Claritin — instructions for use of tablets and analogues

Medication claritin: instructions for use

In the spring and summer period when there has been a flowering of herbs and trees, marks the peak of allergic diseases, respectively, in people hypersensitive to become a topical question of a choice of antihistamine medications. The variety of preparations of this group significantly complicates the right choice. Claritin usage instructions, which is included, is one of the few drugs that can solve the Allergy problem comprehensively, not acting only on individual symptoms.

Many people may ask which is better claritin or Suprastin, Aerius or claritin, Zyrtec or claritin, because these medicine are also quite well established in the treatment of allergic reactions. To answer definitely, it will be difficult, because every drug is assigned on the basis of the individual characteristics of the patient. There are a number of people who have a choice Zodak or claritin, for example, is obvious, because these drugs have a different composition, and the patient may be allergic to some component of the drug. With the same principle of action and therapeutic effect, these drugs are different, and to choose the best can only be a qualified doctor, depending on comorbidities and severity of allergies.

  • Pharmacological effect and release form
  • Instructions for use and composition
  • Side effects
  • Method of application and doses
  • Analogues of the drug

Pharmacological effect and release form

The medicine is produced in tablets and in syrup form. Claritin ointment pharmaceutical companies are not released. Syrup claritin prescribed for children as tablet form it is difficult to use. Claritin in syrup form is a colorless solution with a slight yellow tint, does not contain sediment and impurities. It has a characteristic smell and taste. The drug is available in bottles of 60 ml and 120 ml.

The pills are oval in shape, they are painted white and decorated with a line on one side and inscribed with the number 10 on the other. Released in cardboard packages, each of which accommodates a wire mesh blisters of 7, 10, 20 and 30 pieces.

Claritin tab. and syrup have antihistaminic, antiallergic and antipruritic properties. They can be used for the integrated treatment and prevention of seasonal exacerbations of allergies.

Counterparts Claritin, and the drug that operate on the same principle — blocking the receptors of cells that secrete histamine, under the influence of a certain agent provocateur. After the use of medications, active substances destroy released histamine and normalize the state of the cells that already had to suffer from the allergen. Outwardly, this is manifested by the disappearance of the redness of the skin, sneezing, rashes, edema, and epiphora.

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The effect of the drug begins after 1 hour after administration. The maximum content of active substances in the blood observed after 6 hours. Effect after consumption occurs during the day. To receive the medicine, after 28 hours in a natural way with the urine.

Instructions for use and composition

The active ingredient of the drug loratadine, 1 tablet has 10 mg of active component and 1 ml of syrup 1 mg. as auxiliary components, tablets can contain a certain percentage of corn starch, magnesium stearate and lactose. Syrup for taking internally consists of:

  • glycerin;
  • propylene glycol;
  • citric acid;
  • sucrose;
  • benzoates of sodium;
  • synthetic peach flavoring.

All components included in the composition, do not combine with ethyl containing medicines and alcohol. During treatment Claritin should avoid alcoholic beverages, because there is a high probability of anaphylactic shock and angioedema.

Claritin usage instructions for children and adults, encourages the use of medicine for therapy:

  • hay fever;
  • year-round allergic rhinitis;
  • allergic conjunctivitis;
  • chronic urticaria;
  • skin diseases of allergic etiology;
  • angioedema;
  • an allergic reaction to the bites;
  • reactions to medications;
  • hay fever.

The drug after consumption literate, able to relieve symptoms such as bronchospasm, rhinitis, nasal congestion, sneezing, skin rashes and itching and burning in the eyes.

For what is claritin used in medicine, now you know, it is important to note that in addition to positive effects, this drug can bring a person’s a number of serious complications, eliminate which have in intensive care. We are talking about the use of the drug in the presence of contraindications, these include:

  • children up to age 2 years;
  • lactation and pregnancy;
  • personal intolerance to Loratadine;
  • the presence of cirrhosis of the liver;
  • kidney failure;
  • exacerbation of chronic illnesses;
  • purulent processes in the body.

Make a medicine that should only as directed by your doctor. Though he be in free access and is available without a prescription, to assign itself its own, is strictly prohibited.

Side effects

Even in the absence of contraindications admission, sometimes drugs have side effects. Most of the side effects, giving claritin, mild and disappear after discontinuation of use of medications or reduced dosage. However, there are cases when a single use can cause significant harm to a whole organism, and provoke the failure of entire body systems.

The rate of development of side effects depends on the route of administration of drug when using the syrup negative effect is much faster, because it has easy structure and is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Tablets requires more time to dissolve in the stomach and give the effect.

If you exceeded the dosage, there could be a number of such symptoms are:

  • nausea;
  • gastritis;
  • dry mouth;
  • skin rash;
  • hair loss;
  • drowsiness;
  • headache;
  • decreased performance;
  • functional disorders of the liver.

If you are celebrating at home, at least one of the signs you should stop taking the medication and to contact an allergist. He podkorrektirovatj treatment or will recommend you another drug.

Method of application and doses

Claritin is used regardless of its shape, after a meal. Medication necessarily plain water. Use coffee or fruit juices are not recommended, they can influence the speed of absorption of the drug. Adults shown the 10mg dose of the drug 1 time per day. This dose answer Claritin 1 tablet or 2 teaspoons of syrup. Claritin dosage for children is adjusted by the doctor, but, as a rule, they recommended 5 ml of syrup or one-half tablet. If the body weight of the child in the 10-12 years more than 30kg, it shows the adult dose. The duration of therapy is decided by the doctor, to adjust it to your liking or to terminate after disappearance of certain symptoms, is strictly prohibited.

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We would like to mention the topic of pregnancy. Physicians very rarely resort to the use of antihistamines in the treatment of pregnant women, as a rule, they show people’s therapy, as well as any synthetic substance that can negatively displayed on the child’s condition. Claritin may be prescribed to women unless the therapeutic effect of treatment exceeds the risk of birth defects.

When pronounced allergic reaction claritin can assign the third trimester of pregnancy, in the first two trimesters, the treatment of them is not made.

Analogues of the drug

It will be interesting to see what remedy Allergy can have not only the cheaper counterparts, but synonyms are drugs that are composed of the same active substance. Claritin, is an antiallergic agent with the presence and synonyms, and analogies. To synonyms Claritin include:

  • Userpriv;
  • Kallergis;
  • Clarifier;
  • Loragexal;
  • Lomilan;
  • Clargotil;
  • Sucking.

Its analogs have the following names:

  • Allergens;
  • Gestagen;
  • Gifast;
  • Diatin;
  • Dimebon;
  • Timedlogin;
  • Dinoks;
  • Dramina;
  • Pills Ketotifen-ROS;
  • Largestin;
  • Ciel.

Claritin analogues cheaper than the drug itself. What to choose a synonym or a cheap version, the doctor decides in each case.

Continuing the theme of comparison of medicines from the group of antihistamines, can be say that they are divided into three generations. In the first generation drugs that have a large list of side effects second — generation drugs that invoke drowsiness as a side effect, the third group of drugs who have no side effects. Mention the question, what is better claritin or Gel, it should be mentioned that claritin — antihistamine 3 generations, Tavegil 1. Accordingly, when the same high antiallergic action, Tavegil can cause more damage to other organs and systems, rather than claritin.

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So you can in the future to determine which medication is right for you, you should carefully read the description to the drug that is usually included. It is sure to be a specified generation antihistamines.

Remember that allergic reaction is not a coincidence, and claritin is not capable of permanently rid you of the disease. Very important, in parallel with the use of medications, perform skin tests and to pass a series of tests that will help determine the allergen in the future to avoid it.

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