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Desinit from allergies: instructions for use

Allergy is a very serious disease, which without timely treatment, can cause a huge number of complications. Therefore, people suffering from hypersensitivity of the body, need constant care and preventive treatment. To stop seasonal allergies, and prevent exacerbation of chronic allergies antihistamines help, but their pharmacies so much that patients sometimes wonder which to choose — or Desinit Nasonex, Aerius or Zodak.

The options are really many and the man, little versed in medical terminology, it is difficult to determine. On the one hand, it is good, because thinking that it is better, you already incur a number of impacts. The selection of the drug must engage a qualified technician.

  • Pharmacological effect and release form
  • Instructions for use and composition
  • Side effects
  • Method of application and doses
  • Analogues of the drug

Pharmacological effect and release form

Drug Desinit is a drug from the group of glucocorticosteroids, which is assigned for local use. Steroid drugs in the treatment of seasonal allergies is indispensable, because they have a broad range of effects and can affect different cells, to treat unpleasant symptoms. All corticosteroids, including Nasonex and Dutrenit, anti-inflammatory, antishock and antitoxic action. The use of drugs accelerates the elimination of toxin from the body through natural means, relieves swelling of the mucous membranes, eliminates spasms of smooth muscles, and relieves rashes, watery eyes, runny nose and shortness of breath.

The tool is released in the form of a nasal spray. Sold in plastic bottle with convenient dispenser. Designed the bottle to 140 sprays. One dose contains 50mg of the active ingredient.

The drug is well tolerated by the body, the maximum content of active substances in the blood can occur within 45 minutes after injection into the nasal cavity. The effect lasts for 12 hours. Desinit though is a hormonal drug that does not affect the internal organs, but with prolonged use can cause addiction and do not give a therapeutic effect.

Instructions for use and composition

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The effectiveness of the drug provides its unique composition, the main component of which is the mometasone furoate monohydrate. As auxiliary substances in the preparation is marked with: cellulose microcrystalline, carmellose sodium, glycerol, benzalkonium chloride solution, Polysorbate, citric acid monohydrate, sodium citrate dihydrate and water.

The components included in the composition of the drugs not react with drugs from other groups, because Desinit can be used for combination therapy.

Desinit what use, little is known, however, as with all medications, it has a list of readings. The use of the drug is justified in the treatment of diseases such as allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma and pollinosis. Not rarely, it is prescribed for the prevention of acute exacerbations of chronic reactions of the body, as well as in complex therapy with antibiotics, for the treatment of sinusitis and sinusitis.

Desinit instruction manual, which comes in the kit, recommends the use of medication for adults and children 12 years of age. It is impossible to conduct therapy in allergic rhinitis the drug, people:

  • with the hypersensitivity of the body;
  • local lesions of the nasal mucosa (ulcers, scratches, erosion);
  • the ophthalmic herpes;
  • if the organism is fungal or bacterial infection;
  • hepatitis and cirrhosis;
  • tuberculosis;
  • with renal insufficiency;
  • patients that have recently undergone a rhinoplasty, or suffered injury of the nasal septum.

As for women during pregnancy and lactation, data about their condition after treatment do not exist. That is why, it is better not to risk women during pregnancy and lactation, appointing to hormonal medication.

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Side effects

Using the drug without a prescription, or applying it with the presence of contraindications, you may face several complications. Side effects are manifested in the form of dryness of the nasal cavity, burning sensation and itching. Often there is swelling of the nasal mucosa, headache, sleep disturbance, breathing, and bronchospasm. If you too many times to hold the injection throughout the day, you can take blood from the nose, to appear ulcers and painful erosions. In childhood there is loss of appetite, nausea, dizziness, and decreased sense of smell, for a while.

As a rule, after cessation of use of the drug unpleasant symptoms disappear after 5 hours. If there is nausea and fever for help, you must contact a qualified specialist, because hormones if used improperly, it can hamper the development of the child’s body, and conduct to serious complications in the endocrine system of adults.

Method of application and doses

In addition to whether the patient’s indications for use must have the approval of the doctor. Self-treatment hormonal drug is not over, especially if we are talking about a growing organism. Drugs antihistamines and give results fast enough, and Desinit no exception. Despite the fact that the tool is dispensed in pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription, make his own, is strictly prohibited.

To use the drug very easily, he has a special dispenser that injects a certain amount of substance into the nasal cavity on the first press. Before starting treatment, you must do calibration of the spray, you need to repeatedly press the trigger to set the stereotyped supply of the drug.

If you have seasonal allergies and allergic rhinitis are shown for two injection 1 time per day (mean, 1 injection in each nostril). As necessary, the dosage may be increased to 4 injections, the maximum amount of drug in the day should not exceed 250 mcg. Children are shown once a day, use of the drug.

Even after the disappearance of the overt symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop using glucocorticosteroids of funds is not necessary. Adults should gradually reduce the dosage, and children recommended, a few days to inject the drug. The duration of therapy Desanita individually decided by the doctor, taken into account age, weight of the patient, and the severity of the allergic reaction and the extent of its neglect.

Analogues of the drug

The description of the drug includes the information that he in addition to seasonal allergies, fights well with obstructive lung disease, sinusitis, and asthma. This makes the drug indispensable. Desinit counterparts is quite good, better than other proven:

  • Silcare;
  • Uniterm;
  • Momat;
  • Kistan N;
  • Mometasone.
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Each analogue Desinit, though, and is cheaper, but has the same long-lasting effect on the body, without disturbing metabolic processes. Before applying, be sure to re-read liner instruction to peers. Every medication special, and even if it has a similar effect on the body, may include a number of individual contra-indications and peculiarities of use. How much does the drug Detroit and its analogues, can be obtained directly at the point of sale, because online pharmacies, in most cases, put on different prices.

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