For dessert Allergy in adults: symptoms and treatment

Causes of allergies to sweets and treatments

Excessive love of sweet foods can lead to health problems – obesity, the metabolic processes in the body, allergic reactions involving the immune system. Usually sweet Allergy common in kids, rarely in adults. Pathology relates to food allergies provocateurs are various allergens such as honey, candy, chocolate, etc., that includes sucrose and fructose.

  • Causes of allergies to sweetness in adults
  • Allergy symptoms in adults
  • Leading sweets according to the degree of allergenicity
  • The treatment of allergies in adults sweet
  • The method of desensitization for allergies
  • Diet during treatment allergic to sweets

Causes of allergies to sweetness in adults

Allergic to sweet foods is the immune system’s response to contact with pathogenic agents – allergens. In most cases, the immune response develops in two or three allergen. In more rare pictures of adults observed polyvalent reaction characterized by the reaction to many substances.

Food allergies difficult to diagnosis. It is extremely difficult to allocate the same product, which leads to pathological processes. Many believe that allergies to sweet adult develops it is because of sugar. But in reality it is not.

Sugar consists of sucrose. She is a natural carbohydrate. Does not provoke allergic reactions. The immune reaction of the human body due to the protein components that are part of the sweets – eggs, milk, and other ingredients – fragrances, dyes and other substances of synthetic origin.

Sucrose in sweet foods provides amplification of the processes of putrefaction and fermentation in the digestive tract of nature, which increases the severity of allergic manifestations. For example, candy that contains nuts, honey, dried fruit, vanilla, chocolate. Once in the body, substances act as strong allergens, and the sugar acts as a catalyst. If a person has a genetic tendency to allergies, the decay products will immediately appear in the circulatory system, which leads to negative symptoms.

Catalysts allergies are predisposing factors:

  • Hormonal imbalance in the body by pregnancy, menopause and menstruation;
  • Excessive consumption of confectionery in large quantities;
  • Smoking;
  • Parasitic diseases.

Note: you are allergic to a sugar found only in children, in adults does not happen.

Allergy symptoms in adults

Symptoms of Allergy to sweet children and adults appear the same. The most common symptom is skin rash after ingestion. Most often they are localized on the face and torso. Looks like an Allergy to sweets? Rash appearance similar to hives, the size of the lesions varies from 1 to 2 mm. In some cases, in adults, there is extensive confluent patches of red shade. The picture is accompanied by severe itching.

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In medical practice there are two currents of an allergic reaction:

  • Pathology of the immediate type. Develops instantly, sharply and rapidly – literally within 1-2 minutes after contact with the product by agent provocateur. Often these reactions lead to swelling of the larynx and subsequent suffocation.
  • The reaction of the delayed type. Usually occurs after 1-2 days after consumption of the product. Often transformirovalsya chronic.
  • As the Allergy manifests for dessert? The severity of clinical manifestations due to the intensity of the immune response, overall health of the individual.

    Symptoms of an allergic reaction to sweet:

    • Skin rash type hives. Affects hands, neck, feet, torso, legs, buttocks; if rash on the face, often confused with diathesis in children or dermatitis. Lesions can be single or multiple, merging into massive conglomerates;
    • The skin becomes swollen, red, itchy sensations are observed. When combing is detected the wet, after the rash dries up and becomes covered by a crust;
    • Feet appear flaky spots, in appearance similar to the manifestation of eczema.

    With strong allergies in some patients revealed not only itching, but burning. In addition, cutaneous manifestations are accompanied by a runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes and headaches. With the defeat of the mucosa in the oral cavity occurs in the mouth.

    Important: the most dangerous complication of Allergy – angioedema, anaphylactic shock, asthma. They are life threatening, so at the first signs of needed medical help.

