Corn between toes how to get rid of education

How to get rid of corns between toes?

Corn – something that met everyone. If calluses on the palm can to not inconvenience, that corn between the toes – a real meal, especially for women. If time does not bring corn between the toes, you can forget about a nice walk, run, shoes, sandals, other shoes. In this article you can see why interdigital corns appear on the feet, the symptoms and treatment of blisters.

  • Causes, symptoms
  • Symptoms
  • Medication
  • Treatment water corn
  • Treatment of dry corn
  • Treatment stem corn
  • Treatment methods of folk medicine
  • Prevention

Causes, symptoms

Skin, interacting with the world, amenable to influence of negative factors, in response to this protective reaction. Corn between the toes is one of the possible defensive reactions of human skin to excessive friction, compression. Dead, keratinized epidermal cells are involved in the formation of this type of mechanical protection, such as corn, which covers areas of soft, healthy skin.

There are 3 types of corns between toes:

  • Strizhneva;
  • Dry;
  • Wet (water).
  • Factors contributing to wet Strezhevoy, or dry corn between the toes:

    • prolonged use of high heel shoes;
    • wearing shoes with hard, uncomfortable, not suitable for the Shoe size, if you experience excessive pressure and friction on one area of the skin;
    • the presence of excess weight;
    • diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, which cause swelling of the feet;
    • the flat, curved shape of the fingers as the result of nesrastanii after fracture, genetic disorders, predispositions;
    • the development of gout, arteritis, arthritis often contribute to the emergence of blisters on her leg.

    You must know that one kind of corn may give rise to the development of the other.


    As a result of the above factors, the healthy sections of the skin undergo changes. First appears the water blister, which contributes to the accumulation of lymph fluid between the laminated tissue of the skin. If untreated, water blister bursts, dries up, becomes dry corn between the toes. In the future, the place dry can develop rod corn between the toes. The clinical picture is similar symptoms, causing the person discomfort, pain when walking, standing. For different types of interdigital blisters are characterized by the appearance of variously pronounced pain.

    Note. If you have a wart between toes, do not confuse it with dry corn (also called corns), using for treatment the same methods.


    How to get rid of corns between toes? To remove a corn between the toes you must first know what a callus is bothering the person. Water blisters you can remove it yourself at home, if worried about rod, dry corn between the toes, it is better to consult a specialist.

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    Treatment water corn

    Soft corn may occur under the influence of negative factors on the skin for several hours. The treatment consists in the removal of skin «film». To cut, to pierce the formed bubble is not worth it. The best option is to wait until the film opened on their own, without the influence of external factors on it. It is necessary to replace the tight shoes on soft, comfortable. Also, the tumor should be treated with a drying preparation (iodine, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide) that must be used to heal skin area.

    If worried about water bubble has reached a considerable size, it can pierce. The procedure is performed with the observance of antiseptic rules. A sterile needle is a few hiccups, lymphatic fluid is squeezed out, leave the film before it dries, begin to separate themselves.

    In the photo you can see what it looks like what is left from corn after the removal of the film without interference.

    Treatment of dry corn

    Treatment of dry calluses between the toes should start as early as possible, due to the fact that such education is growing, circulation, deformed joints, gait of a person. Dry corn belong to morbid formations, due to the compression of nearby nerve endings in the spread of dry neoplasms.

    Important! Prolonged improper gait in humans can cause problems with posture, spine.

    To get rid of dry corn need to steam the feet and remove the affected area of skin using a pumice stone. You cannot use manicure scissors, razor blade.

    Corn plasters which contain benzoic, salicylic acid helps to cope with the problem. The patch softens skin, has antibacterial properties. Before using the patch, the affected area of the skin washed and dried. The active ingredients of the plaster when exposed to healthy areas of skin cause irritation, due to which the active layer of plaster should be in contact only with a portion of the tumor.

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    Complement the effect of the band-aid creams, ointments, gels, which are composed of the same acid. Funds are applied to washed and dried the affected areas, and fixed with plaster. Procedure is repeated daily until complete skin repair. If the above methods are ineffective, a dermatologist can advise how to get rid of dry corn.

    Treatment stem corn

    If it hurts between the toes, the corn is visible in the form of a round seal with the rod in the center (on the skin looks like a small hole), a person has had a pivotal corn. Due to the fact that the growths have rods, it is unknown how to remove a corn at home.

    Note. In some cases, instead of 1 there are multiple root stems, which are white.

    So how to treat the core corn? For treatment you should contact your dermatologist. The removal of this kind of corn occurs in several procedures during which pedicure tools remove the outer dead skin layer. Using a laser, procedure cryotherapy, the doctor discovers the root, multiple terminals, and removes them.

    Note. If a blister located near the little finger, the other fingers except the thumb, the deletion can be produced in a beauty salon. If the affected area is in the thumb – removal produces only doctor.

    Treatment methods of folk medicine

    Using folk remedies for treatment of calluses can be removed with water, dry calluses in the home inexpensively creams, ointments.

    The following methods recipes of traditional medicine will help get rid of corns between toes:

    • Soap-soda baths. In 1.5 liter of warm water dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda, we soap up beyond the leg and drop in the tub. After 15-20 minutes end the procedure, wipe the affected skin with a pumice stone. Feet opolaskivaniem lubricated nourishing cream;
    • A lemon peel. The procedure is simple, performed with feet steaming, then the problem area between the toes attached lemon peel;
    • Tomato paste, tomatoes. The affected areas between the toes, wipe using tomato paste, slices of fresh tomatoes;
    • Garlic tincture with wine vinegar. 3 cloves of garlic, pour 3 cups of vinegar, allow to infuse for 3 weeks. Next, take the cotton cloth soaked in the tincture, adjusts to the affected area, fix, leave for the night;
    • Cold salt baths. In 1 liter of water dissolve a tablespoon of salt, drop the legs in the tub. Procedure lasts 15-20 minutes;
    • Onion peel. Put onion peels in a quart jar, fill with vinegar, tightly close the jar, give it brew for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, take out the husks, dried, fitted to the affected areas of skin, fix bandage. Before applying the peel, the skin surrounding the corn must be lubricated with cream or vaseline. The best procedure to do at night, in the morning remove the bandage with the peel.
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    If the problem of growths worried for a long time, or want to protect yourself from this, you should follow the rules of prevention:

  • Correctly selected for size, quality, deliver us from the inconvenience, will not crush, to RUB the skin.
  • You need to give your feet to breathe, taking your shoes off when possible.
  • Proper care of shoes, socks and legwear, which have the possibility of direct contact with the skin.
  • Observance of rules of personal hygiene.
  • Pedicure.
  • As you can see, there are many ways of treatment, prevention of different types of calluses on the feet. But knowing the causes of interdigital corns, it is best to prevent their appearance to rid yourself of personal hassle.

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