Cycloferon HPV and treatment scheme of infection

The drug Cycloferon and scheme of treatment of HPV

The human papillomavirus is one of the most common diseases. HPV meets each 3rd person on earth over 30 years. Medicine today distinguish between a huge number of strains of HPV that have distinctive characteristics: localization, appearance and type of reproduction. The offered range of medicines does not always give a lasting effect, however, there are drugs that have proven positive dynamics, for example, cream or gel Cicloferon from papillomas.

  • The effect of the drug on the human papillomavirus
  • The drug
  • Usage instructions
  • Indications, contraindications and side effects
  • Patient testimonials

The effect of the drug on the human papillomavirus

The HPV virus is present in every person, but aktiviziruyutsya it is only by reducing the immunity. While the patient is normally healthy, has the necessary immune barrier, the skin is deprived of the unpleasant growths. At the slightest failure of the immune system, appears papillomas and warts – a clear manifestation of HPV. In the absence of treatment education will cover the whole body, and some types of warts grow into deep layers of the skin and internal organs.

Cicloferon is an antiviral and immunomodulatory agents, relieves the process of reproduction of harmful cells. Exerting a therapeutic effect, Tsikloferon if HPV shows high efficiency even if the patient noted the appearance of several types of cutaneous HPV.

Important! Due to their immunomodulation properties of the drug, the patient during treatment restores the immunity and the end of therapy, the body becomes strong enough to deal with further manifestations of HPV without the involvement of drugs.

Properties Cycloferon:

  • Application for a sufficient time prevents the development of dangerous malignancies;
  • The drug restores the immune system, thereby increasing the resistance to viruses;
  • Relieves high dynamics of development of tumors.
  • Once in the body of the patient, Cycloferon induces the formation of alpha-, beta interferon eliminates viral infections. Substances produced by the internal organs of the person, but the decrease in immunity, the production of nutrients slows down, Cycloferon also starts the process as normal. That is why, taking the tool shown in the manual dosages, it is possible to achieve good results in restoration of the immune system. Providing overall antiviral effect and local local antiviral effects, Cicloferon stops the growth of tumors and successfully removes already developed papillomas.

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    The drug

    The therapeutic effect of the drug from HPV due to the presence of meglumine of acridonacetates. The substance is a low molecular weight product of interferon against the disease of human papillomavirus infection. Cycloferon is available in different forms that use different excipients:

    • The tablets contain calcium stearate, greenexpo acid, methyl cellulose.
    • In a solution for injections includes a salt additive, water, criconematina acid.
    • Gel, cream is enriched also acridonacetic acid and propylene glycol.

    All dosage forms sold in a pharmacy without a prescription, but the self is not always lead to the desired results. You should consult with your doctor who will either prescribe therapy at a local drug or tablet and injectable forms.

    Usage instructions

    Depending on the selected shape is assigned to the treatment of HPV:

  • Injections need to do 1 time a day, and they put two days in a row, then a day, three injections. The subsequent treatment is carried out at intervals of three days. The course of treatment determined by the doctor.
  • Tablets are taken half an hour before eating 1 thing a day.
  • Local treatment with liniment is carried out once a day, applying the drug in a thin layer to entire affected area. To apply the ointment should not only cover the protective bandage. The course of treatment at least 5 days.
  • Important! Use caution and avoid getting the drug on mucous membrane.

    The drug is prescribed for various clinical pictures. Thanks to the powerful action of Cycloferon, the drug well when initial form of the disease and suppresses the processes in acute forms. In particular, when there is the active stage of the disease HPV infection, therapy with the drug suppresses the excessive activity of the pathology, whereby the patient’s condition quickly normalized.

    Fact! Some doctors use the drug in pre-cancerous and cancerous conditions of the patient. The effectiveness of treatment confirmed officially, but a positive result requires careful selection of treatment regimens, calculation of the dose of the drug, but a large time span.

    What medication can be used to treat locally too, especially nice. This form of therapy, inflammation, causing itching, irritation on the skin, quickly pass, and the degeneration of benign tumors into malignant significantly slows down. The effects of composition on the skin:

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  • Papillomas stop growing;
  • Education can turn black due to necrosis (death) of cells;
  • The growths decrease in size.
  • A characteristic feature of Cycloferon in the exterior and interior of the build-up. After a course of treatment papilloma fall off, without causing the patient any discomfort.

    Indications, contraindications and side effects

    The drug Cycloferon is assigned as a component of complex therapy. Injections have proven themselves as an antibiotic and help with pain syndrome, caused by damage to the papilloma. When the knot dries out and begins to fall off the body, appears the wound is and causes pain, remove the Cycloferon injections.

    The pills can be very time-consuming period of therapy is determined by the doctor. The doctor makes the necessary adjustments to the treatment regimen, observing the dynamics of the development of the disease.

    Fact! The use of the drug locally to reduce the sizes of large forms (noticeable relief in 4-5 days) and complete removal of small growths. The use of the gel shows no more than 5 days, injections of 10 days, the pills by the doctor.

    Side effects are expressed in the form of allergic reactions: rash, itching, swelling can appear after the first application, but symptoms quickly pass. If normal improvement of the patient’s condition has not occurred, it is necessary to stop treatment and contact the doctor for a new appointment. Sometimes injections cause diarrhea hyperemia of the skin and fever – in this case immediately to the doctor!

    Contraindications – individual intolerance to the components and age up to 3 years. With caution you should use the drug in pregnancy, lactation.

    Important! In the period of therapeutic treatment the patient should completely refrain from alcohol. This will lead to a sharp deterioration in health. Also, the drug with care taken in violation of the thyroid gland, but the digestive tract problems it is better to avoid injections, and take the tablet form of the drug.

    Patient testimonials

    The effectiveness of the therapy by Cycloferon has already seen many patients. All noted rapid improvement and good immune support. Talking about this reviews of people.

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    «Faced with the fact that they began to receive education on the neck. The doctor said to treat viruses fasten a lot because prescribed plus immunomodulators. The first improvement I noticed on the 4th day – the growths darkened, started to fall off. A week later, the skin is cleansed, and the General condition improved.»


    «I will say that the Cycloferon is a really good tool. Suffered oncogenic form prescribed solution for injection, put down 5 days, then the doctor prescribed meds. Treatment is continued, improvements a clear and very noticeable, especially as the defeat was in the zone sensitive.»


    «On the advice of the doctor bought at a pharmacy cream Cicloferon. In General, do not trust, because I heard that the ointment as a therapy for warts are not assigned because there is no cauterizing effect. Smeared 10 days, no unpleasant symptoms of burning or itching was not. Five days later off small growths, now after 15 days big darken themselves off.»

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