Cold sores in nose and colds in children: symptoms and treatment

Causes of herpes in nose: symptoms and treatment

Proven, more than 70% of the population are carriers of the herpes virus. Localization of lesions depends on how the virus entered the body. If a virus has entered the body through the mucous membranes of the nostrils, inside the nose, the flu will appear each time when a weakened immune system. In this article we will tell you how is the herpes virus on the nose. Consider the symptoms, causes infection, and analyze effective antiherpetic drug money.

  • Causes of HSV
  • Symptoms
  • Drug treatments
  • Folk remedies against herpes

Causes of HSV

The herpes virus are able to affect the nasal cavity and paranasal area. Infection and cold sore under the nose occur due to such reasons as:

  • prolonged or permanent stay in the drafts;
  • hypothermia;
  • the violation of the day;
  • constant stress;
  • an unbalanced diet;
  • emotional and physical exhaustion;
  • chronic disease, which result in lost sense of smell (runny nose);
  • transferred respiratory viral disease.

If a person is infected with herpesviruses, the infection stays forever where it is localized in the processes of nerve cells. During the normal state pathology does not manifest itself, but when you create the comfortable conditions, the virus is activated and manifests itself in the form of infection. In General, the formation of painful acne can be not only on the nose, for example, nose cold sores can also appear.

For information! The herpes virus manifests itself inside or outside of the olfactory organ, is a recurrence of an existing infection.

Covers the pathology of airborne and sexually transmitted. Most often, the infection develops and manifests itself on the background of flowing viral diseases, when the immune system is weakened and the nasal mucosa is irritated.


Epithelia cells more vulnerable to attack the virus. Before the formation of pimples a person feels a tingling sensation possible itching and burning sensation, sometimes herpes causes an increase in body temperature. The presence of an unpleasant itch from a cold in the nose caused by the death of the damaged cells and discharge from special substances that can irritate nerve receptors.

For information! Cold sores in the nose the child has pronounced symptoms, such unpleasant feeling obscene the fact that the nose nerve endings close enough to the outer surface.

Symptoms and infection treatment aimed at relief of discomfort and avoid recurrences. Cold under the nose of the child and the adult resembles the sores, which give an unpleasant feeling and cause severe pain attacks. The main symptoms of the disease include the following:

  • the formation of small swelling in nasal passage;
  • pain;
  • tingling;
  • the presence of itching and burning.
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A few days later at the scene of the eruptions appear small pimples, filled with a colorless liquid which darkens with time. Then they burst and the fluid flows from the affected nostril. On the skin leave small sores which later form scabs, dry up and fall off. Forever cold on the nose will not go away, even if the initial symptoms and signs are gone, the herpes virus will remain in the body. In the event of illness need to find an effective treatment for herpes on the nose.

Drug treatments

How to treat herpes in the nose? To date, treatment of herpes in the nose contains a reception immunoprophylaxy and antiherpetic drugs that are prescribed by the attending physician. Cold under his nose, and its treatment includes several important rules:

  • lubricate the affected area of the skin is only necessary toiletries (q-tips, cotton pads);
  • it is forbidden to tear off the crust and squeeze the pimples;
  • do not use a towel, dishes and other personal belongings of the infected with herpes;
  • avoid contact of the hands and rashes.

For information! It is recommended to treat herpes in the nose at the initial stage of its formation. Timely use of ointments against herpes in nose eliminate the spread of lesions and the formation of relapse.

Than to cure a cold in the nose? Experts recommend the use of such funds:

  • Acyclovir;
  • Panavir;
  • Flakozid;
  • Alpizarin.

It is worth noting that all antiherpetic drugs are available in the form of tablets, gels, and solutions for injection. Effective ointment against herpes in nose tetracycline or zinc. Than to anoint a cold sore under the nose? For the treatment of ulcers and sores, you need to use cotton pads. If crust is highly rigid and cause discomfort to the patient, can be lubricated with oil of wild rose or sea buckthorn. Any ointment for cold on the nose can help only when the proper dosage and timely application. More than curing a cold in the nose you can see from the video.

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Early education of the disease, experts recommend to anoint a cold nose antiviral ointment: Acyclovir-acre or Zovirax. This procedure can be performed before the formation of lesions, i.e. at the stage when the man begins to feel the swelling.

Important! Up to 12 years old are not recommended to use ointments and other antiviral drugs for the treatment of colds on the nose of a child. The immune system must overcome the virus and to provide reliable protection for future relapses.

Folk remedies against herpes

How to cure colds folk remedies? Often recipes made from natural ingredients and oils are used for pregnant, nursing women and children. The intake of antiviral medications for this category is undesirable, so treat cold sores in the nose, but rather to eliminate its symptoms is possible with the help of folk medicine. An effective remedy for the formation and spreading of bubbles is the alcohol camphor. To eliminate rashes recommended to be lubricated with alcohol the affected area once a day. How else can you treat a cold sore on the nose? Effective tips to eliminate the symptoms of cold nose:

  • The use of sea buckthorn oil and bitter almond;
  • Application of the juice of celandine;
  • Use garlic ointment, 2 cloves of garlic grind, mix with 1 tablespoon of ash and honey. The resulting ointment applied to the wound;
  • The administration of infusion of chamomile pharmacy will allow to strengthen the immune system and prevent the formation of recurrence;
  • The use of aspen leaves and aloe juice.

For information! Treatment of wounds valokardin or ordinary Cologne will dry the sores and contribute to the regeneration of the skin.

Learn more about how to treat herpes and how to deal with it during periods of exacerbation you can see from the video

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The herpes virus is able to hit absolutely anyone. To exclude contamination will help rare contact with infected personal hygiene and using protection during intercourse. If the infection has already entered the body, it is recommended to consult with your doctor to choose a drug that can strengthen the immune system and to relieve symptoms. To get rid of a cold is impossible.

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