Emollients in atopic dermatitis in children: a list

List of emollients in atopic dermatitis in children

Many moms, whose kids are faced with atopic dermatitis wonder what emollients and what is their purpose. It is worth noting that the funds in this category play an important role in the recovery of skin of a baby. What types of emollients are there and what is it all about, understand the material below.

  • Emollients: the basic definition
  • The need to use emollients for atopic dermatitis
  • The types of emollients and their main active components
  • Popular products-emollients for treatment of dermatitis
  • Recommendations on the use of emollients

Emollients: the basic definition

Emollients called a cosmetic and a therapeutic agent having oil-based. The main task of such a framework — transport moisturizing components of the suspension to the deep layers of the skin. That is due to the emollients can achieve constantly nourish and moisturize baby’s skin for atopic dermatitis. Emollients in cosmetics are found in rich, nourishing lotions, cosmetic oils, etc. Such a group of assets forms a protective layer of baby skin. They are as follows:

  • Prevent cracking of the skin;
  • Reduce inflammation;
  • Neutralizes the peeling of the skin;
  • Restores moisture balance of the skin crumbs;
  • Insures from getting into the wound bacteria and germs.

Important: use of emollients is not difficult. But with all the positive properties, firm skin. baby skin could be blocked the access of oxygen due to the thin oil film on its surface.

The need to use emollients for atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis develops in babies up to three years in view of the instability of metabolic processes. As a result, the skin crumbs you experience peeling, redness and rashes. Inflammation is atopic dermatitis. If time does not moisturize the baby’s skin, it will form scabs with pus.

Important: the disease usually recedes when the child reaches three years of age. But there are cases when the pathology takes a chronic nature. To avoid this, experts recommend the use of emollients as a means of treatment and prevention. Especially in babies with dry skin.

When choosing the firm skin in atopic dermatitis in children must take into account the condition of the skin of the baby. So, when peeling is better to purchase milk or cream souffle. If the baby there is increased dryness of the skin, it is possible to buy the cream or ointment is more greasy.

The types of emollients and their main active components

In cosmetology and pharmacology distinguish emollients, which are listed below:

  • Chemical. It’s all suspensions and creams based on mineral oils. In this case, as is the emollients petrolatum and all preparations in which there is the paraffin.
  • Plant. All oils are extracted from plant extracts. In particular, this can be wax, paraffin, vegetable fats and oils, lanolin, etc.
  • Synthetic. The funds, which are based on synthetic oil. As a rule, Dimethicone, isopropylpalmitate, isopropyltoluene, petrolatum, polyisobutene, octyldodecanol, cyclohexasiloxane (Cyclopentasiloxane).

Important: any medications to control atopic dermatitis it is advisable to test it on the inner side of the elbow of the baby. If after 10 minutes after application redness and burning sensation is not detected, then it can be used.

Popular products-emollients for treatment of dermatitis

Today, among mothers of Russia, are very popular in the treatment of atopic dermatitis are emollients for adults and children:

  • Tool «La Roche Posay». This cosmetic emulsion developed on the basis of thermal water and Shea butter and, therefore, ideal for the delicate skin of the baby. The tool can be used as a treatment and as a preventative. In the latter case, milk would be ideal to maintain moisture balance in the skin of the crumbs. If the baby skin is too dry, it is possible to use preparations from a series of AP+. They contain a high concentration of moisturizing ingredients.
  • Cream «Trickser». This remedy also created on the basis of thermal water Aven, fatty acids and sterolov of plant origin. Trixera cream quickly and effectively moisturizes the skin of the crumbs forming on her protective barrier.

Important: in combination with the cream you can use gel for bathing babies, from the same series.

  • Drugs «Lombez». In the line cosmetics presents «Lokobeyz lipocream», which is used as a prophylactic, and «Lokobeyz, Ripea». The second is used as a therapeutic and restorative tool. «Lokobeyz, ripea» especially good for protecting damaged skin with the crumbs from the cold and frost.
  • Drugs from the «èmolium». Here is a list of emollients in atopic dermatitis in children full of ointments, creams, milk, emulsions, and even shampoos. The composition of the proposed products are Shea butter and macadamia oil, paraffin, urea and fatty acids. All of this quickly and efficiently transportorul nutrients into the deeper layers of the epidermis.
  • «Topicrem». Moms prefer such drugs due to their composition. In particular they include flax oil, Shea butter, glycerin, beeswax, glycerin and allantoin. Topicrem good restore inflamed skin and heals open sores.
  • Series of products «Mustela Stelatopia». At the core of each of them is a specially processed vegetable oil. A series on the Russian market represent the cream cleanser, emulsion and essential oil for bathing. The last is recommended to add to the water when bathing the baby.

Also a list of drugs-emollients complement no less effective means of atopic dermatitis:

  • Milk Weleda;
  • Emulsions and creams Chicco and Sanosan;
  • Alakram;
  • A-Derma Exomega;
  • Bioderma Atoderm;
  • Dardia Lipo Line;
  • Noreva Xerodian;
  • Cream La-KRI, etc.

The list of cosmetic products allows you to choose a product to suit every budget. The tablets in this list are not included.

Important: in the period of remission should not abandon the use of emollients. Because the baby’s skin, prone to atopic dermatitis requires constant moisture.

Recommendations on the use of emollients

To relieve allergic reactions on the baby’s skin, you must follow certain guidelines from the experts:

  • In the period of exacerbation of the disease it is advisable to apply the gel on your baby’s skin up to 6-10 times a day;
  • In the decline of allergic manifestations can be reduced using up to 2-4 times a day;
  • Cream or other preparation is applied after a NAP, before bedtime, after bathing.

Approach to the treatment of skin problems of the baby is necessary not only from the outside, but inside as well. It is desirable to revise the ration of crumbs and remove all potential food-allergens. These may be chocolate, eggs, red berries, vegetables and fruits.

Important: if the emollient was added to the water for bathing the baby, then in addition to moisturize the skin is no longer necessary. The portion of the moisture it has already received.

When you first select a tool to deal with atopic dermatitis can focus on its value and choose a budget. Cheaper tools are less effective in combating skin disease. However, we should not forget that the manufacturers of more expensive drugs in doing everything to the consumption of resources was minimal, and therefore, its use longer.

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