Corn is inflamed — what to do with the inflammation on the toe

What to do if inflamed nerve.

Due to prolonged mechanical stress, which is caused by friction or pressure on the foot area, the person has a blister. For the health and life of this neoplasm is not a threat. Growths are considered to be a common problem, can be easily removed with drugs or hardware techniques. Despite the discomfort from pathological object on the skin, many do not seek timely medical help, which may lead to inflammatory process. Let’s look at the reasons for which corn is inflamed and what to do in this situation?

  • Causes and symptoms of inflammation
  • Drug therapies
  • Recipes folk remedies

Causes and symptoms of inflammation

Corn causes a lot of anxiety man, and when attached inflammation, discomfort increases several times. In most cases, the cause of the inflammation caused by the actions of the patient.

Fact: watery callus prevents to walk, is in contact with the shoes, thereby developing the pain syndrome. Making the most in this case? Pierces the item, or even worse, Stripping the skin. As a result, the liquid is drained, there is the illusion of solving the problem. But it’s not. Adverse reaction was not long in coming. An open wound is a direct path for infection that leads to inflammation.

Thus, the main cause of inflammation corn is the mechanical action of the man himself. Similar can be said about dry neoplasm. Many patients try to cope with the problem on their own, steamed the limb, rubbed with a pumice stone, nail file, picking their education scissors. All this leads to injury, respectively, inflammation.

When the wound penetrates a bacterial infection, a blister to fester can. Purulent processes are both a wet and dry calluses. While hygienic measures people forget about the use of the antiseptic solution and other measures of disinfection, including tools.

If you have infected blister on toe, it is recommended to see a doctor or dermatologist. In the absence of timely and adequate medical treatment can develop serious consequences – embolism, sepsis, and in severe cases gangrene.

Clinical manifestations of inflammation corn:

  • The exudate, which is filled with corn or a bunion, has a muddy color. Normally it should be colorless or have bloody impurities. The color change indicates worsening of the clinical picture.
  • The appearance of the sore blisters often accompanied by a feeling of pulsation or showing off in the affected area.
  • Pain. It hurts to walk, stepping on the affected leg.
  • In the presence of a purulent process of the corn stands yellow exudate characterized by an unpleasant odor.
  • A bunion becomes red around the skin is also red. If there is swelling, it indicates severe inflammation.
  • The affected area may itch, increased local body temperature.
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    Incorrect removal of dry corn with a rod in the home condition leads to negative consequences. Not having the expertise to remove all the roots will not work. People trying to solve an impossible task, only making it worse, while the desired effect is missing.

    In some clinical pictures on the background of severe inflammation of the little finger or other fingers of the foot, the patients had worse overall health, increased body temperature, was observed weakness, and nausea. If at this stage nothing is done, soon will swell the whole leg.

    Drug therapies

    Inflammation of corns on the toe requires a skilled approach a medical professional. The doctor will conduct a physical examination, prescribe medications, ointments and creams local actions that will help reduce inflammation.

    At this stage about removing corn through a cryotherapy or laser techniques and not talking. The main goal of conservative therapy is to reduce inflammation, to prevent intoxication of the organism.

    In the treatment process may include the following tablets:

    • If a really sore foot, the patient can not weight bear through the limb, we recommend the use of painkillers. Most often prescribe drugs on the basis of Ketorolac. You can take a pill Dipyrone, Spasmalgon;
    • Medicines anti-inflammatory properties in pill – Movalis, Ibuprofen (gives analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect). It is advisable the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is determined individually based on the size of the lesion, degree of inflammatory process.

    To reduce friction about the footwear, it is recommended to create a barrier of plaster and cotton wool. You can also use a specialized hydrocolloid adhesive, which is designed to accelerate the recovery of damaged tissues.

    Note, hydrocolloid patches not only reduce the load on the affected region, but absorb the exudate, which is secreted from corn.

    The most effective ointments that can help reduce inflammation, speed healing of damaged tissues:

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  • Vishnevsky Ointment. Part medications include tar, xeroform, castor oil. Not recommended if the history of violations of liver function. Contraindication acts as a organic intolerance of active components. In the latter case the application leads to the development of side effects of local character – redness, irritation of the skin, which increases inflammation and pain.
  • Nasal spray is an effective antimicrobial effect, helps to fight inflammation of any localization. Not recommended if the affected area is observed dermatological – psoriasis, eczema, fungal infection. The ointment is used in the form of compresses. A small amount applied to a cotton pad, applied to the problem location, should be fixed with a band-aid. Applied twice a day, a course of therapy is determined individually.
  • Methods for quick recovery of inflammation include drugs such as Chlorhexidine, Miramistin, brilliant green (used, if the background of inflammation is no moisture). These drugs are used at the initial stage of the pathological process, in advanced cases, will not help.

    If the medications do not work, the corn begins to more to become inflamed and sore, for the relief of inflammation require antibiotic therapy for 10 days.

    Recipes folk remedies

    Inflammation corn can be treated with unconventional methods. Various herbal teas based on medicinal herbs, lotions and compresses help to remove distressing symptoms reduce the swelling and redness.

    Important: if joined by a bacterial infection, there is pus from corn, traditional methods as monoreactive will not give result. They can be used as a secondary method in combination with the use of antibiotics.

    Among the most popular folk treatments then click the following ways:

    • Aloe Vera juice is characterised by antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects, it can be used for the treatment of wet and dry corn. The leaf of the plant is slit, juicy party applied to the affected area and secure them with a bandage. If the corn is dry, you can prepare the paste, cover it with another leaf and so fix;
    • Potato is an available remedy which relieves inflammation. It is included in many recipes of traditional healers. Apply potato slices or crushed and applied slurry;
    • To reduce swelling, inflammation and pain, apply to affected area a piece of propolis. The most effective alternate propolis ointment Vishnevsky or streptocid powder;
    • For the affected limb do baths based on potassium permanganate or on the basis of 2% boric acid. The temperature regime of the liquid is not more than 36 degrees. Severely hot or cold water will only hurt. The procedure lasts 15 minutes, then dry the limb. Apply anti-inflammatory ointment;
    • Soda bath helps to relieve swelling, inflammation, pain, redness of the skin. It can be done just before bedtime is based on a liter of water a tablespoon of baking soda. It is possible to conduct water treatment before using medicines of local action.
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    It is not necessary during inflammation to try to charge keratinized tissue on blisters this will only aggravate the situation, the infection will penetrate deeper into the tissue. It is also not recommended to apply the plaster Sliped to remove corn in this period.

    Inflammation of the corns require treatment. Ideally, for appointments it is better to consult a medical professional. In the absence of this feature, you can use folk remedies. If not, there is a positive dynamics for 4-5 days, without the use of drugs is not enough.

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