Epithelium and normal women in the smear: flat and cylindrical cells

The normal epithelium in a smear in women

Microflora in the urethra and the vagina is made up of thousands or even millions of microorganisms that shape the health of men and women. Few people know, but this «ecosystem» includes both beneficial bacteria and pathogens. Microflora in the smear is clearly fixed boundaries, and if it exceed the bacteria,you need to undergo drug therapy to prevent the inflammation, if there is a epithelium in the smear, and the development of comorbidities.

  • Cylindrical
  • Epithelium — what is it?
  • Symptoms
  • Preparation for analysis
  • As determined in smear in men?
  • How to take a swab from men?
  • In some cases, prescribe this analysis?
  • Which means, if in a smear a large amount of epithelium?


Smear on flora men and women, this analysis, which is performed by a doctor-urologist for males and a gynecologist for females. It can be carried out in order to prevent or to diagnose pathological condition in the presence of anxiety symptoms.

Not infrequently in smear men and women note the cylindrical epithelium, it is an integral component of the mucous membrane of the internal organs. Localized columnar epithelium is not a dense ball of cells are arranged in small groups. Columnar epithelium can be single layer and multi-layered. Single-layer covers the gastric mucosa, and layered — the urethra.

The main function of the columnar epithelium – secretion of mucous secretion, which protects the surface of the urethra from trauma.

Epithelium — what is it?

Urethra inside is lined with a mucous membrane which consists of a flat epithelium. The epithelial layer contains three kinds of cells:

  • surface;
  • basal;
  • intermediate.

Squamous epithelium lined the whole surface of the mucous membranes of the genitals. Every seven days, the surface cells disappear, and in their place by new ones. In case of violation of hormone secretion or exposure to pathogenic organisms that have begun to proliferate, fails, new cells are formed and old ones do not disappear. At this time there are epithelial cells in a smear from the urethra or vagina.


Most people are not even aware that you are a carrier of pathogens, or they observed the inflammatory process in the urethra. With strong immunity, symptoms not observed. Contact with a sexual partner, the patient passes all the pathogens that he has. If in the human body marked a weakened immune system, the reaction will be severe. The symptoms of the inflammatory process, as follows:

  • itching and redness of the genitals;
  • typical discharge with an unpleasant odor;
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • discomfort during sexual intercourse;
  • frequent urination or delay;
  • in women there is a violation of the menstrual cycle.
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In order to avoid unpleasant situations and keep perfect health, noting the above symptoms, it is recommended to undergo preventive checkups at the doctor. Today urinary tract infection have been studied, and if identified pathogenic flora in smear or a lot of epithelium, fix the problem, you can use several tablets.

Preparation for analysis

Diagnosis of urogenital infections is a very complex process and it should be carefully prepared. If you want to get accurate figures and know precisely how much to be the epithelial cells in the smear, refrain for a day from sexual relations, do not drink alcoholic beverages, and a few hours before the stroke delay urination. Need to get tested in the morning before the procedure, you cannot use aggressive detergents for hygiene of the genital organs, and anti-bacterial soap.

It is very important a few days before the examination, to stop the use of drugs. If you have a chronic disease and medications required, inform the doctor. He individually decides which drugs should be abandoned and which can be left, as they do not affect the performance of the procedure.

Microscopic examination of the smear and decrypting it, is a qualified doctor in a hospital. Independently put a diagnosis based on information found on the Internet, and to choose medications for the treatment, is strictly prohibited.

As determined in smear in men?

Stands for analysis your doctor or the laboratory staff. In results form a string that specifies all the components of the analysis, but on the contrary they may be the mark «+» or «-«. Smear from the urethra in addition to the epithelium, determines:

  • mucus in the smear says about urethrorrhea and urinary tract infection such as cystitis or urethritis;
  • leukocytes — normal leukocytes in the smear men 1-5, more than 5 cells, evidence of inflammatory process of prostatitis, urethritis. If leucocytes more than 100 gonorrhoea or trichomoniasis, 20 to 80 white blood cells — chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis and hardnees;
  • red blood cells — can be a symptom of urethritis traumatic, neoplastic growths in the urethra, crystalluria, mucosal ulceration. In the norm there are no more than 3 erythrocytes per field of view;
  • key cells in the smear-gardeley urethritis or bacteriuria;
  • lipoid grain prostateria, chronic inflammation of the prostate, disorders of sexual activity — excessive activity or long periods of abstinence;
  • spermatozoidy the symptom of spermatorrhea, intake of these components in a smear should not be;
  • monopoly — a sign of an allergic reaction or urethritis caused by a specific allergen.
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Based on the obtained data, the doctor selects a treatment plan and chooses the drugs that will be able to improve the health of the patient and to relieve the inflammation, if such is available.

How to take a swab from men?

Analysis of the urethral canal in males it takes a special tool that resembles a wire with a probe on the end. The tool is introduced into the opening of the urethra for a few inches, and two rotational movements of harvested biomaterial that exist on the channel walls. During these movements, the patient may feel slight pain and burning sensation is a normal reaction of the body. Further, the tool removed, and the withdrawn liquid is applied on a glass slide and sent for microscopic examination.

A few days later, the man also will feel a burning sensation in the region of the penis, at times in urine even there is blood, but this condition does not require medical intervention, it passes through three or four a day.

In some cases, prescribe this analysis?

Laboratory examination of the smear on the pathogenic flora is assigned, if there are alarming symptoms, the patient is prepared for surgical intervention on the genitals or failed to conceive healthy offspring.

We would like to mention promiscuity, in most cases, they are the main mode of transmission of pathological micro-organisms that provoke an inflammatory process in the urethra. If the person had unprotected sex with an unfamiliar partner, you need as quickly as possible, to pass the examination.

The development of infection in the urethra it is easy to prevent, is much more difficult to fight its symptoms and consequences.

Which means, if in a smear a large amount of epithelium?

The norm for women and men skin cells can be from 5 to 10 in sight. If the epithelial cells in the smear in men is found more than 10 cells, it in most cases indicates inflammation in the urethra. Squamous epithelium smear in women, evidence of cancerous pathologies, inflammatory diseases of the urethra, cervix and cervical canal.

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If was discovered in the epithelium smear, the quantity a doctor can accurately determine the degree of severity of the inflammatory process and evaluate the risk to the overall health of the person. If the epithelium is cylindrical in smear in men in large quantities and have an increased rate of leukocytes in a smear of men, the doctor can diagnose the acute phase of inflammation. In the case of chronic urethritis, will mark a significant number of leukocytes, but they do not exceed the norm – will be at its upper border, but epithelial cells are higher than normal values.

Provoke increased leukocytes in the smear in males and epithelial cells, can:

  • infectious processes in the genital organs, which were provoked by chlamydia, HPV, Streptococcus or Gardnerella. These bacteria are normal urogenital swab does not define, the patient should undergo additional PCR diagnostics;
  • damage to the mucous membranes in the process of catheterization or other surgical procedures;
  • inflammation of prostate in men and endometriosis in women;
  • early sexual initiation;
  • piercing in the intimate area and mechanical injury.

You also want to note that the results of the analysis may be affected by improper collection of material and insufficient preparation for delivery of biomaterial.

Now, are you aware of what a smear in the normal epithelium, and also how to pass the medical examination. Theoretically prepared is forearmed, this statement is very appropriate in this case. If you want to avoid health problems, checkups at the doctor, at least once a year, observe genital hygiene, eat properly, and do not run infectious disease. The microflora of the mucous membranes of the genitals everyone can control himself by avoiding unprotected sexual intercourse and timely recourse in the presence of anxiety symptoms.

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