Diet in the demodicosis of the face and nutrition: prevention

Diet when person.

Many people suffer from dermatitis of various etiologies, among which stands out the demodicosis. Because the disease is caused by opportunistic tick, which infected 80% of the population of the planet, this kind of dermatitis is very common. In this article you can learn how diet when the demodicosis of the face and how effective it is.

  • Diet when you.
  • Deprecated food
  • Recommended food
  • Prevention

Diet when you.

There are many ways of dealing with Demodex, but special attention is paid to nutrition. This is due to place of residence and nutrition of the pathogen of the disease – Zheleznitsa acne. Tick, having microscopic dimensions, resides in the ducts of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. Distributed on the face, can appear on the chest and back. The parasite feeds on sebum.

Despite the fact that the mite is widespread, not all people suffer from demodicosis. The disease is caused by a sudden change in the status of different body systems. The main factors causing the appearance of the disease are:

  • stress, depression, nervous disorders;
  • strong changes in the composition of sebum;
  • sensitive skin;
  • low level of protection of the immune system;
  • cosmetics, or means on a hormonal basis, long-term impact on the body;
  • disorders of General metabolism;

Based on these factors, we see that the power is in the demodecosis on the direct effect, at least two of them.

That the treatment was effective, you should pay attention to the food that is contraindicated in disease, and, conversely, contributes to the elimination of the consequences from the actions of the mites.

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Deprecated food

When Demodex and during treatment of the disease, to prevent the amplification of symptoms is necessary to refuse:

  • Spicy, salty, bitter and preferably sweet food;
  • Citrus;
  • Alcohol, Smoking;
  • Fatty foods;
  • Eating from the first and fourth paragraphs contributes to enhanced proliferation of the subcutaneous mite, so the effect on the secretion of the sebaceous glands and increases the level of glucose in the blood.

    The rejection caused by citrus production gistaminopodobnykh substances involved in allergic reactions. Besides citrus, these substances contained in the pineapple, honey, strawberries, canned food, cocoa, bananas.

    With alcohol more complicated. One of the possible causes of the disease – decreased tone of the immune system, which can be a cause of inflammation throughout the gastrointestinal tract, biliary tract, liver.

    Note. Alcohol directly affects the liver, which, in turn, affects the processes of formation of bile entering the duodenum through the papilla of the large intestine. Papilla through one hole in the bowel opens the common bile and pancreatic ducts.

    Getting rid of one of alcohol can not only remove inflammatory reactions in the gastrointestinal tract and improve the immune system of the body.

    Recommended food

    Food that the doctors recommended for the use in the treatment of the disease contains large amounts of vitamins, fiber, has the properties of good absorption and improve gastrointestinal tract. A short list of recommendations for food, which will help in the fight against disease:

    • cereals, among which preference is given wheat, buckwheat and oats;
    • eating large quantities of dairy products: cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, kefir, fermented baked milk;
    • among fruits and vegetables, you should eat more salad, boiled potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, apples. Grapefruit can be eaten in small quantities, as it belongs to the citrus;
    • best replacement for the rest of the fruit will be fresh juice.
    • the cooked meat;
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    Dairy products are easily digested, provide stable operation of the gastrointestinal tract and together with fiber promote normal output products of metabolism from the human body.

    Note. Yogurt can be prepared with your own hands, using lactic bacteria.

    Kashi will help the formation of feces, adding to the supply of vitamins.


    Stress, being one of the causes of disease, adversely affects the General condition of the body. Tea is a good remedy for people who are highly susceptible to stress due to different circumstances. Green tea based Reishi and Cordyceps has a tonic effect on the body, relaxing the person, allowing to relax the nervous system last.

    The main objective of the diet when demodicosis – removal of inflammatory reactions in the body, stress to the nervous system, eliminate allergic reactions, cleansing the body. Do not forget that the diet should be balanced and the treatment is complex. With the right diet, the mite dies, or ceases to be pathogenic for the host organism. The best solution is a consultation with the doctor, that he was correct and balanced diet.

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