Cracked heels and treatment at home

Treatment of cracked heels at home

Cracked heels often affect women. The problem is seasonal. There are many medical, cosmetic and folk remedies for cracked heels. You need to understand that this problem is related not only to inadequate foot care, she also is an indicator of the state of your body. Therefore, for effective control of cracks it is necessary to eliminate the factors that create favorable conditions for their appearance. In our article we will talk about cracked heels, causes and treatment.

  • Causes of cracked heels
  • Folk remedies from cracking
  • Baths
  • Homemade oils and ointments
  • Other people’s recipes

Causes of cracked heels

Causes of cracked heels can be associated with the following conditions not requiring treatment:

  • the hereditary characteristics of the skin (too dry and sensitive skin);
  • the crack on the heel can occur due to wearing narrow, not suitable footwear;
  • the cause may be due to insufficient or improper hygienic care of legs and feet;
  • sometimes cracked heels, on the contrary, due to excessive care, for example, if you often do peeling feet.

Often, trying to understand why cracks appear on the heels, we forget about triggers. These include the following:

  • Sometimes the skin becomes strong dry and crack due to exposure to wind, sun, cold or extreme high temperatures;
  • Frequent visits to the pools with chlorinated water can become a provoking factor;
  • Too dry or polluted air;
  • Those who work in hazardous environments or in hot shops, this problem is more common;
  • Damage to the skin on the heels can occur due to bad habits (alcohol, Smoking);
  • If you regularly use alkaline soap, for example, economic, it dries the skin and contributes to the problem;
  • If there is increased sensitivity to washing powders and conditioners, that they remain in the fabric laundered socks and adversely affect the skin heels;
  • Lack of vitamins, insufficient water intake, all kinds of diets and fasting may cause changes in the skin, causing them to become very dry and covered with cracks.
  • As a rule, the main causes of cracked heels is associated with the following diseases and pathological conditions:

    • fungal lesions of the feet (fissures characteristic of fungus called Trichophyton red);
    • obesity;
    • diabetes mellitus;
    • psoriasis;
    • violations in the activity of the thyroid gland;
    • exfoliative keratosis and dishidros;
    • helminthiasis;
    • beriberi;
    • diseases of the nervous system;
    • malfunctions of the hormonal system or its restructuring during pregnancy and menopause;
    • other diseases that are accompanied by reduced immunity and skin thinning.
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    If all sorts of moisturizing and emollient creams and bath cracked heels do not help, then most likely the disease is caused by a fungal infection. Usually the culprit is mold or yeast fungus.

    If you have cracked heels, causes, associated with the fungal infection is easy to identify. It’s enough to pay attention to other symptoms:

    • first the fungus invades the folds between the fingers;
    • often involved in the pathological process of the nail plate;
    • skin on the feet calloused and Horny layer is thickened;
    • often the illness can join allergic reactions;
    • the skin can itch.

    What can cause cracks in the heel region of the feet, we understand. Now it is necessary to understand what to do and how to treat superficial and deep cracks in this place.

    Folk remedies from cracking

    Treatment of cracked heels at home will be effective only if the disease is not associated with endocrine disorders and other pathologies of the internal organs. Then quickly heal the cracked feet will help the recipes of traditional medicine.

    Important! To obtain the effect you must do the procedure every day, then after a week you will notice a significant improvement in the condition of their heels.


    First, we will explain how to cure heel cracks with the use of trays. Before the procedure you need to wash your feet (better to use soap). Then immerse them in a basin with a therapeutic agent and hold there for 1/3 of an hour. For treatment you can use only one kind of trays or alternate the several treatments.

    After the bath the feet should be rinsed with water and well dried with a towel. Foot and heel lubricates pharmacy remedy, moisturizer or the medicine, made by people’s recipes. Ideal creams with propolis, vitamins and beeswax.