    Allergic to sweet and does not require the complete rejection of confectionery. It is sufficient to exclude the product which acts as a provocateur pathological reactions. Make it difficult, but possible. Glucose is needed by the body for normal functioning of all internal organs and systems. If you refuse a sweet, it revealed a constant feeling of fatigue, irritability, insomnia.

    Leading sweets according to the degree of allergenicity

    In medical practice allergic to sweet foods is categorized depending on the product allergen. There are the following subcategories:

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  • Sugar (sucrose). In adults, the Allergy is not detected. It is inherent in young children under 4 years of age. Symptoms can occur due to incomplete fermentation; the immune system was responding to an unrecognized substance.
  • Cocoa. Causes itching. In most cases, it affects the forehead, cheeks. The antibodies of the immune system react to proteins beans. Equally common as in children and adults.
  • Candies include sugar and other allergenic substances, such as nuts, fruits, cocoa, etc.
  • Chocolate acts as a «champion» for the concentration of allergens with a protein base. Symptoms: itchy and itchy all body rash and red spots (as pictured). Appeared allergic to the eczema, psoriasis, bronchial asthma.
  • Honey is full of different allergenic substances. In most paintings the pathology manifests itself immediately with all the characteristic symptoms.
  • To establish the correct diagnosis requires of differential diagnostics, allowing to distinguish the sweet from the allergic to other skin diseases.

    The treatment of allergies in adults sweet

    After the diagnosis and establishing the type of allergen is assigned to symptomatic treatment. But first and foremost you need to eliminate the product provocateur from the menu. Medication is prescribed in different forms – tablets for oral administration, ointments, creams for topical application.

    Symptomatic therapy includes drugs:

    • If the sweet itchy body, recommend antihistamine medications to relieve itching, redness and irritation of the skin. Medications promote elimination of allergic rhinitis and epiphora (Zyrtec, Suprastin, Tavegil, loratidine);
    • Chelators (Smectite, activated charcoal). This group of tools aims at cleansing the body from decay products and toxic substances. Medicines effectively fight inflammatory reaction;
    • To remove the skin manifestations, the doctor prescribes creams and ointments without of hormone (Fenistil). In the absence of the desired therapeutic effect use external use, based on corticosteroid – Lokoid. Use only small courses of 4-6 days, because the drugs often lead to the development of side effects;
    • Enzyme medicines, improving the digestive tract – zantac, Pancreatin.

    Note: in severe allergic reactions use steroid medicines, is included in the hormones. On the background of using drugs such antihistamines are entered only intravenously.

    The method of desensitization for allergies

    Desensitization is a specific and prolonged therapy with strong allergies. Used in situations where pills and ointments do not give a therapeutic effect. The essence over a long period of time the patient is injected with small doses of substances to which he is allergic.

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    The dosage of the allergen each time increases as the interval between injections. They are implemented in the arm subcutaneously. Over time the susceptibility of the organism to allergens is greatly reduced, leading to a comfortable stability.

    Features manipulation:

  • Make one injection every six weeks.
  • To achieve a maximum dosage of one shot in 6 weeks.
  • The duration of treatment varies from 2 to 4-5 years.
  • If after two years there was no effect of the manipulation is terminated.
  • Complete elimination of the allergic reaction, this method does not provide. But the sensitivity decreases strongly and for a long time.

    Diet during treatment allergic to sweets

    During treatment it is necessary to revise the menu. Excludes all products containing the allergen. The list is determined independently or with the help of laboratory tests. We need to eliminate the foods that contain the allergen as well as food, characterized by a high degree of allergenicity.

    You need to eat:

    • Vegetables in any form;
    • Weak broth;
    • Green or herbal teas;
    • Pastry without sugar;
    • Various cereals.

    Exclude from the diet foods that speed up the entry of allergens into the blood. These include garlic, eggs, mayonnaise, canned tomato juice, and onions.

    If history of Allergy to sweet foods, before consuming any sweets you need to carefully study the structure, located on the label. This helps to prevent the penetration of undesirable substances, eliminates probable aggravation.

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