of vaginal yeast infection with yogurt you need to make a tampon with this tool. At home you can do so:

  • Take a regular tampon for feminine hygiene.
  • Swipe the toilet of genitals with the use of a decoction of chamomile.
  • Then soak in yogurt tampon and insert it into the vagina.
  • After three hours remove the tampon and again podmates decoction of chamomile.
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    Also for the treatment of thrush in women can be use a douching with yogurt and irrigation of the vaginal mucosa this tool. If there is a fungal infection of the oral cavity, it is useful to rinse your mouth with yogurt.

    Baking soda vs yeast infection

    If to speak about treatment of candidiasis folk remedies, it is impossible not to mention soda because it is a very popular and effective. The fact is that the fungus lives in the mouth in children or in women in the vagina when there is a favorable acidic environment. Therefore thrush in women and children takes place if you use baking soda to change the environment to alkaline.

    Should know! Soda solution is the most safe tool in the fight against thrush, so it is allowed to use even in infants.

    Know the different ways of using soda solution. It is often used as a rinse, cleaning, and even douching. In the treatment of candidiasis in women using douching soda adhere to the following guidelines:

  • In one liter of warm clean water, dissolve 15 g of soda.
  • Douching with this tool is carried out morning and evening.
  • The procedure of douching can be alternated with washing soda solution.
  • You should not use too strong stream of funds.
  • After the procedure, it is useful to just lie down.
  • Any folk remedies for thrush continue to use until complete recovery. This also applies to soda. It should not be forgotten that any traditional recipes have their contraindications. As for the soda solution, it is contraindicated in such conditions:

    • during pregnancy;
    • the first time after the birth;
    • for the treatment of girls used douching;
    • when erosion and some diseases of the sexual sphere.

    Folk medicine claims that using soda douches can win even chronic thrush. However, the duration of treatment is at least a month.

    Hydrogen peroxide

    Known is another popular yeast infection treatment with hydrogen peroxide, with proven antifungal efficacy. With the hydrogen peroxide solution treatment make the douche. However, it is important to only apply a very weak solution to protect the mucosa from burns.

    Solution for douching is prepared in the following sequence:

    • you need to take water (500 ml);
    • in it pour a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide (three percent solution);
    • you will also need a teaspoon of decoction of oak (of its bark).
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    The tool can be used not only for douching, but also for cleaning. The procedure should be carried out once a day and before each irrigation are preparing a new solution. For greater effect you can combine the treatment with hydrogen peroxide with other drugs.

    Methods of treatment using hydrogen peroxide are not suitable in such cases:

    • during pregnancy and the postpartum period;
    • in acute inflammatory diseases of the genital organs;
    • in the case of erosion.
    • during menstruation;
    • after surgery.

    Attention! Traditional methods with the use of peroxide is not suitable for prevention of the disease, as can cause disruption of vaginal microflora and to provoke further recurrence of candidiasis.

    Sea buckthorn oil

    If you don’t know how to cure yeast infection popular ways during pregnancy, pay attention to recipes using sea buckthorn oil. It is often used for the treatment of various gynecological diseases.

    Want to know how to treat yeast infections sea buckthorn oil? Then here are a few of the most common techniques:

  • You can prepare a herbal decoction or infusion on sea buckthorn and hold them douching. This will effectively clean the vagina from cheesy discharge.
  • After douching with water or decoction of herbs into the vagina impose tampon, soaked in sea buckthorn oil. Leave it on all night.
  • Contraindications for use of sea buckthorn oil are the following:

    • diarrhea, indigestion;
    • individual intolerance;
    • cholelithiasis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, liver problems.

    Important! The use of sea buckthorn oil are allowed during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It can also be used for the treatment of children.

    For the treatment of candidiasis in girls with a cotton swab dipped in sea buckthorn oil, wipe the genitals. To get rid of candidiasis of the digestive tract, you can take 3 teaspoons of this oil inside.

    Treatment with iodine

    If we treat thrush folk remedies, you should not deprive their attention to such an effective tool as iodine. Just do not use it in its pure form, as the mucosa will be burned. Using iodine easy to make soda composition for rinsing and douching, which will be much more effective. To make it do the following:

    • In a liter of water add a tablespoon of salt and boil until dissolved.
    • Allow solution to cool.
    • Add five grams of soda and iodine.

    Conduct douching twice a day for five days. Highly effective folk remedies against thrush in the mouth is also prepared using iodine. Here is one of them:

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  • 50 milliliters of water to dissolve 10 g of starch.
  • Then in the solution add 4/10 g of citric acid, 10 grams of sugar and stir.
  • Pour 150 ml of boiling water.
  • After cooling of the solution add 10 g of iodine.
  • This solution rinse the mouth three times a day. It is also useful to take a sitz bath iodine with itching and burning of genitals. To do this in a liter of water dissolve 30 g of sodium and 10 g of iodine. Take a bath for 15 minutes.


    If you have a yeast infection, traditional recipes will allow you to get rid of the disease forever. The easiest way to do this with aloe. For the treatment of candidal vaginitis in women folk remedies were most often used recipes with aloe. With this plant you can do tampons, baths, cleaning, and take him inside to enhance immunity. You can choose one of the following recipes:

  • For use inside squeeze a teaspoon of juice of the aloe leaf and dissolved in 0.1 l of water. The resulting tool takes 3 R/D.
  • To prepare the means to impregnate the swabs, aloe juice mixed with olive oil in the ratio 1:3.
  • You can also prepare a cream for treatment of genital. To the jelly add five drops of juice and put on labia after cleaning.
  • Also to quickly find relief and to get rid of the symptoms of the disease, it is possible to use a solution based on potassium permanganate (0.25 litres 0.5 mg of powder of potassium permanganate). After douching with the solution of the colony of mushrooms will quickly begin to die. This product is also suitable for the treatment of men. They have enough to handle with the solution the head of the penis.

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