Dry skin and its causes: treatment and prevention

Causes of dry skin on the feet and treatment methods

Skin problems manifested by various symptoms: the skin becomes dry, inflamed, peeling, tightness, flaking and roughness. Dry epidermis is more susceptible to the harmful effects of natural and domestic factors, thereby developing inflammation. Objective feelings of the owners of dry skin is not pleasant, which significantly reduces the quality of life, delivers psychological discomfort. The problem can not be ignored, because the cosmetic defect is able to indicate a serious condition.

  • The main external causes
  • The main internal causes
  • Treatments
  • Nourishing and emollient creams
  • Recipes of traditional medicine
  • Foot bath
  • Prevention of dryness and flaking

The main external causes

Dry skin on the feet is causes of external and internal nature. In the first case, the problem can easily be addressed to restore the health of the skin will not be difficult, it is enough to exclude provoking factors.

Should know: most often dry skin is the result of the simultaneous effect of several external and internal factors.

Dry feet are observed for the following reasons:

  • The water deficit in the epidermis. In addition to the dryness the patient complains of a feeling of tightness of the skin reveals a strong exfoliation. The moisture deficit also has a reason – a violation of blood circulation in the lower extremities and wearing poor quality shoes, socks made of synthetic material, which contributes to the violation of the respiratory processes.
  • Poor nutrition. Unfortunately, the modern pace of life forces all somewhere in a hurry, leaving no time for a full Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Accordingly, the body receives the necessary components for life, which is manifested by problems with the skin. A strict diet is not only dry skin but also serious disorders of the digestive tract.
  • Insufficient hydration through cosmetics. Women use moisturizing and nourishing creams for the care of hands, face, however, about the lower limb is often overlooked. But on the feet have a serious load, they also need care with creams, oils, foot baths and other procedures.
  • Improper detergents can provoke not only dry skin but also leads to more serious problems – redness, severe irritation symptoms of an allergic reaction.
  • Bad habits – alcohol abuse, Smoking. Proven that cigarettes and alcohol affect the body as a whole, including suffering skin.
  • With age the skin is depleted, as a result it becomes drier and drier. Studies have shown that after the age of 40 must be especially careful to care for your feet using daily cosmetic moisturizer.

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    The main internal causes

    Along with external factors there are many internal factors, caused by various diseases, which lead to problems with the skin of the lower extremities.

    Important: if the dry skin of the feet caused by internal causes (diseases or pathological processes in the body), no external effects – baths, masks and other manipulation to nutrition and hydration, will not give the desired result. To improve the condition of the skin will only treatment of the underlying pathology.

    Internal causes of peeling feet:

    • Dermatological diseases – psoriasis, eczema;
    • Fungal infections caused by fungi and their active vital functions;
    • Hormonal imbalance in the body. The cause of the failure in the production of hormones is a pregnancy, menopause, the postpartum period;
    • Diabetes is accompanied by violation of absorption of glucose in the body, which affects the functionality of all internal organs and systems. Diabetics often develop skin problems, almost always are complicated by bacterial infection;
    • A metabolic process;
    • Dehydration. The primary cause is insufficient intake of fluid in the body, impaired digestive tract, prolonged diarrhea, repeated vomiting, etc.;
    • The chronic form of renal failure, pathology of the gastrointestinal tract and Central nervous system;
    • Deficiency of vitamin components, particularly vitamin E and ascorbic acid;
    • Prolonged use of antibiotic drugs.

    To add to the list of possible autoimmune disorders, iron deficiency anemia, depression, chronic stress, etc. pathological conditions. Dry skin may affect only the legs, or occur on other areas of the body. Often the location of the indirect evidence of the etiology of the abnormal process.


    To get rid of peeling skin feet in the first place it is necessary to eliminate the source of the problem. If the external factor can be excluded alone, the internal problems require comprehensive diagnostics.

    If the cause stands for some disease that affected the skin, medically necessary correction by means of medicines. The choice of medications due to a specific disease.

