Econazole — instructions for use of candles and creams

The drug Econazole and the instruction on its application

In Russian dermatology in the treatment of fungal diseases of various etiologies are successfully using candles or ointment Econazole (depending on the type of fungal infection). The drug effectively fights fungal cells, destroying their membrane through inhibition of synthesis of ergosterol. As a result, the disease retreats. How to use a particular form of the drug Econazole versed in the material below.

  • Econazole: a description of the drug and its principle of operation
  • Analogues Of Econazole
  • Indications for use of the drug
  • The use of the drug
  • Adverse reactions
  • Special considerations when using Econazole
  • The reviews about the drug

Econazole: a description of the drug and its principle of operation

The main active substance is Econazole nitrate econazole. As auxiliary components are glycerol, ammonia, ethanol, mineral oil, purified water and Polysorbate.

The drug in any form (candles or ointment) is active against Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, yeast and molds. When using medication in the form of ointments fungus dies within three days. Components of the drug act locally, virtually soaked in blood from the skin. Active effect occurs exclusively in the dermis or Horny plate of the nail (if the ointment is used in the nail fungus). Only less than 1% of the drug enters the bloodstream and then is excreted along with the urine and feces. In the case of the spark components of the drug are absorbed into the bloodstream through the mucosa, metabolized in liver and excreted in the urine and feces.

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Analogues Of Econazole

To replace the drug a number of such drugs:

  • Of econazole nitrate;
  • Ecotax;
  • Gino-Peveril.

Indications for use of the drug

Candles and Econazole ointment prescribed by dermatologists and gynecology in such diseases:

  • Vaginal candidiasis (milkman);
  • Ringworm;
  • Nail fungus;
  • Fungal infections of the extremities and body skin;
  • Groin erythrasma;
  • Colpitis;
  • Mycosis of the auditory canal;
  • Multi-colored lichen, etc.

Also the drug is not prescribed to children under 18 years of age.

Important: contraindications is individual hypersensitivity to the drug. With caution is prescribed remedy for pregnant women in the first trimester and lactating women.

The use of the drug

Vaginal suppositories are used once a day, preferably at night. The candle is administered intravaginally as far as possible after taking a shower. The course of treatment, usually 3 days. In individual cases, in advanced disease, the treatment can be extended to 6 days with a recurrence rate after 10 days.

Econazole in the form of ointment (gel) use topically treating the affected skin surface. It is recommended to use therefore the drug up to twice a day — morning and evening. The ointment can also be used vaginally using a special applicator.

Important: if the ointment is used on the feet, in the instructions for use of Econazole indicated that the course of treatment may be about 30 days. This is because the area stop vysokomehanizirovannoe.

Adverse reactions

If you are using ointments or candles Econazole patient may experience a local allergic reaction such as:

  • Urticaria;
  • Itching;
  • Burning;
  • Rashes and irritation;
  • Dryness of the skin or mucosa;
  • Change (lightening) of the skin at the site of application of an application;
  • Atrophy of the skin.

Important: in case of one of the side effects should immediately stop taking the drug and inform your doctor. Specialist will choose the other therapy.

Special considerations when using Econazole

When using the drug Econazole in the form of ointments or candles you should follow certain recommendations. This will help avoid adverse effects and achieve therapeutic results. Thus, the recommendation is as follows:

  • In the case of getting ointment into the eyes, rinse thoroughly with running water.
  • If the drug Econazole treatment of thrush, it has to be treated and a sexual partner to continue to avoid relapse of the disease.
  • It is forbidden to use suppository or cream in combination with other antifungal drugs.
  • If at observance of recommendations of the attending physician (duration and dosage) to a noticeable improvement does not occur, you should consult the doctor to review the diagnosis and to assign analog therapy.
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The reviews about the drug

As for the reviews, Econazole established himself in the circle of consumers, as an effective tool. As evidenced by the reviews about the drug:

Olga, 23 years

Took the spark Econazole according to the instructions 3 days. After treatment the thrush is completely gone. Stopped bothering itch and bad color selection. A visit to the doctor and lab tests confirmed the recovery.

Marina, 39 years old

Husband picked up a fungus on his leg. For its treatment I bought at the pharmacy ointment Econazole. Rubbed the diseased nail 14 days morning and evening. After two weeks the disease is gone. To prevent used the product for a period of 7 days.

Alex, 41 years

Using this ointment Econazole I coped with axillary eritrazma. Rash and chafing haunted and hurt and work and live a normal life. Cream bought by the treating physician.

Maxi, 43

Between his fingers appeared a fungus. Probably got it at work in the bath. According to the prescription of the dermatologist used the Econazole cream. The drug is excellent. After 15 days my skin had a smooth pink color and a familiar smoothness.

Remember that any medication should be prescribed only by a specialist. Otherwise, possible adverse reactions from the body and then have to restore your health.

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