Folk remedy for warts on fingers — treatment

Description of folk remedies to treat warts

HPV or the human papillomavirus causes warts on the human body. Treatment is complex, prescribe antiviral drugs, immunomodulators to strengthen the immune system and other medication. Disposal methods varied – use cryotherapy, laser, radio-wave interference. But such procedures require the investment of financial resources. Therefore, many people prefer to use folk remedies for warts are equally effective. The disadvantage include the fact that to use them takes a long time.

  • Popular treatment of warts on the fingers
  • Popular treatment of warts on feet
  • Medicinal herbs warts
  • Celandine
  • Aloe and Kalanchoe
  • Dandelion
  • Other recipes from warts on the skin

Popular treatment of warts on the fingers

Warts can appear anywhere. However, in most clinical pictures they strike the foot and the fingers of the upper extremities. Hands always open to the eye, they need to constantly work, which creates some inconvenience.

There are many recipes that help to solve the problem in their own home. Most often it is recommended to apply garlic. It is used in the form of a slurry or apply a thin layer to the affected area. The procedure lasts for 12 hours, so it’s best to do just before bedtime. During the day you can just grate the garlic problem area, wet water is not recommended.

Note, the onion also helps to get rid of growths on the skin, however it is less effective in comparison to garlic. A vegetable suitable for those patients whose skin have a greater susceptibility. Used similarly to garlic.

Folk remedy for warts on finger (recipes):

  • A small piece of propolis, thoroughly chew like this to attach to the tumor for the night. In the morning to the evening, repeat the procedure. The reviews reveal that during the week you can get rid of any kind of warts, papillomas;
  • A raw egg is filled with simple vinegar. When the solid surface will dissolve, it is necessary to carefully extract, remove the foil, just pour everything back in. Add to the mixture the fat interior. Stir to make a thick homogenous mixture. Stored in the refrigerator, smeared with education two times per day;
  • The decoction of thyme is used for baths. Need pour boiling water over 2 tablespoons of herbs, infuse for 15 minutes. Into the hot broth to lower the upper limb, to keep in the liquid for 40 minutes.

It is advisable to stress that warts are an external manifestation of the activity of the human papillomavirus. If there are multiple tumors, new growths, this indicates a very low immunity. Then, treatment of folk remedies should be complemented with antiviral drugs.

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Popular treatment of warts on feet

Warts appearing on the feet, cause a lot of discomfort to the patient, both physical and moral. On the lower extremities to treat growths much more difficult, so the patient will need a lot of patience.

To get rid of warts folk remedies is possible in the following ways:

  • The use of potatoes is an old method, proven for centuries. Cut the tuber into two pieces, immediately RUB the wart. Next, connect the two halves of the potatoes, tie red thread. After you throw a vegetable. It is believed that once it will rot, all will disappear warts.
  • Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antiviral effect. The procedure should be carried out twice a day, applied a small amount on the problem area.
  • Castor oil against warts is an effective folk remedy. It is used in several variations. The first method: apply on the wart a few drops of oil, rubbed into the problem area for 15 minutes. Second option: apply 5-8 drops on a medical bandage, apply it to the wart and leave for 12 hours. The duration of treatment is one month.
  • Popular used folk ways, popular is the «banana method of treatment». You need to clear the fruit from the skin, when it should be cut into squares of a length of several centimeters. The outer side is applied to the wart, put the pulp of garlic bandage.
  • Important: before first use of any essential oil it is necessary to verify its portability. To do this, mix a few drops of vegetable oil and 2 drops of essential oil, apply the mixture on the crease of the elbow. If the skin irritation does not appear, then the use of this folk remedy is suitable.

    Wart treatment at home appears to be a long process. It is impossible to take breaks, otherwise the effect will be. Remember that a recipe someone helps quickly and for some and does not fit. If during the week positive dynamics is not observed, it is recommended to choose another treatment option.

