Ectomorphy in moderation — what does that mean

Which means ectomorphy in moderation?

Gynecological smear is both simple but very informative study. This standard manipulation is applied to all women without exception, those who visit a gynecologist. The study is conducted as prevention, and also when the patient complains of alarming symptoms. One of the variants of the study is the result ectomorphy in moderation. Not having medical education, it is difficult to decipher. Let’s see what ectomorphy, and what they bring to the body?

  • Smear on flora
  • The use of accomondation
  • Norm and deviation

Smear on flora

The purpose of the study is to determine the state of the environment of the vagina, the detection of various infections, inflammatory processes, etc. smear is done during childbearing, prophylactic examination, and, if the patient complains of the following clinical manifestations:

  • Burning and itching;
  • Abnormal discharge from the vagina;
  • Redness of genitals;
  • Pain in the lower abdomen;
  • Pain during sexual intercourse.

To prepare for a gynaecological examination, a woman should comply with the recommendations. 2 weeks before the delivery stroke to abandon the use of any drugs. If this is not possible, to inform their gynecologist.

2 days before the smear rule out any vaginal preparations – solution, suppositories, tablets, ointments, creams etc. For several days is recommended to refrain from sexual intercourse. Not to medical manipulation to douche or wash inside the vagina.

Important: smear on flora shall not earlier than three days after the critical days. Blood cells can significantly distort the result. Ideally the procedure is carried out from 10 to 20 day menstrual cycle.

Failure to do so may lead to the fact that the data on the microflora shows ectomorphy in moderation, but it is not so, as the study will give a false result.

To take biological material, during the inspection of the women by the physician, the following occurs:

  • The doctor inserts into the vagina a special gynecologic mirrors, to gain access to the walls and the cervix.
  • Then takes a biological material with the rear wall of the vagina. Pain a patient is experiencing. If pain is present, this indirectly indicates inflammatory processes.
  • The obtained material is applied on a glass slide, after the secret is distributed as thin as possible layer, so that the cells «were in a row.»
  • Fixation of the smear. This allows you to retain cells through laboratory tests.
  • Often the material to take three points from the opening of the urethra, vaginal walls and cervix. According to the study doctor judges the health, disorders and other factors directly related to the reproductive system.

    The use of accomondation

    Woman’s vagina is not sterile. There is a huge number of microorganisms, the combination of which is microflora. Microbes constantly compete for habitat and food.

    The woman’s vagina a lot of accomondation, a large number are bifidobacteria. These microorganisms attach to the walls of the vaginal mucosa. They produce the alcohol, peroxide and acids, which make up a complete flora.

    Ectomorphy is lactobacilli, which are present in a smear each of the fair sex. They help to regulate the activity of pathogenic bacteria and opportunistic. For example, if after study of the microflora of ectomorphy in scanty number, it is indicative of excessive activity of pathogenic bacteria.

    Immediately after birth, girls have a completely sterile vagina. But on the second day observed the colonization of microorganisms. The pH level closer to neutral indices.

    On the background of the pubertal period there is hormonal alteration in the cellular structure accumulates glycogen. This leads to a natural change in flora, as a result, the vagina is dominated by the doderlein Bacillus. In turn, the glycogen is their breeding ground. Under the influence of lactobacilli transformirovalsya glycogen to lactic acid, which in turn creates the right pH.

    Note: the ideal pH of the vagina should range from 3.8 to 4.5, which allows you to create a detrimental environment for pathogenic microorganisms to prevent the growth and reproduction of opportunistic bacteria.

    In other words, lactobacilli are responsible for women’s health. Therefore, ectomorphy moderate amount on the back of more than 5% of other bacteria indicate the absence of pathological processes.

    Norm and deviation

    Of course, having the results of their tests, a woman wants to know what is the norm and deviation. A study of the microflora shows ectomorphy in moderation or in meager volume, or at high concentrations. What does it mean?

    Of course, the transcript must engage a specialist. As already mentioned, take a swab from three points, each of which has certain specifications. «V» -a swab of the vaginal wall, U — urethra, «C» — the cervical canal.

    If laboratory analysis of the microflora found ectomorphy in moderation at points «C» and/or «U», that is pathological. Normal this should not be. Ectomorphy in scarce numbers indicate the following:

    • Inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system;
    • Hormonal imbalance;
    • The disruption of the immune system;
    • Prolonged and unreasonable use of antibacterial drugs;
    • Reception of oral contraceptives.

    All these circumstances lead to the development of vaginosis bacterial in nature. The introduction of pathogenic microorganisms is one of the causes of the disease. For example, under the influence of a provoking factor, a decrease of lactobacilli and thus increases the concentration of the Gardnerella, as a result, diagnosed inflammation.

    Note, the total number of lactobacilli shall not be less than 104 CFU/ml, otherwise revealed the violation of the microflora, which leads to inflammation or other infectious processes.

    If the study of the microflora shows ectomorphy in moderation is a normal variant that is often diagnosed in women, the result is not ideal. Will the treatment in this case depends on other laboratory data.

    The results present other information:

  • Normally, if during the study was found mucus, squamous epithelium. The cells that line the vaginal sheath. Usually, the rate ranges from five to ten cells. If more is inflammation. Their lack of talking about the atrophic changes.
  • Coccal flora includes opportunistic bacteria that are present in the vagina in small concentrations. If they found great content is a symptom of an infectious process.
  • Often depend on fungi that belong to the genus Candida. If any disputes – it is a normal variant. The detection of mycelium talking about vaginal candidiasis.
  • Smear a healthy, the patient did not discover key cells, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, and Trichomonas. If found, it indicates a pathological process, gardnerellosis, gonorrhea and trichomoniasis, respectively.

    If the microflora detected ectomorphy in moderation is fine, but even the slightest negative action will lead to a sharp decrease in lactobacilli, consequently, will develop any disease. When there is a lot of bacteria – good, the woman is completely healthy. The meager amount of necessary medication in accordance with the specific disease.

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