Flat warts on the face and hands: how to get rid of and cure

Treatment of flat warts and causes of

Flat warts represent benign growths on the skin, having the appearance of a small rising above the epithelium layer of the knot. Such formations are considered to be extremely rare, because they constitute only about 4 percent of all such papillomas. Are flat warts on the face, neck, arms, legs – virtually any area of the body is the probability of their occurrence. Methods of treatment and removal of such entities is engaged in a branch of medicine called dermatology.

  • Causes of
  • When to see a doctor?
  • Treatment of flat warts
  • Surgical removal

Causes of

The main cause of flat warts is an infection of the human papilloma virus (HPV). This virus is transmitted in most cases in direct contact such as shaking hands, hugging, kissing and so on. There is also a chance of infecting them through things public areas, like railings, handrails, door handles, library books, and the like. Quite often, the HPV infection occurs through wounds on the skin or mucous membranes. In this case, the virus penetrates from the surface layers of the skin deeper into the body and fixed in the nervous system, waiting for the right time to attack and not expressing the symptoms of flat warts.

In this state, the virus may be a very long time. Further, the appearance of the formations on the skin will be the consequence of the active proliferation of the virus in the skin, leading to local distribution. Due to the fact that the virus in this case is in the body constantly, often there may be relapses after treatment for the removal of such formations. Besides, if the injury or incorrect treatment is likely samsarajade HPV. So the virus will spread on the newly healthy skin, which will also be the seats of growths that require removal.

Important! The reason for the activation of virus is usually a sufficient reduction of the protective properties of the human immune system, constant stress, emotional and physical stress.

Many young people are wondering «How to get rid of flat warts on my face?» Youthful warts can become a big problem in adolescence. In connection with hormonal surges these formations are able to rapidly develop and also rapidly disappear. Some growths look like small plaques and other skin growths can be other shapes and sizes.

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When to see a doctor?

Flat wart is a little raised above the skin nodule, which has a flat top, smooth surface and clear boundary. A feature of this education is the lack of keratinization of the skin in the affected site, so the surface remains shiny, smooth and has no spines. Usually the color of such education varies from the standard colour to brownish pink, in size it does not exceed 5 mm. On its surface is characterized by the absence of the usual skin pattern.

Appear flat warts often in groups consisting of several elements from each other isolated and do not tend to merge. Most often they can be found on the face, hands, legs. Discomfort with appearance of warts of this type are not revealed, basically, they represent only a cosmetic defect, can create a person discomfort, especially when they are located on the face and other exposed skin. There are flat warts on the hands, feet, body – they can be located everywhere, causing varying degrees of inconvenience. Sometimes there is tingling in the area of occurrence of papillomas.

To visit a physician at occurrence of warts on any area of the body is necessary if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Education changes color and grows;
  • Bleed, causes serious itching;
  • Has the form of indistinct spots;
  • The number of entities increases.

Diagnose flat warts on the body a dermatologist by visual inspection and special examination – Dermoscopy. Histological examination of tissues borodachah after deletion confirms the diagnosis with maximum precision. Infection with HPV is determined by using the PCR test. The question of the probability of occurrence of the malignancy doctors recommend screening for HPV high carcinogenic risk.

Important! For early diagnosis of flat warts malignancy to delay the visit to an appropriate doctor if you have even the slightest suspicion is not necessary.

Treatment of flat warts

How to treat flat warts? Ways to treat flat warts there are many. 100 per cent effective in treatment of flat warts is not found, since this virus can reside in the human body. Usually treatment starts with the most safe and simple methods. If they don’t work, resort to more radical methods.

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The basic principle of conservative treatment of such entities can be called strengthening the human immune system. This is because HPV aktiviziruyutsya with the weakening of the immune system. To improve protective properties of the immune system is usually used:

  • Complexes of vitamins;
  • General tonic means;
  • Gymnastics;
  • Hardening;
  • Immunomodulatory drugs.

Upon completion of a course of this therapy a lot of people, mostly young, completely get rid of flat warts. The virus enters a latent state until the next stage of weakening the body’s defenses. For treatment of the medicines used antiviral drugs General and local action.

Treatment flat warts on hands and other parts of the body can be made with the help of folk remedies. There are many such ways of dealing with warts, which are applied for many years. These include lubrication of the formations on the skin fresh juice of celandine and apply to the wart and garlic cloves.

When the location of education in the most prominent places often immediately resort to remove warts surgically, as most of the options of therapy have approximately the same percentage of recurrences.

Surgical removal


Quite often flat warts disappear spontaneously. When a person decides to resort to drastic method to remove education, choose the appropriate method from the many submitted to date is not difficult. This is only to consult a doctor who will find the best option of getting rid of the formation on the skin and prescribe the appropriate course of therapy after that.

Removal of flat warts surgically assigned in the following cases:

  • Change the size and color of education;
  • Its rapid spread through the body;
  • Suspicion for malignancy;
  • Vague contour and non-uniform color;
  • Bleeding in the areas with the warts;
  • Their strong itching and pain;
  • Frequent trauma;
  • The ineffectiveness of conservative therapy.
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Among the ways to effectively get rid of flat warts are:

  • Chemical. A fairly simple way, but with him there is an increased likelihood of scarring. Often used to remove small formations on inconspicuous areas of the skin;
  • Cryosurgery. Essentially it’s freezing. Is considered the least traumatic method. Is done by applying liquid nitrogen on the surface of the wart, after which it instantly freezes and dies. Later the remains of the warts peel off with the skin, no trace remains;
  • Coagulation electric current. At the same time education is removed layer by layer using a special loop with high frequency current. Local anesthesia is used;
  • Coagulation laser beam. Removal of warts by laser is also carried out under local anesthesia. The result destroyed the cells of the papilloma, it leaves only a small indentation at the site of the wart, eventually almost vanishing;
  • Surgery. Tumors were removed with a scalpel. Used when finding the education in isolated areas and at sufficiently large sizes.

After the procedure, removal of papillomas performed histological examination of the material in order to avoid cancer. Since HPV almost always is in the human body, to ensure no recurrence of the growths is no doctor – to cure HPV is unlikely to succeed. Therefore, it is important to maintain the protective properties of the immune system at altitude, which not only prevents the appearance of new lesions on the skin, but also reduces the likelihood of Contracting a disease.

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