    As auxiliary can be used in cosmetics, recipes traditional medicine, allowing you to speed up the healing process and repair damaged skin.

    Nourishing and emollient creams

    Well established tools such local action cream Ballet, «Instant effect» and the remedy is absorbed on the basis of extracts from inflorescences of calendula and celandine. They can treat your feet at home, the doctor’s consultation is required.

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    Brief characteristics of nutritional and moisturizing creams:

  • Ballet – natural moisturizer. It consists of extract of oak bark, wormwood, horse chestnut. Effectively softens the skin, replenishes moisture deficit, protects from drying out. The cream promotes healing of small cracks, stimulates blood circulation.
  • The means «Instant effect» eliminates peeling, gets rid of dry feet, nourish the skin. The composition includes a lot of vitamin, extract of St. John’s wort and sage.
  • Cream «Extra» returns the natural look of skin. It has antiseptic properties. Can be used as prophylaxis of fungal diseases.
  • Describes the tools will help restore healthy looking skin, eliminates peeling, excessive dryness and tightness. Apply every day after a foot bath, applied exclusively on a dry surface.

    Note: if the reason is a fungal infection, it requires the use of specialized preparations with antimycotic properties. For Example, Clotrimazole, Ketoconazole.

    Recipes of traditional medicine

    In alternative medicine there are many ways that fight dryness of the skin of any localization. These methods will help in those scenes when the cause acts as an external factor – uncomfortable shoes, synthetic socks, etc …

    If dry skin on the feet, you can use the following recipes:

    • Mask based on apples. One green Apple with the peel to RUB on a fine grater, mix to shift on the gauze, in such a way to attach to the soles of the foot. On top, wear warm socks. Leave the mask on all night. Morning wrap removed, carry out water treatment. Rubbing moisturizer. The procedure is repeated 3-4 times per week, the rate of recovery varies depending on the complexity of the problem;
    • Mask based on castor oil. Heat the oil in a water bath until just warm. Pour into a flat container, put on her feet. The manipulation lasts for 20 minutes. After hands RUB remaining oil into your heels. Balance be removed by wipes. To wear socks. Repeat several times a week;
    • Grate 2 potatoes on a grater, add the same amount of flax seeds and water. Put on low heat, simmer until then, until the components thickens. Tool room temperature applied to the lower limb, leave for twenty minutes. Mask rinse with warm running water.
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    When choosing a recipe, you need to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism. The folk remedies help for 2-3 treatments, others need a recovery within a few weeks.

    Foot bath

    To get rid of excessive dryness help the foot bath. Usually use medicinal plants with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect.

    A few recipes:

  • Two tablespoons of chamomile in 1 liter of water. Infuse for 20 minutes, pour into a basin of water, lower the lower limb. Time manipulation for 10-15 minutes, then wipe his feet, put the cream.
  • To gain hot water in a bowl, add 2 spoons of inflorescences calendula, and 1 tablespoon sage. Leave for 10 minutes. Lower legs in water for 20 minutes. Repeat through the day.
  • At home you can make the bath on the basis of succession, turpentine oil, plantain etc. of medicinal plants. After water procedures always use the cream.

    Prevention of dryness and flaking

    It is much easier to prevent problems with your feet, than to rebuild the skin. Of course, this statement applies to those paintings when the reasons lie in the negative external impact.

    Basic preventive measures:

    • Healthy lifestyle, physical activity;
    • Rational and balanced diet;
    • Avoiding harmful habits – Smoking and alcohol;
    • Wearing comfortable shoes made of natural materials;
    • Skin care with moisturizers.

    If the causes of dry skin of the feet lie in the disease, you should consult a doctor for treatment assignment. Only by eliminating the main factor that provoked the problem, you can restore normal skin condition.

    To get rid of the flaking and dryness of the skin can be your own. This will help the bath, cosmetic products and traditional recipes. However, if during the week they had no effect, so the etiology is caused by internal disruptions in the body.

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