Electrocoagulation papillomas and removal: what it is

What is electrocoagulation papillomas?

Papillomas, warts and other skin growths are often the result of infection with HPV .Family these viruses are numerous and includes hundreds of varieties that can not only infect humans, but also cause bright displays of the symptoms. Papilloma – structural leathery fold on a thin stalk, can be single or multiple forms. Foci localization: inguinal folds, neck, elbows – that is the place where excessive sweating. Sometimes warts appear on the eyelids, lips.

Electrocoagulation of warts, which is a common method of removing entities. Because of their effectiveness, painlessness and application possibilities for children and adults, a way of eliminating the human papilloma current is now available to all categories of patients.

  • Contraindications for electrocautery
  • The advantages of electrocoagulation
  • How is the papilloma?
  • Skin care after the procedure
  • Patient testimonials

Contraindications for electrocautery

Doctors have identified several conditions necessary for a decision regarding the removal of growths. Excision of individual entities localized at the points where they are not exposed to mechanical stress, does not require urgent intervention. Treatment of papillomas with a high frequency current in urgently needed, where education is rubbed, injured or in the case of the large size of the papillomas.

Contraindications for the procedure are:

  • Signs of malignant transformation of education skin;
  • The possibility of the appearance or intensification of the herpes virus with the presence of characteristic symptoms;
  • Problems with blood clotting;
  • Individual intolerance of conducting electrocoagulation, the use of anesthesia;
  • Pregnancy, lactation;
  • The presence of a pacemaker in a patient, infectious or somatic diseases in an acute form, the exacerbation of chronic disease.

Important! Determines the feasibility of the procedure only dermatologist. Contraindications to the removal can also include diabetes, a clear tendency to form keloids.

The advantages of electrocoagulation

Methods of removing papillomas are different, including surgery, laser, radio-wave therapy, and traditional recipes. All options have their pros and cons, however, removal of papillomas by electrocoagulation is one of the most gentle ways, has a lot of advantages over other types:

  • The safety and effectiveness. The ability to eliminate education on the leg in a single session, the procedure time is not more than 10 minutes.
  • When infection with human papillomavirus coagulating shows for any age and skin type.
  • The solution allows to regulate the flow of current in its strength and frequency, depending on the size, shape, type of education guarantees not only the complete removal of papillomas, but also ensures that the settings are accurate, permanent visual control over the procedure.
  • No risk of infection, bleeding.
  • Fairly inexpensive, compared to other solutions of the problem.
  • Important! Removal of papillomas electrocoagulator allows for the analysis of biological tissue for the identification of forecasts of recurrence, confirmation of the danger of the degeneration of education into a malignant form. This is extremely important if the patient is prone to infection with HPV.

    However, considering the advantages, we must mention the cons of the procedure. An important factor is the choice of professional doctors, who has great experience. In the case of an incorrect selection of frequency, power and duration of exposure, may manifest the following negative factors:

    • The possibility of developing residual scar formations due to the vast size of the tissue damage (necrosis) – which is why the removal of papillomas coagulator requires extreme care, especially if the latter are located in open conspicuous places of the body.
    • High risk of recurrence (if the power supply was not enough).
    • Long term rehabilitation.

    Important! You must tell the doctor about their pain threshold is a relative painless procedure sometimes causes discomfort, especially in children, the elderly and patients with high sensitivity.

    How is the papilloma?

    Coagulation of papillomas is a procedure to ablate soft tissue or removal of formations by means of controlling the electric current phase. Requires special equipment, is equipped with electrodes, heated to the specified temperature under the influence of electricity. The technique of the process depends on the shape, size, thickness and formation parameters are determined in advance, the specialist picks up the nozzle the right size to provide high efficiency and reliability of removal of papillomas. Most often, the nozzle has the form of a thin metal mesh, or electrode with a thickening in the form of a ball on the end.

    Through the loop or ball is held skin/education – a dissection of the leg, then burning grounds high-frequency alternating current to a specially selected force. Prizhivayutsya capillaries, which eliminates the risk of bleeding, while the skin is disinfected, and it minimizes the possibility of infection. After the procedure the skin is treated with antiseptic.

