Eczema on hands: causes and treatment looks like a disease

Cause of eczema on hands cure

In today’s environment eczema hands — one of the most common chronic dermatological diseases. The pathology is characterized by the appearance of a rash with liquid contents and then forming dry or moist crusts on the skin surface. What types of skin pathology are, and looks like eczema on his hands, versed in the material below with a photo.

  • The reasons for the formation of the pathology
  • The clinical picture of the disease
  • The types of pathology
  • Tactics of the treatment of disease
  • The treatment of eczema folk remedies
  • Diet

The reasons for the formation of the pathology

Skin problem of the hands can develop for a number of reasons. However, in most cases, the disease affects people prone to allergies of different kinds. So, to provoke the appearance of eczema on the hands may these allergens:

  • Food. In particular, excessive consumption of sweets, honey, chocolate, coffee, citrus fruits, red berries, fruits and vegetables, meats or eggs;
  • Chemicals of all kinds. Colors, flavors, volatile components of washing powder and other household chemicals;
  • Nickel and similar alloys. As a rule, they enter into the composition of most metal accessories such as cufflinks, bracelets, hours, female wrist jewelry and imitation jewelry;
  • Plant and animal components. Such as pollen, fur, feathers, animal dander, etc.;
  • Analgesics or vaccines. Especially if was marked by uncontrolled intake first;
  • Rubber components. In particular, contact with rubber gloves, etc..

The clinical picture of the disease

In General, the disease can be divided into several stages. Photo initial stage.

The initial stage of the disease characterized by itching and redness of the skin. The intensity of the itching will increase depending on the degree of care of inflamed skin. That is, when the hydration of the skin itching may subside. However, here at the initial stage of the problem will appear the vesicles (bubble rash with serous fluid content). Skin feels very hot. There is a desire to scratch the rash.

Starting eczema on hands, which is presented below, gradually transformed into a progressive.

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The next phase of the disease — the rupture of vesicles and the formation of oozing skin surface or a dry surface with cracks, which will continue to burst even more, which will lead to the formation of injuries.

Important: in most cases, there is a dry eczema. What it is, you can see in the photo.

The types of pathology

The disease can be classified according to the type of its development and course. So, distinguish between these types of eczema on hands:

  • Microbial. As a rule, this pathology develops due to infection of the inflamed skin. Skin is very red or turning blue. While pockets of color change clearly outlined. Place of affected skin are covered with scales, which are subsequently left behind and in their place emerges pus. From this plot affected skin increases significantly as the disease becomes true eczema.
  • True. Here the disease can be called acute. On the surface of the skin of the hands and between the toes are signs of eczema as serous vesicles. Literally within the first day she goes to the formation of cracks. The disease goes into the chronic form. The swelling of the skin only intensified. It starts with a serious of inflammatory and suppurative process.
  • Professional. In this case, the disease is similar to that for true eczema. However, the main reason for its development is the contact with the industrial allergen. The disease at first resembles contact dermatitis. To treat this kind of eczema is very important to neutralize the allergen and then the disease will come to naught. If the contact is continue, the pathology will go into a state of chronic eczema.

Tactics of the treatment of disease

Eczema of the palms requires a comprehensive treatment. It is necessary not only to provide internal and external medications. It is very important to provide the patient with proper rest and proper working mode. An important aspect is the contact with the allergen. In General management looks like this:

  • For local inflammation use corticosteroid creams and gels. Funds can be used as a simple applications, and dressings under the bandage until the scab is evident (eczema).
  • Inside struggling with the problem with antihistamines. In most cases, doctors prescribe drugs second or third generation. It can be Aerius, Citrine and the like for removal of the external symptoms of the disease.
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The treatment of eczema folk remedies

If eczema on hands, causes and treatment of which have been identified and assigned, but the patient wants to try further to use traditional methods of treatment, then you can use the following tools:

  • Motherwort (leaves). 20 grams of the dry plants should pour 200 ml of water and bring to boil. Ready tsedyat broth and drink 1 des.l. three times during the day. This tool works as a sedative and depressant histamine. The disease symptoms recede.
  • Dandelion and burdock root. Plants in milled form taken in 1:1 ratio (2 tablespoons each) and fill with water to 750 ml. of the Mixture insist 12 hours, then boiled for 10 minutes and the tail. Ready means drink 50 ml of 5 times a day.
  • Elecampane (root). The plant in the amount of 1 tbsp. l. pour water (200 ml) and boil it. Ready broth the tail and take to treat the sores before meals, 1 tbsp.
  • Fresh cabbage. Used in form of compresses. Washed and lightly batted the leaves are applied to the hands to the surface of the hands and secure them with a bandage for 4-5 hours. Then compress change.
  • Fresh cranberries (juice). Used for dry eczema. It is made in the form of compresses of gauze soaked in the juice until the until symptoms go away.
  • Kalanchoe (juice). It is also used as a means for impregnation of compression bandages applied to wounds, especially if they only begin.
  • An ointment of soap, rosin and aloe juice. For its preparation it is necessary in vegetable oil (200 ml) pour dry Laundry soap, rosin, aloe and beeswax 50 grams. the mass is heated over low heat until complete dissolution of ingredients. Ready the cooled ointment treated wounds, until the symptoms are completely gone.
  • Sea buckthorn seed oil or sea-buckthorn juice. These tools can be applied on the affected areas of the hands, eczema on the palms will not work.
  • Strawberries. On wounds and sores can cause a lot of berries to complete disappearance of skin problems. Especially well treated strawberries dry eczema on her hands.

Important: all berries should be grown on their own land without the use of chemicals. Or bought from people who grow crops without using chemical fertilizers.


If the reader does not know how to treat the scab, it is very important in the treatment of eczema is to observe the correct diet. All meals and products should be to completely eliminate allergens. To have all the symptoms of the disease, the diet it is advisable to focus on the following products:

  • Plant foods-allergen;
  • Dairy products without dyes;
  • Porridge on the water;
  • Soups on vegetable broths;
  • Meat is lean;
  • The fish river.
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Should be excluded from the diet these meals:

  • Marinades, smoked products;
  • Hot spices;
  • Citrus;
  • Tomatoes, strawberries, red apples.

Important: the intake of vitamins PP, A and b vitamins, if worried about eczema between fingers or on the surface of the palms.

To speed up the healing process of the interdigital skin of the hands, it is advisable to abandon synthetic clothes, gloves, etc. should provide enough fresh outdoor air and then eczema of the hands will begin to run.

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