Drug Mycostop from nail fungus

Not cured in time the athlete’s foot spreads to the nail plate, which becomes friable, crumbly, acquiring grayish or yellow color. Delaying the treatment may lead to extensive spread of infection. Antifungal drugs poorly penetrate deep into the tissues, slowing the getting rid of the infection. The removal of the patient the nail promotes healing, allowing protivopolojnym drugs to get to the affected areas. To remove the nails affected by fungus, you can use the cream pasta Mycostop. It competes with the surgical method of getting rid of the abnormal tissue.

The composition and use of the drug

Cream pasta Mycostop not cure athlete’s foot, and only removes the diseased tissue, halting the spread of microorganisms. Active ingredients soften thick substance, after which the nail can be easily removed. Contact with the skin may trigger inflammation. The medicine does not contain flavors, dyes, harmful components that can cause an allergic reaction. There are:

  1. Purified water.
  2. Glycerin.
  3. Carbomid (urea).
  4. Have tetranyl.
  5. Talc.

Urea loosens and softens the plate, stimulating the regrowth of healthy nail. The preparation has included tetrasil, which prevents the spread of infection to surrounding tissue. The substance is a derivative undecylenoyl acid that suppress the growth and spread of the fungus.

The tool provides a way to overcome the nail fungus safely and quickly, well tolerated by patients. Ease of use — one of the advantages of the medication.

  1. The procedure begins with the sealing closest to the fingernail skin areas with a bandage.
  2. Next is the application of a dense layer of cream pasta with distribution across the surface of the plate.
  3. Overlay on top of the cream layer of cotton wool.
  4. Imposition of cruciform bandage with the plaster.

Benefits and cautions

Hair spray is used in the complex of measures to healing nail fungus and foot. Without removing the plate difficult to recover, the process takes more time. Diseased tissue serves as a source of infection, not missing medication under the plate. When using the cream-paste is necessary to avoid contact with mucous membranes of the skin eyes, mouth. Mycostop has a number of advantages:

  1. Affordable price.
  2. Applicability in the home, painless procedure.
  3. The absence of complications.
  4. Compatibility with other drugs from fungus.
  5. Strengthening effect protivolakoznoe therapy.

If the drug triggered a reddening of the skin, the treatment is interrupted. Occasionally the treatment of fungal infections cream pasta can cause an allergic reaction. In this case, the medication is discontinued, the patient goes to a doctor for a purpose other means. The drug is stored in a dark place at temperatures from 5 to 25°C. After expiration date cream toothpaste is recyclable. Tubes with 20 ml of therapeutic substance supplied in individual packing, inside of which is manual. Pregnancy and breast feeding — absolute contraindications to use without a prescription.

Dosage forms drug Mycostop

  1. Lotion.
  2. Cream for the feet.
  3. Spray.
  4. Cream pasta.

After removal of the nail antifungal Mycostop lotion is applied to feet, hands and massage gently until fully absorbed. The liquid is easily absorbed by the skin, contains lactic acid, which is detrimental effect on pathogens. Nicotinic acid stimulates metabolic processes in tissues. The product contains vitamin e, contributing to the regrowth of the nail. Lotion is rubbed on the injured place several times throughout the day before the regrowth of healthy nail. The liquid is used as a prophylactic after visiting public places.

Mycostop cream contains urea, which softens and improves skin texture. Have tetranyl destroys microorganisms, which makes the drug indispensable in the treatment of mycosis.

If the feet affected with fungus, shoes require special handling. Spray Mycostop contains castor oil to soften fabrics, tetranyl as the active substance against fungal infection. The remedy is sprayed on the skin of the feet, toes in front, swimming pools, showers, baths. The Aqua Park will be safe after the treatment of feet, between toes spray.

Drugs group Mycostop perfectly combined with other products of the yeast, allowing the full treatment. The active substance inhibits the proliferation of fungus, quickly and reliably eliminating from onychomycosis — fungal infection of the nail plate.

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