Cream Tindal — ointment from fungus and how much it costs

Cream Tindal from fungus and instructions for use

Brittle nails, burning and itching of the skin – these symptoms indicate infection of fungi that requires immediate treatment. Mycoses are quite difficult to care due to its high sensitivity to drugs. Cream Tindal – antifungal agent of the new generation, the detrimental affect of different types of fungus. It is characterized by high efficiency and safety, suitable for patients of any age.

  • What is included in the cream from nail fungus?
  • The therapeutic properties of the drug Tinedol
  • Instructions for use, Tindal
  • More information about ointments Tindol: price and reviews
  • Reviews of doctors
  • Patient testimonials

What is included in the cream from nail fungus?

Ointment Tinedol – hypoallergenic product, it features natural substances which are safe for health. Studies have shown that the cream does not contain toxic substances that can cause harm.

Drug ointment:

  • Climbazole. Substance effectively fights infections, eliminates itching and burning, redness of the skin. Is a natural antiseptic, prevents secondary infection on the surface of the skin. Does not cause allergic reactions;
  • Emulsion wax appears as an auxiliary substance, does not possess biological activity against a fungal infection. The component shall make ointment Tindol creamy texture, helps to absorb;
  • Methylparaben is a natural antiseptic. Helps to get rid of peculiar smell, inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, prevents the spread of infection to healthy areas. Eliminates redness and irritation, relieves negative symptoms;
  • Glycerin is a component that provides moisturizing action. It softens the skin and gives a soothing effect, accelerates the regeneration processes, fast healing small wounds and cracks. The substance also promotes the formation of a film on the surface of the skin, which does not allow the fungi to penetrate into the depths. Due to glycerol concentration is observed skin renewal, offset by flaking and other symptoms of fungus;
  • Lanolin prevents the entry of fungi at the cellular level. Saturate the skin with nutrients, moisturizing and softening properties;
  • Fersinol renews the cells of epithelial tissue, heals the wound surface;
  • Essential oils – natural substances that are effectively fighting with any pathological processes on the surface of the skin. They help to restore the damaged area, accelerate local metabolism.

Worth knowing: cream Tindal is a unique tool created based on herbal components, characterized by high efficiency and safety.

A part of the ointment comes with an extensive list of vitamins of different groups, minerals and other useful components, which together help to speed up the process of regeneration and destruction of the fungal microflora.

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The therapeutic properties of the drug Tinedol

The tinydeal ointment for fungus – the new generation product, combining many therapeutic properties due to adequately chosen composition. In addition to the destruction of the fungus, the use of tools provides the following therapeutic results:

  • An hour after the first application of the drug outweighed the adverse symptoms – redness, itching, burning and peeling.
  • There is a high biological activity against almost all types of fungus.
  • Prevents secondary infection, the spread of fungal infection to other healthy tissues.
  • Strengthening and simultaneous hydration of the skin.
  • Disinfect those areas where there are already a fungus.
  • Regenerating effect. Studies have shown that the surface of wound to heal twice as fast.
  • Prevention of inflammatory processes, elimination of unpleasant odor.
  • Normalization of natural nail color, nutrition skin, the replenishment of nutrients.
  • Ointment Tindol not sold in the pharmacy. However, you can buy it on the official website of the manufacturer. How much is ointment, depends on the offer providers. Due to the high popularity of the drug, often held shares, allowing you to buy the drug for half its value.

    Instructions for use, Tindal

    To obtain the desired therapeutic effect fungus cream must be used in accordance with the instructions, which is in the package. Before applying the preparation for external use, you should carry out hygiene procedures.

    Need to wash with soap and water the affected area thoroughly wash the limb under running water, wipe with a dry towel. Squeeze a small amount onto the affected area, neat massaging movements to RUB to full vpityvanija.

    Important: Tindol ointment should be applied once a day, preferably just before bedtime. If the fungus is in the running form, then use twice a day – morning and evening.

    In the period of sleep in the human body accelerate metabolism and increase regenerative function, so fungus cream works at night more efficiently. After application is necessary to dry the skin to the ointment did not leave marks on clothes and bed linen.

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    The only contraindication is individual intolerance. This adverse reaction is recorded very rarely. If it occurs, then patients increases burning and itching in the affected area.

    Due to the fact that the product does not contain chemical and toxic ingredients, it can be used in children and the elderly, but during pregnancy and breastfeeding only after consulting a doctor.

    The advantages of using media:

    • High efficiency, which is confirmed by numerous clinical studies and doctors;
    • Rapid achievement of a successful outcome, if a person follows the instructions for use;
    • It is permissible to use a gel Tindol of the fungus as a preventive measures.

    Antifungal cream helps get rid of anxiety symptoms, while impacting directly on their causes. Thus, it can be argued that the treatment cream provides a full recovery.

    More information about ointments Tindol: price and reviews

    An antifungal cream can be purchased on the official website, the price is about$ 15. With the simultaneous acquisition of two or more packages, you can get a significant discount.

    Worth knowing: if one family member has the symptoms of the fungus, the probability of infecting of close relatives is 99%, so everyone needs to be treated.

    Ointment is popular among patients have many testimonials from patients and physicians owing to its effectiveness.

    Reviews of doctors

    Vasily Georgievich, a dermatologist with 40 years of experience. Many years working as a doctor, fungus – the most common disease. To protect yourself from it. Recently he was faced with this problem. Decided to test the new product on their own experience, ordered. I was pleasantly surprised – peeling passed, and smell bad too. In principle, the result is quite good, willing to recommend to their patients.
    Marina Nikolaevna, a dermatologist, 45. To get rid of fungal infections is difficult because the fungi penetrate deeply into the nails and under the skin. Their patients have long prescribed Tindol. First, the remedy really destroys a pathogenic microflora, secondly, it penetrates as deeply as possible, can «boast» even modern medicine.

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    Patient testimonials

    Katja 35 years. I don’t know where I could pick up this infection, because hygiene is carefully monitored. It all started with itching, then came the burning sensation, the skin on his foot began to peel off. Go to the doctor, no time. But in the Internet age is not a problem. Found Tenedos ordered. Used as the manual says. Symptoms are gone and no more bother.
    Marina 27 years. I ordered a medium for my husband, and it turned out that I had to use it, as the fungus was a family disease. In General, treated together within a month, even signs and have passed in the first few days of treatment. Now the fungus is gone forever.

    Drug Tindol revolutionary tool that combines an antifungal activity and natural ingredients. It can rightly be called «family» medicine, as it may be possible to apply at any age.

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