Flosteron — instructions for use of injections and reviews

Injections Flosteron: instructions for use

Allergy treatment primarily involves elimination of the allergen provocateur allergic reactions. Additionally, symptomatic treatment, prescribe antihistamine tablets to relieve itching and burning, creams and ointments from rashes, redness, hives and other symptoms. In the acute form of disease, recommended injections of Flosteron has anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive and anti-allergic properties, including the composition of the hormonal substances. The drug is strict indications for use, extensive list of contraindications and adverse reactions.

  • Flosteron: composition, form of production and operation of
  • Indications and contraindications, possible side effects of Flosteron
  • Instructions for use of the drug
  • Analogues Of Flosteron
  • Feedback about the treatment Flosteron

Flosteron: composition, form of production and operation of

Drug drug available in the form of drug suspension for injection, also in ampoules of one milliliter. Per ml contains two active substances. These include betamethasone disodium phosphate (the amount of 2 mg per 1 ml) + betamethasone dipropionate (5 mg per 1 ml of medication). As an auxiliary component in the annotation purified water, benzyl alcohol, sodium dihydrate, etc.

Drug Flosteron is the active substance that relates to glucocorticosteroids, in particular, is a synthetic hormone similar to the adrenal glands. The drug provides anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive and antiallergic effect.

Betamethasone affects the energy metabolic processes in the body, glucose homeostasis. The principle of action is not fully understood. Medical professionals tend to believe that the process occurs on a deep cellular level.

It is believed that in the cytoplasm of cells there are two receptor systems in nature. And the action of the main component is detected due to the impact of the special hormone receptors.

Note, corticosteroids belong to the fat-soluble substances easily diffuse through the cell membrane into the cell-target. Therefore the therapeutic effect occurs at the level of the fine chemical and biochemical processes in the body.

Depending on the method of administration of a drug different result. It is possible to achieve General or only local operations (with restrictions).

Indications and contraindications, possible side effects of Flosteron

The drug Flosteron instruction manual provides comprehensive information regarding the possibility of use in a clinical picture. Drug Flosteron in the form of injections prescribed for the following pathological conditions:

  • Therapy of burn, toxic, surgical, anaphylactic, cardiogenic and traumatic shock;
  • Anaphylactic reaction, regardless of etiology;
  • Swelling of the brain;
  • Therapy of bronchial asthma severe stage;
  • Systemic pathology of the connective tissue. For example, justifies the application on the background of lupus erythematosus, hepatic coma, rheumatoid arthritis and other similar conditions;
  • Prevention of inflammatory processes in cases of poisoning cauterizing liquids.

The list of readings is complemented with dermatological diseases including and allergic nature. These include atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, allergic reactions of various etiologies.

The drug has many contraindications. The principal situation where the application is strictly prohibited:

  • Osteoporosis, tuberculosis, glaucoma;
  • Ulcerative disease of the stomach;
  • Diabetes of the first type;
  • After a hard surgery;
  • The Syndrome Itsenko-Kushinga;
  • On the background of instability of the joints;
  • Children up to age three years;
  • Lactation, pregnancy;
  • Sensitivity to components of the drug.
  • Important: do not are injections Flosteron in the period 60 days before or within 14 days after vaccination.

    With caution the drug is recommended if history of liver cirrhosis, chronic kidney failure, chronic hepatitis, mental disorders, AIDS, HIV infection, heart failure, obesity any stage.

    Type and frequency of development of negative phenomena due to the duration of the therapeutic course, the dosage and frequency of application. In accordance with the summary identify the following side effects:

    • Steroid form of diabetes, impaired functionality of the adrenal glands, increasing the blood pressure;
    • In children drug may cause delay of sexual development;
    • An acute attack of pancreatitis (inflammation of pancreas), peptic ulcer disease of the stomach or duodenum 12;
    • Thrush in the mouth, pain in the stomach, disorder of the gastrointestinal tract;
    • Signs of heart failure, bradycardia, depression, thinning skin, etc.

