Does Vishnevsky ointment from nail fungus?

The range of applications of balsamic liniment by Vishnevsky is very wide. For example, many people use Vishnevsky ointment for treatment of nail fungus. Although the list of indications for the use of a drug onychomycosis does not mean those who have tried to treat this disease with the help of a liniment, claimed that the tool copes with the fungal infection. Whether so it actually?

Liniment Vishnevsky in the fight against onychomycosis: friend or foe?

To understand whether Vishnevsky ointment of the fungus as effective as it is said, should refer to the product formulation. The main active ingredients of remedies are birch tar and xeroform. Tar — natural component that has many medicinal properties. He is credited with not only antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, and fungicidal but quality. As practice shows, the birch tar is actually able to fight of pathogens of fungal infection.

The xeroform in the ointment antifungal effect has no, however he is able to enhance the medicinal effects of tar, as well as to accelerate the healing of damaged infection of the nail bed. The substance stimulates circulation in the affected area and promotes the rapid regeneration of injured tissues.

Thus, the balsamic liniment on Wisniewski could actually be used in the treatment of nail fungus. However, it should be remembered that conventional medicine does not carry the drug to specific antifungal drugs.

Ointment for onychomycosis is extremely popular measure, which is not always effective, so the use of the liniment recommended in combination with traditional treatment. This integrated approach ensures quick relief from this unpleasant disease.

How to use the product?

Liniment Vishnevsky is used almost exclusively externally. As with many other diseases, nail fungus ointment applied in the form of compresses. The treatment is carried out as follows:

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