Coccobacilli in smear in women and men: what it is and how to treat

Causes of chocoball in smear in women

The normal microflora of the female body consists of microorganisms – bifidobacteria, lactobacteria, propionobacteria – they inhibit the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microbes. When diagnosed coccobacilli in the smear, it indicates bacterial vaginosis or infectious process. Find out why there is the appearance coccobacillary flora in smear from women and men, and what is the treatment?

  • The reasons for the development of infection
  • Symptoms of the presence of cocci in the smear
  • Treatment coccal infection
  • Prevention
  • How to take a swab from men?

The reasons for the development of infection

Before considering etiology briefly answer the question, coccobacilli, what is it? Are the microorganisms that unite the two types of pathogens – Bacillus and cocci. These include the following types of chlamydia, Gardnerella, Haemophilus influenzae encountered in most clinical pictures.

The causes that provoke the appearance of coccobacilli in large numbers in smears from women, diverse. The pathogenesis is due to the following circumstances:

  • Promiscuous sex, frequent change of sexual partners;
  • Sex without the use of barrier contraceptives;
  • Excessive increase in the vaginal douching, which leads to the disorder of the natural microflora;
  • Intestinal dysbiosis, which is the result of prolonged antibacterial treatment by powerful drugs;
  • The use of the IUD often causes dysbiosis and yeast infections, the result of the study, the smear shows a moderate amount of pathogens.

To note, the emergence of dysbiosis, often develops due to abnormalities of the stomach and intestines. It is a violation of microflora in the gut often causes bacterial vaginosis, as it reduces the immune status.

To provoking factors include the continuous use of pads for women, from wearing synthetic lingerie, failure to comply with elementary rules of hygiene, pregnancy, endocrine disorders, hormonal imbalance, menopause in women.

All these factors contribute to the changes in pH of the vagina. If not treated coccobacillary flora, it is complicated by other pathologies. What can be complications? Due to the anatomical features of the female body (located near the urethra) bacteria from the vagina can easily get into the bladder, after moved to the kidneys, causing cystitis and pyelonephritis.

Symptoms of the presence of cocci in the smear

Clinical manifestations of cocci in a smear have characteristics similar to the other not less common infectious diseases. Women often pay attention to the uncomfortable symptoms, but attributed them to other disease.

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Key symptoms are as follows:

  • Slight discomfort or pain in the abdomen (bottom);
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge may be abundant or scarce;
  • Itching and burning of the external genitalia;
  • Discomfort during sexual intercourse.
  • Cocci in a smear of mycin are rare. In the majority of pictures they lead to the development of urethritis. In patients, a change in urine color, it becomes gray in color. Specific smell, very unpleasant.

    Men often complain of sensations of itching and burning. Symptoms may subside with time, but this does not mean that the representative of the stronger sex is healthy. Such sexual partner can easily infect the girl.

    Important: coccobacillary flora composition contains different types of pathogens – it is this aspect due to the level of risk to human health.

    Treatment coccal infection

    If laboratory tests have shown the presence of coccobacilli smear is required to spend conservative treatment aimed at the restoration of the normal vaginal microflora women.

    Causes and treatment traditional methods are interrelated because when the etiology is based on the usual dysbiosis, then deal with the problem on their own. This necessarily adjust menu. You should avoid fatty, salty, hot and spicy foods to enrich the diet through dairy products.

    If in a smear from 10 to 50% coccobacilli, it is a deviation from the norm. In a situation where the pathogenesis is caused by sexually transmitted diseases, as soon as possible to undertake drug treatment to avoid complications.

    Conservative treatment is always done on an individual basis. The scheme of treatment depends on the causative agents, clinical manifestations, peculiarities of the pathological process.

    Worth knowing: the goal of treatment – the destruction coccobacillary flora and colonization of normal microflora, which in normal should be observed in every woman.

    Therapy appointed the following drugs:

    • Antibiotics and sulfonamides. This files most often assigned to the drug Metronidazole. Typically recommend the application within 7-10 days. The facility has contraindications, is strictly prohibited to make;
    • Douching bacterial solutions helps accelerate the recovery process, flushes out pathogens;
    • To fight the infection prescribe local action Terginan (vaginal capsules), Ginalgin etc. medicines with a similar therapeutic effect.
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    Douche not only antiseptic solutions, which are sold in the pharmacy, but the teas based on medicinal herbs. Usually doctors recommend to use chamomile blossoms of calendula, celandine. These plants have antiseptic and antimicrobial effects.

    Upon completion of the first phase of therapy should get tested again, which will show a positive or negative result of the therapy. If the study did not find pathogens, then move to the second phase of rehabilitation – prescribe medications, enriched with lactobacilli.

    During the period of treatment course, you need to carefully monitor your diet. It is recommended that a complete rejection of confectionery and alcoholic beverages. Additionally prescribe the use of vitamin and mineral complexes to improve the barrier function of the body.


    Coccobacilli in the smear that it is, found out. Now learn how to protect your health from a nasty disease of an infectious nature? Certainly, on 100% to protect the body it is impossible, however, the preventive measures to reduce the risk of infection.

    Prevention lies in the following aspects:

  • To eliminate promiscuity. If sexual intercourse takes place with an unfamiliar partner, always use condoms;
  • Sports, to support the immune system and the body in good shape;
  • To react to any worrying symptoms, see a doctor. Upon detection of the chronic diseases you need time to undergo treatment, not to defer to «later»;
  • To hand over a smear on flora coccobacillary times a year. Every six months to undergo preventive examination by a gynecologist;
  • More fresh air, ventilate the room where the person sleeps;
  • To monitor the cleanliness of the genital organs, use only gentle detergents for sanitary care;
  • To wash after every bowel movement and sexual intercourse;
  • Wearing underwear made only from natural materials. As little as possible to use daily strips;
  • To follow the diet, not to overeat junk food. To reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • In other words, prevention is the healthy lifestyle, therefore, does not require any special effort on the part of men and women.

    Note: prevention safeguards against coccal infection as a consequence of potential complications – loss of functionality of the reproductive system, lesions of the urogenital organs, adhesions and inflammatory processes in the fallopian tubes.

    How to take a swab from men?

    To confirm or refute the presence of infection of the genitourinary system in men you want to take a swab from the urethra. Cocci to determine is not difficult, helps in this laboratory study. However, the medical manipulation of extremely unpleasant and in most cases brings pain. Before the procedure to prepare. Men two days before the test should refrain from sexual intercourse.

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    One day before the analysis is carried out a careful toilet of genitals. This is done the night before. Immediately before the procedure, that is, in the morning take hygiene prohibited. This will affect the final result. It is also not advised to go to the bathroom to pee before the doctor’s visit.

    The doctor takes a mask does the following:

    • Enters into the urethra swab or probe to a depth of three inches;
    • Gently turns it into the urethra, remove.

    At the end of the medical instrument is a biological material that is sent for further microscopic examination. After the manipulation the patient some time worried about itching and burning, but soon they pass.

    Important: two weeks prior to taking a smear should abandon the use of any medicines, because they can influence the final result.

    Coccobacilli in the smear are infection, which requires prompt diagnosis and adequate treatment. Often requires complex therapy, which includes tablets and means of local action. After the treatment course, a second study to verify the effectiveness of the assignments.

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