    Below we provide the most effective bath cracked heels:

  • Such herbs as St. John’s wort, chamomile, calendula, sage, series, speed healing of the skin and remove the inflammation. To prepare the bath you will need a mix of these herbs, taken in equal proportions. 100 g of the mixture pour two liters of boiling water and insist half an hour. After straining, you can accept the procedure (the water should be warm).
  • To effectively treat cracked heels with the use of soda baths. Baking soda has a local softening and antiseptic effect, eliminates odor. It is very useful for fungal infections and excessive sweating of the feet. 2000 ml of hot water you need to take 60 grams of soda. After softening rough skin it should be rubbed off with a pumice stone or brush, and on the heels apply a nourishing cream.
  • If the heel is cracked, you can try the bath with the potato starch. 1000 ml of water you will need 30 g of starch. The procedure lasts half an hour. If the water cools, add hot from the kettle. After the procedure is also well cleaned and heels with a pumice stone lubricated with Shea butter or cocoa nourishing cream, olive oil or remedy on the basis of rose hips.
  • Homemade oils and ointments

    If you have cracked heels, treatment in house conditions it is impossible to imagine without the use of various softening and moisturizing creams and ointments. We’ll show you how to cook a ointment on your own. These funds need to smear the heels and feet after bathing and getting rid of rough skin. It is desirable to do before going to sleep. After rubbing ointment or cream is better to wear socks to protect the sheets and improve the deep absorption.

    Tip! For the manufacture of ointments you can use wheatgerm oil, cocoa butter, calendula and Shea.

    Deep cracked heels can be cured by using an ointment based on propolis and beeswax:

  • To start on vegetable oil to fry onions. 150 grams of butter you will need one onion;
  • Thereafter, the resulting mixture of onion and oil is filtered through cheesecloth;
  • 250-300 ml of the oil you need to take 100 g of wax, a small piece of propolis, not larger than a pea;
  • The mixture of oil, wax and propolis, heated in a water bath to dissolve the wax. After that tormented the tool a couple of minutes;
  • Then the composition can be poured into a jar. After cooling, it should thicken;
  • Ointment stored in the refrigerator and apply on cracked heels before going to bed.
  • Not less effective treatment for cracked heels is possible with the use of ointments based on mixtures of oils and waxes:

  • First in a water bath, melt 1 teaspoon of beeswax;
  • Then to the wax, add the same spoon of cocoa butter and the same of Shea butter;
  • Now the mixture must be removed from the water bath and add 15 g of any liquid oil like olive, sea buckthorn, calendula oil, rosehip, or wheat germ;
  • This ointment is suitable not only for lubrication of cracked heels, but to handle the dry lips, elbows and knees.
  • At the pharmacy you can find ready-made calendula ointment.

    An ointment based on calendula is applied as follows:

  • Before applying the ointment in the evening well raspravam feet. You can use one of the above trays;
  • After that, the heel is well treated with a pumice stone and thoroughly wipe our feet;
  • Apply calendula ointment to your heels and put on socks;
  • Do the procedure before bedtime. The first improvement you’ll notice after four treatments and a full recovery will come after 10-12 treatments.
  • Important! Helps heel the cracks of olive oil that you can buy in the store. They need to treat these sites after the stop bath before bedtime.

    Other people’s recipes

    Highlighted below are some of the most simple and accessible folk remedies for the treatment of fractures:

    • Help to get rid of cracked heels common Apple. Grate it on a grater. On cleaned and scrubbed with a pumice stone feet blend the puree of Apple and fix the plastic bag and bandage. Rinse can in an hour. The legs should be washed and treated with a nourishing cream.
    • Not less effective in dealing with this problem, a mixture of honey and olive oil. For the preparation of a therapeutic agent mixed in equal proportions of honey and olive oil. The composition is applied to the feet and leave for influence for 20 minutes. Then wash off with water and smear the foot cream.
    • Cooking for one means you will need Apple cider vinegar (15 g) and glycerol (45 g). The mixture lubricate the heel and cover with cellophane. On top of everything is fixed with a bandage and socks. After an hour wash off with water. The procedure is repeated through the day.

    After you cure your heels, try to exclude the impact of all the negative factors that cause dryness and peeling feet. It is also important to observe the rules of hygiene. If the cause of the problem was a fungal infection, it is necessary to get rid of.

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