Erythrasma and its treatment: what is it and what are the symptoms

What is erythrasma: symptoms and treatment

Few modern people know that, accept for the usual sweating sickness a disease called erythrasma. This condition in most cases affects only the top layers of the skin of the patient and it does not affect either the hair or the nails. In the material below we look at information on «erythrasma treatment», which will analyze its causes, symptoms and treatments of pathology.

  • Erythrasma: causes of disease
  • Symptoms of the disease
  • Diagnosis of skin pathology
  • Prevention of the disease
  • Treatment pathologists

Erythrasma: causes of disease

Skin disease called erythrasma is formed under the influence of activation of the bacteria Corynebacterium minutissimum. She normal lives on the skin of each person. However, under more favourable conditions, the bacterium begins to grow and multiply, which leads to the formation of appropriate markings on the patient’s skin. Provokes reproduction of bacteria factors are:

  • Heat;
  • Excessive moisture (sweating);
  • Changing skin pH to the alkaline side;
  • Failure to observe the rules of personal hygiene;
  • The friction of skin folds during sports or physical labor;
  • Too frequent washing using alkaline detergents;
  • Wounds on the skin and infection.

It should know that erythrasma is contagious and is transmitted under the following conditions:

  • Sexual and other physical contact;
  • Using other people’s personal hygiene items;
  • Bathing in a pool with an infected person;
  • Stay in the bath with him;
  • Walking bare feet on the surface of the beach, the pool, etc.

Important: most often, this skin disease affects patients of older age group 45+. While eritrazme get sick more often than men.

Symptoms of the disease

To identify eritrazma and understand what it is, you should know the main symptoms of the disease. These are:

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  • The formation on the body the sore spots with clearly defined borders, with color from red-violet to yellow-pink;
  • Localization only in skin folds like the groin, armpits, under the stomach, under the breast in women between toes or on the foreskin of the penis.

It is important to note that the spots do not manifest themselves except for their appearance. That is, the marks don’t itch, no bleeding and no dripping. Itching occurs only when there is secondary infection of skin lesions. This can occur in conditions of heat and high humidity of the skin.

The size of the patches can vary from a few millimeters to several centimeters. The boundaries and the margins have, as a rule, more intensive color than the center. If spots in the affected area, they may merge into one big sore lesion.

Important: if symptoms of erythrasma was not identified on time and treatment was substandard, the disease may take a chronic form. In this case, may arise as periods of exacerbation and periods of remission. The disease in most cases is exacerbated in summer, when the conditions for erythrasma most favorable.

Diagnosis of skin pathology

To treat erythrasma effective, it is necessary to determine the accuracy of the diagnosis. The fact that the pathology should be differentiated from rubromycosis groin. Particularly if erythrasma is localized in the groin. The fact is that when rubromikoz the boundaries of the spots is irregular, while in eritrazme border smooth, clear and solid.

In the diagnosis of skin disease specialist highlights the affected skin with a special wood lamp. This light makes spots on the skin is coral-red, indicating active reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. That is, they are at their activity are water soluble waxes that react to the illumination of the lamp.

Important: before visiting the specialist is forbidden to wash the affected space, or wipe them with a damp napkin. Thus it is possible to wash away the waste products of bacteria and the doctor can make a mistake with the diagnosis.

Prevention of the disease

To avoid insidious infection, it is advisable to observe a number of such recommendations:

  • Observe the rules of personal hygiene;
  • Daily take a shower (and need also);
  • Carefully dry the skin after a bath her without excessive friction (especially in skin folds);
  • To prevent increased sweating of the skin by the use of baths with oak bark and the use of antiperspirants (talc);
  • To wear cotton and natural fabrics;
  • All new clothes before wearing wash on a mandatory basis (particularly underwear).
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Remember, your health and well-being solely in your hands. Therefore, it is always easier to prevent disease than to treat it.

Treatment pathologists

Regardless of where localized fungal infection of the skin (erythrasma in the groin, under the breast or under the belly), the disease requires complex treatment. In particular therapeutic strategy is as follows:

  • External treatment. In this case, use disinfectant gels and ointments. Most often the dermatologist appoints grey tar or erythromycinbuy ointment. The course of treatment is a week. The tool should be rubbed into the affected places twice a day. In addition, the specialist may prescribe salicylic alcohol or alcohol tincture of iodine, if the inflamed areas joined secondary infection.
  • The internal treatment. It is shown that if erythrasma struck large areas of skin. Here, the specialist will prescribe the antibacterial therapy.
  • Thisprocedure. For speedy healing of wounds and inflamed patches you can use ultraviolet irradiation. The patient may moderately sunbathe during its hours of moderate activity or the use of an ultraviolet lamp.

Important: for the entire period of treatment shows a daily change of underwear, washing and Ironing clothing clothing. With sheets should do well. The patient should keep all physical contact with family and loved ones to a minimum.

To avoid reinfestation after treatment, the patient must within another month to process the skin at the site of the former lesion salicylic alcohol, then sprinkle simple baby powder.

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