Clotrimazole from nail fungus and reviews of ointment foot fungus

Feedback about the use of Clotrimazole from gels

Widely known anti-bacterial and antiseptic ointment Clotrimazole from nail fungus is a quick elimination of fungal infections within a short period of time. The tool is effective in fighting pathogenic microorganisms, preventing their growth and reproduction active, stop the spread of the infectious process that promotes a speedy recovery. From fungal lesions are often prescribed a cream and medication in the form of drops.

  • Description of the cure of nail fungus
  • Clotrimazole: formulation and contraindications
  • How to use Clotrimazole?
  • The reviews on the drug Clotrimazole

Description of the cure of nail fungus

Antifungal remedies help to get rid of the disturbing symptoms caused by the disease, and act directly on the cause of the pathological process, eliminating fungi.

Important: a distinctive feature of the Clotrimazole is that the ointment detrimental effect on almost all kinds of fungi.

Ointment or drops for nails are recommended for the treatment of fungal infections of any etiology. The preparation consists of specific substances that adversely affect pathogens at the cellular level. They contribute to the destruction of the membrane of fungi, causing them to animate.

The therapeutic effects of the drug Clotrimazole:

  • The suppression of activity of pathogenic cells;
  • Excretion of potassium from the body;
  • Damage threat nucleic acids;
  • Growth inhibition of ergosterol in fungal cells;
  • The destruction of the cell wall of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • The rapid removal of itching, burning, and peeling.

Patients who used the drug for fungus of the toenails, noting its effectiveness and impact. It is argued that the tool starts working from the first application, allowing you to regain the natural look of the nail plate.

Side effects develop only in one case in a million. In other clinical pictures liquid form and ointment are well tolerated, do not cause an allergic reaction.

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Clotrimazole: formulation and contraindications

Clotrimazole ointment contains from a fungus of the same name the substance that acts as an active component. As a subsidiary of marked ingredients purified water, salicylic and cetyl alcohol, essential wax, Polysorbate 604.

Clotrimazole vs fungus comes in various dosage forms:

  • Ointment;
  • Cream;
  • Gel;
  • Solution;
  • Tablets;
  • Suppositories.
  • The choice of form of issue is determined individually. Usually the appointment makes doctor given region of fungus. In most clinical pictures apply ointment and drops for external use.

    Along with the effectiveness of the drug are contraindications:

    • The first trimester of pregnancy;
    • The period of breast-feeding;
    • Hypersensitivity to the active substance or auxiliary components;
    • Any form of renal or hepatic insufficiency.

    Clotrimazole emulsion effectively penetrates to the deepest level, which allows to obtain a more pronounced therapeutic results. Components of the solution are well and quickly absorbed. It consists of clotrimazole, citric acid, paraffin liquid, sodium phosphate, etc. of the drug.

    How to use Clotrimazole?

    The use of a medicine for the treatment of nail fungus depends on the shape issue, therefore, differs slightly in some cases.

    Solution Clotrimazole from nail fungus is used as follows:

  • To carry out hygienic treatment of the affected area with the use of soap solution.
  • Thoroughly wash the sore place under running water. The alkaline environment created by the soap reduces the effectiveness of drugs.
  • The solution is applied to the surface of the nail plate and the skin around it.
  • When buying a product in the package has a special dispenser that allows you to facilitate the process of application of the drug. After it was used Clotrimazole solution against the nail fungus, it is necessary to wait some time to dry.

    Worth knowing: the therapeutic effect observed after 1-1,5 months daily use of an antifungal drug.

    On cream Clotrimazole instructions for use the following:

    • Rinse the affected limb, carefully remove the remaining soap solution;
    • Arm or leg steams through hot baths. You then need to remove problem areas with the help of scissors and a nail file. Steamed in as easy to remove the Horny layer of the nail plate that allows the medicinal components to get faster to the destination;
    • Squeeze from the tube Clotrimazole cream, apply to affected area, gently RUB. When using be sure to touch on healthy skin to prevent the spread of infectious process;
    • A day you need to exercise 2-3 manipulation, bandage overlay is not recommended;
    • The treatment is carried out until, while laboratory studies will not show a negative result;
    • All the tools used in the machining process, it is necessary to disinfect. After the treatment, throw them away.
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    During pregnancy any form of Clotrimazole is assigned with particular caution, but never in the first trimester. When used externally an overdose is excluded, as the active components do not fall into the systemic circulation.

    The reviews on the drug Clotrimazole

    The drug Clotrimazole from nail fungus has a lot of feedback from patients. This is due to the high incidence of fungal infections, as well as the availability and low cost medicines.

    Review from Catherine for 25 years. I was prescribed Clotrimazole doctor fungus, which appeared after swimming. After the first treatment my itching disappeared, it took a little redness of the skin. She became closer to natural color. About the third day the redness is completely gone unpleasant symptoms are practically not disturbed. At 2 weeks of treatment I forgot about the fungus, but the doctor recommended to use the cream for 1.5 months, to prevent relapse.
    Review from Valeria 35 years. When I was diagnosed with nail fungus, of course, I studied all the medicines available in pharmacies, read reviews of patients, doctors opinions. Basically, when my doctor recommended Clotrimazole is, I was willing to use it, just asked not to appoint ointment, as it is very oily, and my skin so oily. The doctor went to a meeting, gave me a solution. I want to say that its use is very convenient, drops quickly and easily applied to the nail, dry quickly. They are not sticky and not greasy. Manipulation itself is not time consuming. Have got rid from fungus, the treatment took three months.
    Review from Sergey 40 years. I initially the doctor prescribed another drug. I regularly applied on the nail twice a day, adhering to the instructions for use. Itching and burning sensation does not disappear, so again went to the doctor. The second time he prescribed me Clotrimazole, and I felt the difference. Literally on the second day the symptoms are gone, I forget about the constant discomfort. In General, I’m satisfied – the drug helped to get rid of fungus, don’t hit on the family budget. Will recommend to all.

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    Clotrimazole is a good remedy for nail fungus. However, it is not recommended to use it alone due to the high resistance of pathogenic microorganisms. The wrong treatment will not give the desired result, the disease will become chronic, which will aggravate the clinical picture.

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