Complications of chickenpox in children and consequences

Possible complications in children after chickenpox

According to statistics, 7% of children suffer from, viral disease chickenpox complications arise. Complications of varicella can be harmless but can also cause negative consequences for the health of the baby. In the period of the disease is recommended to monitor closely the progress of the disease and the presence of changes. In this article we will explain what are the complications of chickenpox in children. Consider how the smallpox virus affects the immune system of the child.

  • The etiology and symptoms of the disease
  • The effects of chickenpox
  • Viral effects
  • Bacterial effects
  • Rare consequences of smallpox

The etiology and symptoms of the disease

You know, the chickenpox virus infectious disease related to the third type of herpesvirus. The main way of transmission is contact or airborne methods. The incubation period of the disease lasts from 10 to 21 days in the first 3 days after being infected child can infect other healthy children. Smallpox manifests itself in a rash all over the body, which is very itchy.

For information! Becoming infected with smallpox is possible as long as the dry crust and will not cease to be a new rash on the skin.

As a rule, the disease is with symptoms such as:

  • increased body temperature to 39-40C degrees;
  • the presence of severe itching;
  • the presence of red and clear bubbles on the skin;
  • loss of appetite;
  • fatigue, malaise.

All symptoms appear in waves, so the patient could observe several times the formation of new lesions and the increase in body temperature. The liquid inside formed vesicles become cloudy due to which, forms a small crust. In the presence of a rash on the mucosa is their dosage in place, which are small ulcers.

For information! The presence of sores in the genital area can cause discomfort and a burning sensation during urination.

The effects of chickenpox

Consequences of varicella occur in two types and can be infectious or bacterial. Any complications of the disease can cause irreversible internal processes in the child, which can further complicate health. Consider in more detail the complications of chickenpox.

Viral effects

Viral complication of chickenpox is formed as a result of internal organ of various viral infections. Smallpox can cause pneumonia or encephalitis, these diseases can not wear bright character of the course that significantly affects the overall picture.

For information! Symptoms and signs of chickenpox do not always allow time to determine the nature of complications in children, because the treatment depends on the type of infection. Late diagnosis type of virus will only complicate the situation and can affect internal organs.

Bacterial effects

Bacteraemia complications of varicella in children are manifested in the form of skin rashes, which is accompanied by redness and itching. Typically, the bubbles naniwaya, the skin around them grows in size and swells. The course and symptoms of the disease when the bacterial complications can leave the skin of the child and scars. It depends on what kind of bacteria got into the wound.

For information! Bacteria trapped in the wound and spread blood flow throughout the body is able to provoke bacterial pneumonia. The disease in a fairly acute form, accompanied by high fever, dry cough, passing in the wet.

In medical practice, there are cases of the formation of inflammation of the brain caused by chicken pox. The presence of chicken pox after the temperature evidence of inflammation, meningoencephalitis often confused with SARS. A consequence of chickenpox, as brain inflammation is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, tremor of the extremities, presence of cramps and possible loss of coordination.

Unfortunately, experts are not always linked neurological disorders with chicken pox and prescribed the usual symptomatic treatment, which can lead to tragic consequences. It is worth noting, some parents are ready to cause the herpes virus from his child, however, experts say such measures can cause severe disease. Learn more about whether purposefully infecting children with chicken pox you can see from the video.

Rare consequences of smallpox

In rare cases the herpes virus can cause such negative consequences for the baby’s health, such as:

  • thrombophlebitis, myositis, arthritis, or bursitis;
  • the presence of lesions of the pharynx or larynx can cause vetranary cereals;
  • the presence of the rash in the oral cavity may trigger stomatitis, and inside of the auricle — otitis;
  • myocarditis, or heart damage;
  • the development of nephritis, which is accompanied by severe headaches, vomiting, and abdominal pain;
  • the development of hepatitis and liver damage;
  • the decrease in visual acuity, lesions of the cornea, such consequence arises against bacteria from entering the eye area.

Important! Rashes on skin due to smallpox can cause vulvitis in girls or inflammation of the foreskin in boys.

More on chicken pox, its symptoms, consequences and complications for the child’s body you can see from the video

Fortunately, the negative effects after chicken pox do not occur so often. In the process of incubation it is recommended to monitor the overall progress, possible changes and also to listen to the complaints of the baby. The presence of small deviations from the normal condition require immediate referral to a specialist and completion of clinical studies.

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