    This procedure is completed, it remains only to listen to the recommendations for care lesion removal and complete the course of rehabilitation. It is very important that no special preparation before removal is required, there is only one reference limit – in the hot period to remove papilloma should not, to avoid irritation of the skin due to profuse sweating. Sweat softens the crust on the wound, slowing the healing process, and this leads to the formation of scar. Besides, the sunlight often appears pigmentation of the skin.

    Fact! If the removal involves multiple education, procedure time increased (15-20 minutes) or the doctor will recommend re-treatment. It is possible to conduct a coagulation current every day or every other day – it all depends on the individualities of the patient.

    The process is carried out with painkillers and without them:

  • Without anesthesia removal of current occurs when a single entities, this is not necessary. However, the expert must take into account the wishes of the patient – if the person is too sensitive and knows that he will not be able to endure even minimal discomfort, it is better to say in advance.
  • Important! Time period eliminate malforming education on the leg for more than 2 seconds, so sometimes it is better to suffer than to take the anesthetic.

  • Local anesthesia is used during removal by electrocoagulation extensive multiple formations. Drugs are selected individually.
  • General anesthesia is indicated if electrocoagulation is children. Apply a mild form of inhalation anesthesia for 5-7 minutes. After waking up with no symptoms of anxiety, loss of consciousness and other traumatic effects.
  • Important! The patient before the procedure is obliged to warn the doctor about allergies to certain anesthetics.

    Skin care after the procedure

    The passage of the removal of causes that formed the wound after the procedure. It’s a dry crust, they themselves fall away at the time healing of the lesion effects. Categorically not allowed to remedy the scabs as dry residues «evaporated» papillomas nothing like a biological bandage. Early removal will result in bleeding, scarring, pigmentation the center of influence. The procedure for removing the influence of electric current is the simultaneous disinfection of the skin, so the sores should only carefully looked after. The rules are:

  • Handle the crust and the area around it three times a day with a weak solution of potassium permanganate (slightly pink water) or other antiseptic type furatsilina. This will prevent the wound from being infected and prevent the development of scars.
  • Categorically it is impossible to put in place removal of papillomas cosmetics, creams.
  • To ensure the crust is dry and protected from water ingress – it is better to make a bandage.
  • Depending on the method of removal, selection strength, frequency, current, crusts disappear on their own in 8-10 days. During this period it is better not to overload the body with physical work that was not sweating, not to sunbathe and not swim.

    Possible complications of type scarring, abscesses, infection of the treatment site current, possible only in violation of the rules of recovery procedure or the inexperience of the technician performing the removal of papillomas. In this case, there are such effects as:

    • The growth of abnormal cells in place removal of papillomas – in the presence of the burn, the constant influence of aggressive chemical components;
    • Malignizaciei cell transformation into a malignant tumor.

    Recurrence of papillae, and scarring may be due to inexperience on the part of specialists and genetic predisposition are all factors to doctor.

    Patient testimonials

    Knowing what method of electrocoagulation, it is useful to read reviews of patients who have undergone the procedure.


    «I noticed the education of a boy at the bottom of the sponge at the age of 1 month. Sucking chest, jaw bulging, and papilloma were seen. The pediatrician sent to the dermatologist. Said remove. Advised current so not long to endure, and immediately to be removed – agreed. Passed the tests in a couple of days the baby under General anesthesia removed it. By the time the process took exactly 7 minutes.»

    Michael: «

    Papilloma was a long time ago, somehow did not pay attention to them. Armpits, groin, neck. And then in the campaign have rubbed a couple of straps of the backpack and ill. And did not look particularly pleased. Went to the procedure. On the same day the doctor sent you to the next room where electrocoagulation removed all in 5 minutes.»


    «A couple of weeks ago removed papillomas by electrocoagulation in the neck at the boundary of the hair on his head. No complaints about the procedure there. As advised, rubbing the lesions with chlorhexidine, the crust fell off on day 10. Papilloma had two and both are large, the procedure took 8 minutes. Local anesthesia is the only pain that I experienced. All very quickly and professionally.»


    «Always go with a short haircut, prevented papilloma on the head. Went to the doctor, removed. Quickly, of course, but who would say that the head wash is quite impossible! In the end, the crust stayed almost 14 days, and as it turned out, it was necessary to treat the skin with an alcoholic solution, as I have oily skin type. Procedure good, fast, almost painless, but it is better to choose a good specialist.»

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