Disinfection baths at nail fungus and the disinfection of socks

Disinfection of the tubs and socks when nail fungus

You can get infected with onychomycosis is quite simple, much harder to get rid of this unpleasant disease. Therefore, the mycologists a lot of the time give issues such as disinfection of nail fungus. Because infectious strain is able to survive in very hostile environments, easily transmitted from infected person to others.

Using household tools and powders for washing cannot completely neutralize parasites. Therefore, during treatment of onychomycosis is not only important to follow the correct medication to correct the disease, but also strictly adhere to special hygiene. If you will daily to treat nail fungus, disinfect socks, shoes, scissors, nail files and other personal belongings, you will be able to quickly recover and avoid relapse of the disease and infecting the household.

  • Hosiery when nail fungus
  • Methods of disinfection of socks if the fungus
  • Boiling
  • Antiseptic treatment
  • Ironing

Hosiery when nail fungus

It is important to remember. If you fail to comply with the disinfection of socks when nail fungus, all efforts to fight the disease will be in vain, as the socks have a large number of fungal spores.

When the fungus it is recommended to give preference to cotton socks. Thick socks will not allow fungal spores along with particles of the skin to re-enter the treated shoes, and will not allow the infection to spread around the house. The advantage of choosing socks made of natural material such fabric will allow the skin to breathe, whereas synthetic fabrics can create a favorable environment for fungi.

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All the things of an infected person separate from other things of the household and thoroughly disinfect. It is advisable to change socks every day, but better to do it every time you change shoes. That is, for sporting, home and outdoor shoes should be have its own pair of socks. This will prevent re-infection shoes. The following tips will help you to avoid the spread of illness and will teach you how to wash socks when nail fungus:

  • Wearing only her shoes with closed Slippers. Daily wash your limbs and change your underwear.
  • Store personal belongings in the wardrobe apart from the rest in a tightly tied package.
  • After bathing, treat the tub with antimycotic solution.
  • Do not use a shared washing machine, before going to wash clothes, add water, antiseptic.
  • Processing of the nail plate, nail file and scissors, disinfecting hosiery, protect hands with disposable gloves.
  • After each use of scissors, nail files, pumice stone, brush.
  • Methods of disinfection of socks if the fungus

    Before determine the most optimal method of processing socks it is important to understand that can destroy the fungus infection:

    • high temperature;
    • acidic environment;
    • chemicals.

    But simple drying, kvartsevanie or soaking in a normal solution of chlorhexidine does not relieve you from the problem. The fungus can be killed only, if you use a one percent solution of chlorhexidine. You can get it in prescription Department of pharmacy. Before carrying out disinfection wear rubber gloves before handling the product, remove the linen on the wrong side to better remove the micro-particle of the skin.

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    It is the most affordable and effective way that allows you to quickly disinfect things. For the preparation you will need 5 liters of water, 50 grams of grated soap, 100 grams of soda. Add soda and soap to the water, boil the solution when the ingredients are dissolved in boiling water, place in a pan with socks and boil them for 10 minutes. After drying, socks should be ironed with a hot iron with steam.

    Antiseptic treatment

    Specialized liquid concentrate Alumina blue color is unobtrusive odor. To disinfect linen from mildew, you will need 10 ml Alaminol any concentration. Add sanitizer in the washing machine. Wash with the addition of these funds reduces the risk of infection of underwear healthy family members.

    As an alternative you can use tools such as Avastin, Barrier, Detektiv, MEGADETH. Handle things in solution concentrate by soaking for twenty minutes. For home use solution should be to choose funds with a low concentration. To buy such tools, you can in the pharmacy in a solution of five, eight or ten percent concentration.


    This method is complementary to the above methods of combating fungal infection. In extreme cases, you can resort to this method just after underwear gonna do. Directly ironed socks, tights process using cotton fabric. Using an integrated approach to solving the problem of nail fungus you will achieve faster positive effect than will try to get rid of the problem without observing the rules of hygiene.

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