Chickenpox in children and its treatment at home

Treatment of chickenpox in children at home

Chickenpox is a viral infectious disease characterized by rash, itching, increased body temperature and intoxication. The infection transmitted by airborne droplets, at high risk of Contracting the disease occurs in spring and autumn. In the process of the disease, it is important to stay in bed and aim to eliminate the symptoms. In this article we will talk about how to treat chickenpox in children in the home. What methods to use to eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

  • The types of the disease
  • Typical view
  • Atypical form
  • Symptoms
  • Treatment of chickenpox

The types of the disease

Experts share chickenpox into two types, characterized by symptoms. Let us consider the forms of chickenpox.

Typical view

Typical — the disease occurs with the usual symptoms, vesicular rash, itching, fever. Generally, the typical form is observed and treated at home.

Atypical form

SARS — the disease occurs with different characteristics, which is not always possible to identify. Atypical chicken pox can be:

  • Visceral — has a latent period, the rash affects all the internal organs that can cause death;
  • Bullous — due to the high toxicity of the body, the rash has increased in size, for a long period of time passes and regeneration of the epidermis is reduced;
  • Pustular — characterized by long-term presence of bubbles, over time, in which the liquid becomes cloudy and forms abscesses;

For information! Visceral varicella often occurs in children in the first year of life. Herpesvirus affects the body due to the unformed and immature immune system of the baby.

  • Hemorrhagic disrupts the process of blood clotting, can cause bleeding inside the bubble forms a blood fluid;
  • Gangrenous — in this form of the rash appears in small wounds, thereby increasing the risk of infection of blood, there is also the risk of tissue necrosis that may be fatal.
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Treatment at home chicken pox is only possible pustular and typical forms, other types of pathology require careful monitoring by the attending physician.


The disease begins with a rash on the skin, in the early hours of the bubbles may not be visible and bright. Then their number becomes larger, the size increases and the color becomes pink. The symptoms that characterize chickenpox include:

  • the presence of a rash on the skin accompanied by severe itching;
  • fever (39-40C degrees);
  • weakness, malaise, headaches;
  • polymorphism of the bubbles.

For information! The incubation period pathology to last from 10 to 21 days if smallpox began, you must comply with bed rest and quarantine, to avoid infecting the other children.

Polymorphism — is an irregular rash that is formed in waves. While itching is amplified and then it is important to avoid brushing baby bubbles, because an open wound can cause blood poisoning.

Treatment of chickenpox

To cure chickenpox can respecting all guidelines and by following the procedures according to the child’s age. For example, if the child has chickenpox before the age of 1 year, to treat, do the following:

  • to relieve itching, it is recommended to make a warm bath with an infusion of chamomile or succession;
  • to reduce the temperature prescribed for the treatment;
  • to exclude bacterial contamination, rashes treated with brilliant green, potassium permanganate;

Important! What not to do when chicken pox? Do not give to children under 15 years of age aspirin, as experts say, its active substance is able to increase the risk of Reye’s syndrome.

The child has chickenpox what should I do? The first with what begins the treatment, the relief of the General condition of the baby and the elimination of symptoms. How to treat chicken pox at home? To strengthen the immune system should:

  • Grind 2 carrots, 2 tablespoons of rose hips, the resulting mass pour boiling water over and brew for 2.5 hours. Taking medication daily is recommended after eating.

For information! To avoid infection in wounds at rastarivanie will help the constant trimming of the nails of the baby.

To relieve itching, we recommend the following:

  • Garlic poultice — crush 1 clove of garlic, the resulting mass is mixed with warm water and leave for 25 minutes. Apply a compress need 2 times a day;
  • The infusion of the marigold flowers should be used as a liquid for rinsing the mouth. For its preparation you need 1 Cup of boiling water to brew 1 tablespoon of herb, allow to infuse 20 minutes, filter;
  • Shilajit at the dose of 0.1 grams diluted in 100 ml of warm water, to take for 10 days 1 time per day before meals for 1 time should drink half a glass of infusion.
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In the period of the disease must constantly monitor the temperature regime of the child to facilitate his condition is recommended to give plenty of warm drinks. To exclude diseases of other family members can take Immunoglobulin. Learn more about the treatment of chicken pox in the home, you can see from the video

When infection of a child with chickenpox should consult a doctor who can reveal the form of disease, exclude possible complications and prescribe the proper treatment. If the symptoms will be of unusual nature, should immediately seek medical help.

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