Choose a spray for athlete’s foot

What modern man does not know the problem of sweating and unpleasant foot odor? Shoes made of artificial leather, synthetic tights and socks, active and fast pace of life only aggravate the problem. The choice of means, saving from the inconvenience of very large – on the shelves of perfume shops and pharmacies can be found and spray-on deodorant, and antifungal cream, and foot spray from sweat and smell, various ointments and deodorants. The composition and the effectiveness of them varies.

Types of athlete’s foot

All of these tools can be divided into medical and just “masking” the smell. First have a therapeutic effect, eliminating the cause of the sweat and smell (bacteria or foot fungus). Deodorant only help to get rid of the problem. Depending on the reasons causing sweating and odor, you need to choose the right product.

  • The antifungal drugs. They can be presented in the form of a gel, cream, ointment, powder or spray. Anti-inflammatory effect, relieve profuse sweating, which causes the developing fungus. Apply the medication to the fungus affected areas of the epidermis and nails and skin around.
  • Antiperspirants. It’s not healing, and cosmetic products, which have a destructive effect on bacteria and reduce perspiration. Feet will less sweat through pores, glands become less active. However, there is a risk of blockage of the pores, so do not abuse them. Sprays, antiperspirants does not eliminate the problem entirely, removing only the symptoms.
  • Let’s start with medical drugs – they represented both domestic and foreign manufacturers, have different composition, active substances and use.


    This antifungal spray is implemented in a small volume vial (30 ml) spray bottle. It is transparent, absorbs quickly, easy to apply. The drug has good reviews, but people have commented that most effectively apply it in the complex therapy after consultation with a dermatologist.


    The active ingredient in this spray terbinafine hydrochloride, which kills harmful fungal flora. Pretty easy to use due to the dispenser (allows you to apply the medication without touching affected skin), a small volume sealed vial. To completely get rid of fungus when you use Lamicela need from a week to a month.

    Pasta Teymurova

    The following fights not with fungus, but directly with the sweating. Due to the formaldehyde, the main active ingredient, pasta reduce sweating. Salicylic acid, which also is part of, moisturizes the skin, preventing the aggressive substance to dry up the epidermis of the feet.

    Smear the paste on clean skin, leave for some time (from 0.5 to 2 hours) and wash off with warm water. It should be applied once a day for three to five days. After should take a break of 3-4 weeks to the skin of the feet were not accustomed to the drug, and the remedy continued to be effective.


    This drug, as the name implies, is produced in the form of a gel. The active ingredient is formaldehyde. This component is responsible for reducing the activity of sweat glands. Apply Formagel as follows: a small amount of gel is applied to clean dry feet, aged about 30 minutes and rinse. You can use it no more than two weeks in a row.



    This product is available also in powder form, only the method of application is different. The preparation includes the oak bark, which in folk medicine is considered effective to narrow the pores, getting rid of fungal infections, normalizes perspiration. To apply Quercus’a need to dissolve the powder in warm water to make a footbath for 15 minutes. After you need to wet skin with a towel and let it dry. Frequency of use of the drug is not more than 3 times a week for treatment, 1 time per week for prevention.

    Scholl antiperspirant «FRESH STEP»

    Is this product relatively inexpensive (about $ 5), and, judging by the reviews, missing it long enough. Like all antiperspirants, not only eliminates odor, but also reduce sweating. The product can leave plaque on the legs. To avoid this, a bottle should shake well and spray from a distance of 20-30 cm

    Nord spray for men from ORIFLAME

    Due to the physiological peculiarities of the men face the problem of athlete’s foot more often than women. Antiperspirant Nord was developed by the Swedish firm Oriflame for men. It consists of a unique complex Arctic Pro defense, which protects the feet from sweat and odor.

    To achieve the desired effect the product should be used in a certain way. It sprinkles at night, when transpiration is reduced due to the inactive the sweat glands. The drug creates an invisible film that remains even after the washing of the feet. Nord has a cumulative effect after several days of use they can use less.

    It is noteworthy that the spray can apply and people with diabetes, there are no components that can harm.

    Deodorants for the feet

    Deodorant from sweat and foot odor are very popular because they help quickly and are inexpensive. Each deodorant has its own characteristics – available in sprays, gels, even powders. Such funds in the cosmetic market a great variety.

    Cream deodorant is Lavilin (LAVILIN HLAVIN)

    The product comes in the form of a cream, is applied directly to the skin of the feet. The composition does not contain any alcohol or aluminum oxides, which makes it absolutely harmless. Judging by the reviews, leaves no residue on shoes and socks and is very economical – one jar lasts for a year.

    Control deo

    Popular among buyers due to its low cost – a little more than 1,5 dollars. Available in gel form, contains allantoin (makes skin soft), propylene glycol (fights body odor). Most of the reviews about this tool is positive, but all individually.

    Spray from Oriflame REVIVING FOOT

    How to apply

    To achieve maximum effect from all these tools, you need to use them correctly. There are some General rules, but before applying you need to carefully read the instructions and follow it.

    • Treatment and deodorant and antiperspirants can be applied only on clean and dry skin.
    • Antiperspirants it is recommended to apply after shower before sleep, then they will be able to work as well.
    • Deodorants of all kinds applied to the skin or inside the Shoe (depending on desired effect) right before you put on shoes or boots. They do not have a cumulative effect, so they must be used regularly.
    • Antifungal and medicines to apply preferably after consultation with your doctor. It is important to follow application instructions and do not change the frequency and duration of use.

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