Cream «5 days» from sweat and odor

Excessive sweating of the feet is the cause of bad breath. To cope with the problem helps regular use of the cream «5 days» from sweat and odor. It is a cosmetic that is comprehensive. The cream improves the condition of the skin, reduces inflammation, dries and disinfects the feet. Part of it menthol eliminates the feeling of heaviness in the legs and has a cooling effect. The cream is convenient to use, it is easily absorbed without leaving a greasy residue. A positive effect can be observed already after the first application.

The composition and the effect of the cream

Foundation cream is mineral oil. Of the excipients present in small quantities, the preservatives, stabilizers and emulsifiers. Polyethylene glycol in the composition helps the active substances to penetrate the epidermis. Cetyl alcohol is necessary for good texture of cream. The presence of Dimethicone — silicone oil — promotes moisture retention and skin softening due to the formation on its surface of a protective film.

The cream includes the following active substances:

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