    The list of systemic side effects in the tens of pathological conditions. In addition, stand out and the side effects of local character. At the site of injection occurs numbness, pain, burning, necrosis and atrophic changes of the skin.

    Instructions for use of the drug

    Flosteron (as pictured), a powerful hormonal agent. To treat allergic reactions it is recommended as a last resort, as it can lead to the development of side effects, that only exacerbates the current clinical picture.

    To systematically affect the body prescribed intramuscular medication. It is injected deeply into the buttock. The dosage is 0.1-0.2 ml, multiple use, up to two times per month. For the treatment of acute allergic reactions, the medicine is injected once. The dosage is 1-2 ml Injections Flosteron not intended for intravenous administration.

    Worth knowing: if necessary, the drug is allowed to mix with lidocaine to achieve the analgesic effect.

    Application features:

  • The medicine can enter the inside of the joint, this should only be done by a medical specialist. The dosage is determined by the particular disease.
  • For the treatment of atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and allergic reactions remedy is injected subcutaneously. The dosage is 0.2 ml. per week is administered not more than 1 ml of the drug.
  • When properly selected dose develop side effects. These include euphoria, depression, nausea, repeated vomiting, sleep disorders – drowsiness or insomnia.

    In the background to detect such symptoms cannot abruptly cancel the cure. Dose means reduced gradually, until the complete abolition of the drug. Necessarily symptomatic treatment that allows you to reverse the warning signs.

    Analogues Of Flosteron

    Allergic reactions occur in people often. The reason is an adverse environmental conditions, autoimmune diseases, a sharp decrease immune status, etc. If inappropriate use of prescribed Diprospan Flosteron, Beloderm, Hydrocortisone, Betamethasone, Soderm – analogues of drugs.

    Brief characteristics of analogues:

    • Beloderm a good tool of local action. Has the same active substance as Flosteron. Relieves inflammation, helps get rid of itching and burning and other skin allergic manifestations. It consists of hormones, so appointed only on strict medical indications;
    • Celestoderm – hormonal drug for the external use. A small list of contraindications pregnancy, children up to age 6 months, organic intolerance to components of the medication. Helps to overcome Allergy symptoms in the shortest possible time.

    Which is better, Flosteron or Diprospan which drug is more effective for the treatment of allergic manifestations? In principle, drugs don’t have any obvious differences. Doctors agree that they are full analogs. The only thing is that in some cases helps Flosteron, while Diprospan powerless, and Vice versa. These points are associated with individual characteristics of the organism.

    Note: if the patient has not had chicken pox, then the probability of getting sick during therapy Flosteron increases several times. Therefore, before treatment is passive immunization.

    Feedback about the treatment Flosteron

    Allergy is not an extraordinary phenomenon. The disease affects young children, adolescents, adults, and senior citizens. Owing to the prevalence of disease often there are different opinions about the treatment thereof. Consider the feedback about the use of the drug Flosteron.

    Review from Eugene 35:

    Flosteron is one shot and you are healthy! It is really so. Of course, I was afraid of the horrors described by other people, but I decided to take a chance, because I also had no strength. I had terrible watery eyes, swollen face, I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. The doctor recommended this medication. What dose I received, I don’t know. But the next morning I began to look better, the rash has decreased, subsided the swelling. The tool is good and powerful.

    Review from Alexander 25 years:

    Itching and scabies all over the body, there are many pimples and red spots. In the hospital they gave Flosteron. Two days later, the Allergy symptoms have passed. But he suffered greatly the belly of the toilet afraid to move a few meters, my head was spinning. No treatment was administered, and redeemed a few days, and then it passed. But Allergy is no longer an issue.

    Flosteron – hormonal agent, so it is prohibited to use alone. After all, ignorance of the details of the application can lead to disastrous consequences in the future, and then, in addition to allergies will trouble and even complications.

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