    Medicinal herbs warts

    Plants are used for medical purposes everywhere, including for the eradication of warts on the skin. Some herbs include particular components that destroy the structure of tumors.


    Celandine belongs to the poisonous plants, but its correct and careful application helps to cure many pathologies. The plant should be used in the following algorithm:

    • Cut the plant at the root does not need to capture;
    • Squeeze the juice;
    • Using the dropper to put 3-4 drops on the problem areas;
    • On top to consolidate all of the patch;
    • A quarter of an hour to remove the patch, repeat the procedure;
    • In total, the juice is applied up to 6 times a day;
    • The treatment lasts 4 days.

    Note: it is not recommended to remove warts on the face with the help of the celandine, because there is a high risk of contact with toxic substances on healthy skin, leading to inflammation, redness and burns.

    Aloe and Kalanchoe

    Traditional methods of treatment of warts suggest using aloe. This feature effectively eliminates tumors of any localization. It can be used for removal of tumors on arms, legs, décolleté, neck, face, etc.

    250 ml of plain water to dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda. Dipped in solution a cotton pad, lubricate the affected area. After washed aloe leaf is cut along, juicy party applied to the wart, fasten it with adhesive plaster or bandage. Manipulation is best done before bedtime. Take the blindfold off only in the morning. To get the desired result, the procedure was carried out every day for one week.

    Kalanchoe is applied to the wart three times a day. Fixed the same way as aloe leaves. The reviews say that on the fourth day, the wart becomes less noticeable, begins to dry up.


    Dandelion helps to get rid of many skin diseases. To treat warts, you can use the fresh juice of the plant. Also based on herbs cooked alcohol infusions are used as lotions. If you use fresh juice of the plant, it is applied on the lesion 2-3 times a day, during this period, hand watering is impossible. The duration of the therapeutic course is 1 month.

    Alcoholate against warts:

  • Fill with fresh flowers a jar;
  • Pour it alcohol or vodka to the liquid coated plant components;
  • Insist the cure homemade for two weeks in the refrigerator.
  • Compresses with an alcohol tincture do 5-6 times a day. Applied a small amount on a cotton pad, secure them with a bandage. As the medication has dried, repeat the manipulation again. This procedure is repeated until the complete disposal of pathological element.

    Other recipes from warts on the skin

    Treatment of warts folk remedies is using the infusion based on immature walnuts and kerosene. Have two handfuls of nuts with soft shells grind through a meat grinder, placed in 3-liter jar, pour the kerosene. To insist 20 days, after filter. To make a compress 4-6 times a day. The course of treatment is two weeks.

    Worth knowing: to get rid of in a week from warts helps birch tar. Two drops applied on cotton wool, applied to the wart and fix the patch. Is not removed within 6 hours. Repeat every day. After 7 days from the tumors and not a trace will remain.

    An unconventional treatment of warts:

    • Take one kilo of salt, pour in the dense package. Thrust in his hands, rubbing the skin for 5-7 minutes. Then 60 minutes hands are not wet. Repeat the manipulation for four consecutive days. You need to RUB carefully so as not to injure the skin. The recipe is suitable for patients who have many lesions on the hands;
    • To get rid of tumors of any localization to a mixture of salt and clay. Mix in equal proportions, add a little water to make a thick «dough». To form a pellet, applied to the problem area, on top of the patch. To do three times a day. The course of treatment is 5-10 days.

    Some recommend the use of ash from burnt matches. The recipe is rather peculiar, but has many positive reviews. To remove sulfuric heads, completely burn matches. The powder mixed with a small amount of water to produce a thick slurry. Apply to the wart spot, fasten it with adhesive tape. Update ash every day. Therapy is as long as the tumor does not disappear.

    In the article only tested recipes that have positive reviews. However, you must remember that everyone is different, therefore, the effectiveness of the formulation depends on the physiological characteristics of the person and the depth of skin lesions.

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