Face warts: how to get rid of and remove on your lip wart

How to get rid of warts on the face?

From appearing on the face warts to protect yourself is impossible. These growths are benign, but they tend to reproduce, active growth, especially in the injury. If this takes a lot of moral discomfort to its possessor, as if on the arm or leg the tumor can hide, you face is unrealistic. The immediate cause is the human papillomavirus, which promotes the differentiation of epidermal cells, so that they begin to actively grow. Consider what types of growths on the face are and how to remove warts from the face.

  • Causes of
  • Types of warts on the face
  • Treatments
  • Folk remedies
  • Medication

Causes of

As already mentioned, the etiology of the tumors is due to activation of human papillomavirus. HPV can be transmitted in the following cases:

  • Direct contact with a sick person. For example, when a kiss or handshake;
  • Through household objects used by the sick – comb, towel;
  • In children, the formation of tumors is based on the infection from the mother (during the passage through the birth canal);
  • Sexual contact with a carrier of HPV;
  • Samsarajade while shaving or hair removal.

Note, the source of infection is a sick man with warts on his face. However, you can get from the media, which is not observed in the external manifestations of the disease.

The entry of the virus are damage to the skin. The virus can enter through small cracks and sores. In individuals with a strong immune system, HPV is not aktiviziruyutsya, as the body effectively fights with him.

Any kind of warts appear on the lip due to a decrease in the immune status due to the following factors:

  • Chronic infectious diseases;
  • The time of childbearing;
  • Obesity any stage;
  • Violation of the absorption of blood sugar (diabetes);
  • A deficiency of vitamins and minerals;
  • Prolonged intake of antibiotics;
  • A violation of hormonal background;
  • Physical exhaustion, etc.
  • The human sensitivity to warts is based on the physiological characteristics of the organism. Most susceptible to HPV the individuals of older age group and small children because they have thin skin, reduced its protective function.

    From the moment of infection until the first growths takes place from several weeks to one year. In most paintings the average incubation period is three months.

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    Types of warts on the face

    Not all skin growths on the face are warts. Poet consider the main types of warts on the face and their distinctive characteristics:

    • Common warts – these are the most common growths on the face. They have a round shape, the diameter varies from 1 to 10 mm. Shade of pink or yellow, sometimes gray. There are dark blotches. To the touch the tumor rough, occasionally covered with tiny cracks. Grow singly or groups, do not cause the pain syndrome;
    • Flat wart on lip in most pictures diagnosed in children or during adolescence. Another name for youth growths. Favorite places – the face, the back side of the upper limbs, neck. In appearance resemble a tight knot, which slightly rises above the surface of the skin. Size varies from 1 to 5 mm, in 90% of cases are localized groups. These tumors tend to growth;
    • Small warts on face (small). Another name is thready. Tend to occur in an adult over 35 years of age. Localization – the skin of the eyelid, near the lips and nose. Often appear in the armpit, in the groin, under the Breasts in women. They are flesh colored, do not have inclusions, the feel is smooth. These warts do not cause pain, but sometimes provoke itching;
    • Red warts occur at any age. However, it is not true that these growths called warts, because of their nature due to the knot of abnormal blood vessels that had grown. Often affect the face, can be placed on other parts of the skin. The color is red or scarlet, size up to 2 mm. These tumors can be leveled independently.

    Tip: if the size of the wart on the face is constantly increasing, there is a new rash, marked tenderness, change in shape and color formations, it is recommended to immediately visit a dermatologist.


    Given the location of the growths, removing warts on face is mostly conservative ways. Proven hardware-based therapies that allow for one session to get rid of unpleasant cosmetic defect.

    Removal of warts on face can be done in a beauty salon. Often resort to cryotherapy or laser treatment. Do procedures in a sterile environment after consultation with a highly qualified dermatologist.

    If the wart on lip, what to do, tell the doctor. The problem lies in the fact that the lips have very thin skin, so you need to choose the most gentle manipulation to remove the cosmetic defect and to avoid scarring of the tissue.

    Note: surgical excision as a way of getting rid of warts is rarely used – only in cases when other methods do not give the desired result.

    Folk remedies

    Treatment of folk remedies effective in the early stages, when the wart is no larger than a match head. So, how to remove wart on face? Get rid of cosmetic defects will help non-traditional methods:

  • Garlic is an effective folk remedy. A small piece is applied to the wart for a few hours, top fixed with plaster. The duration of the therapeutic course for two weeks. The build-up disappears after a month. Before the manipulation must be applied to the wart a cotton pad dampened with warm water.
  • To get rid of warts on thin skin helps iodine. It provides cauterization pathological element effectively dries. Do not use if the wart is large.
  • Tea tree oil provides anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect. Applied to warts point. Grease up to 4 times per day. The duration of treatment is several weeks.
  • Important: to remove wart on the face of the popular methods may, however, use home remedies with caution, since there is a high probability of injury to healthy skin.

    Reviews patients recommended to use the fresh juice of celandine is a folk remedy, perhaps, known to everyone. However, doctors do not advise to resort to it if the growth is localized on the face or lips, can be unsightly blemishes and scars.


    How to remove a wart from the face? Therapy must be comprehensive. As growths triggered by the activation of human papilloma virus, require the use of antiviral medicines. Among the wide variety of drugs sold in a pharmacy, it is difficult to choose the best option.

    Drug treatment involves the use of external agents – acid for cauterization, anti-inflammatory gels and creams. Additionally recommended medicines in tablets, injection, hardware techniques.

    Medical professionals prescribe medication:

    • 5-fluorouracil. This drug is sold in pharmacies. Pharmaceutical form cream or ointment, applied in accordance with the instructions for use;
    • Vartek is a powerful tool that will answer the question of how to get rid of tumors on the face. The effectiveness of drugs is not in doubt, however, it leaves the negative consequences of burns, and scars;
    • Viferon – ointment immunomodulatory properties. Apply several times a day, aims to restore local immune status. Also, the drug helps to stop the reproduction and spread of the virus;
    • Oxolinic ointment includes antiviral components which have a high effectiveness against human papilloma virus. The tool facilitates the rapid absorption of growth, prevents the appearance of new lesions on the skin. The course of therapy varies from 2 weeks to 2 months. Lubricate the affected area twice a day;
    • Salicylic ointment provides dissolution of skin cells. On the site of the warts with a healthy «new» skin. Apply a dot. There is a risk of burns to healthy tissue.

    Dermatologists believe that in practice, the described tools are not sufficiently effective. They only served to accelerate the disappearance of those tumors, which are themselves. So if a month of treatment does not work, you need to choose another treatment option.

    In most cases portavoce growths on the face – a cosmetic problem that poses no threat to human health. However, if the patient decided to get rid of it, it is better to start with a visit to a dermatologist.

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