Dramatically poured acne on the face and the reasons why pours

Why is dramatically poured the pimples on the face?

The naturally pure and healthy skin can not boast of every man, that is so often used different lotions and creams. These cosmetic substances will help maintain the skin in perfect form for a long time. Unfortunately, no matter how we tried, from time to time, still experience acne. Some people simply ignore them, continuing to maintain the old way of life, others on the contrary panic and crush them, treating aggressive antiseptics. Can understand and one other, but I would like to note that if poured out pimples instantly, it is better to go to the doctor.

  • The types of sypi on the face
  • Causes of rash
  • Pimples on forehead
  • Acne on cheeks
  • Pimples on the chin

The types of sypi on the face

The facial skin is characterized by a fine structure and first begins to signal that the body has failed. Pimples are not only a place of its localization, but also the nature of the manifestations of the human skin. Conventionally, they are divided into two groups — inflamed and inflamed. Inflamed types of a rash is visible immediately, as they have a red rim and, as a rule, purulent contents. They are painful and bring discomfort to man. This group of acne include:

  • papules — are a small education without purulent content, apparently this is a painless bumps that turn pale when pressed. These pimples are impossible to squeeze, because inside they are nothing but liquid. In their place can be dark spots, if the tubercle is injured;
  • pustules have a white head in the center of the red Eminence. Inside of them is pus, if you nadvice to education he breaks out. Pustules may form from the papules. In their place are often left scars or scars, especially if they are a rip off and not disinfected
  • nodes can reach sizes of 3 cm, have a dark red or Burgundy color. They are placed in balls deep and are composed of a huge amount of pus. If you break these formations, it develops a deep wound that will be long lasting, on the spot nodules are formed hypertrophic scars;
  • cysts are growths that can form from several nearby nodes. This is the most complex in the treatment of skin lesions if they occur on the face, it is likely that their place will be after removal of keloid scars.
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Neosporine forms of acne do not carry such dangers as inflamed. In medicine, the inflamed pimples are called comedones. They can be divided into: closed and open comedones. Open is the black dots that are easily eliminated with skarbamy and closed have the appearance of white tubercles, when pressed frees the subcutaneous fat.

It is very important to know the classification of a rash on the face, because it will help to make the conclusions about your condition. Neosporine to treat acne doctors are not needed, they can be eliminated, removing the fatty and smoked food from your diet. If you are faced with inflamed forms of acne, to ignore trip to the dermatologist can’t.

Causes of rash

The cause of the rash on the face may be hiding in non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene or Smoking. The options are myriad, in most cases, the body signals the abnormal operation of some system. Among the most common reasons why acne appears, say:

  • prolonged exposure to the sun;
  • hypothermia;
  • a mental shock;
  • lack of vitamins of a certain group;
  • excessive consumption of sugar and sweets.

Sharply formed pimples on the face can be an allergic reaction to the ingestion of drugs, cosmetics, food, or allergens that enter through the respiratory system — pet hair, ardent plants and dust.

To provoke a rash may bacterial infection. Very often, we attempt to squeeze the pimples or forgetting to disinfect a small scrape, that is enough to spread infection, it will wear with unwashed hands. Increased sebum provokes the blockage of blood vessels, the skin is not breathing, respectively, begins to multiply pathogenic flora and the inflammation.

Pours a face is, for many reasons, to say exactly what triggered the rash, the doctor may on the basis of laboratory blood tests. You can assume possible causes, carefully examining their localization.

Pimples on forehead

While on the temples or on his upper lip pimples may be subtle, to ignore the rash on my forehead is almost impossible. If you note a rash on the forehead, we can assume that you have problems with the stomach, to be more precise, there is a reduced acidity. If the rash is laid out close to the hairline, you can diagnose problems with the bladder. Chinese scientists claim that red spots on the left side of the forehead, near the temples, talking about the problems with the rectum, rash on the left side — the disruption of the sigmoid colon.

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Acne and comedones that are clearly between eyebrows liver dysfunction. A painful rash over his left eyebrow — a signal failure in the left adrenal gland, respectively, on the right side, the rash on his forehead tells about the decline of the right adrenal gland.

It will be interesting to know that a strong inflammation and acne that the focus is clearly on the upper right side of the forehead is a sign of appendicitis. A person must, as quickly as possible to be diagnosed, especially if the acne appears suddenly.

Hormonal disturbance can also manifest themselves on the forehead, the increased production of testosterone is characterized by pustules on the Central part of the forehead in men. In women before menstruation may be rash, but this is a normal situation and does not require medical treatment.

Acne on cheeks

You probably didn’t even pay attention to the fact that the shape of the cheeks resembles the shape of the lung. Right cheek exactly reflects the condition of the right lung and the left cheek respectively, of the left. Even the wings of the nose are reminiscent of the part of the respiratory system of a person symbolizing the bronchi, the pimples in this area evidence of developing bronchitis. If pours a face with pimples on the cheeks, you need to undergo chest x-rays. Very commonly seen in acne in people that smoke. This suggests that they have degenerative changes occur in the doubles on, and it’s time to stop killing yourself with nicotine. In the lower part of the cheeks, acne can be caused by diseases of the teeth and oral cavity.

It should be mentioned that in this part of the face often poselyaetsya skin mite. It can be brought under makeup, poor-quality cosmetics or visiting cosmetic salons, where you do not disinfect the instruments. Be seen without a microscope mites is impossible, he looks like a normal pimple. A distinctive feature of his intrusion is that on the cheeks there is one big pimple and a host of small, they are placed in a circle. If you notice that, go immediately to the dermatologist.

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Pimples on the chin

Pours a face with acne in the chin area, if there are problems in the pelvic organs in men and women. In men, the pustules on the beard can indicate the development of prostatitis, you must consult the urologist. In women, acne in this area is caused by gynecological diseases — inflammation of the appendages, cysts, endometriosis, erosion and malignancy. It should be mentioned that in this area of rash may occur, if a person abuses alcoholic drinks, coffee, and subjected to frequent stresses.

Girls 16-18 years pours out the face because of hormonal changes that occurs in the body, they end puberty. In women 40-45 years acne may precede the menopause.

If pimples littered the area around the mouth, it is possible to diagnose gastritis, an ulcer or other gastrointestinal Trat. Rash on the cheeks — a vivid manifestation of problems with the gall bladder. Inflammation in the form of pimples near ears, evidence of weak immunity. On the nose a single rash, can result from disorders of the nervous system.

The skin of the face, like a mirror, it reflects the condition of the body and specific organs in particular. Of course, even the most qualified specialist will be able to put a diagnosis on only one symptom — rash. Visual manifestations help to identify the direction, where to look for pathological processes. Examining her face in the mirror, and having knowledge in physiognomy, you will be able to prevent the development of serious diseases.

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